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KostCare: Your first step towards achieving zero-defect software
IDC research indicates that the cost to fix defects later...
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Intro 2


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  1. 1. KostCare: Your first step towards achieving zero-defect software IDC research indicates that the cost to fix defects later in the life cycle of the software can be as much as 100 times more than the cost of finding and repairing defects early on. OR KostCare: Say no to Rising costs of Software Defects and Failures Quality Problems Cost Software Companies Up to $22 Million Annually According to a Report from IDC Dear SirMadam, What are the three most important attributes your software should exhibit? Quality. Reliability. Efficiency. If you answered in affirmation, you would surely agree to the fact that this is an outcome of Software Quality Assurance, a key component of any SDLC. At KostCare, we believe in the famous saying: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Driven by this principle, we confide that Software Quality Assurance has to be well-knit with all phases of software development throughout its lifecycle. At the same time, it is equally important to keep the costs low. We partner with our clients and assist them right from the stage of need identification, providing recommendations according to business needs and conducting planned implementation to achieve best quality software at competitive rates. Given below is an overview of KostCare’s key strengths which enables us to do so: • Experienced team of Quality Assurance Specialists to recommend optimal testing solutions • Wide range of Quality Assurance Services to fully meet your end-to-end testing requirements • Deep technology expertise in all industry leading Testing tools • Reduced overall cost as defects are identified and fixed at early stages • Flexible Engagement and Delivery models that best suits your business needs • Proven methodology across industry verticals derived from client successes • Billing for 40 hours a week, however we are working 48 hours a week for our customers. Please visit: to know more about our service offerings. <name>, we would request an opportunity to connect with you over a conference call to showcase our service offerings and how we can work together towards achieving our common goal of delivering high quality software. Kindly let us know a suitable date/time that best suits your calendar. We are looking forward to hear from you. Do let us know if you require any other information or have any feedbacksuggestions for us. Best Regards, KostCare