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Presentation delivered by Sean O'Driscoll at EMC's GRIP (Grassroots Innovation Program) on April 23, 2012.

Presentation delivered by Sean O'Driscoll at EMC's GRIP (Grassroots Innovation Program) on April 23, 2012.



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  • What do these four things have in common? They’re all ‘significant objects’.A group conducting a literary and anthropological experiment back in 2010 purchased these objects for $1.25 apiece on average at yard sales, thrift stores, and the like. They then hired writers to tell an interesting story for each, and listed the items for sale on eBay. During the first phase of this project, the team sold $128.74 worth of thrift-store junk for over $3,600.00. The point, storytelling has never been more important. The power of the narrative is significant, and can be leveraged to engage your audience beyond point in time campaigns.

EMC Grip Presentation EMC Grip Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • The Practitioners Guide to theSocial Engagement Journey
  • Volunteers wanted ”Volunteers wanted forHazardous Journey. Small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful. Honor and recognition in case of success.”
  • The Social Engagement Journey “Becoming a fully engagedenterprise in today’s social world isn’t about creating a “social media strategy.” It is a journeydefined by stages of operational maturity, milestones, and ultimately, a destination. The successful journey requires practitioner experience,pragmatism – and perseverance. But the payoff is immense.”
  • Why’s this soimportant?
  • The modern buyer has changed 5 Truths from the modern B2B Technology Buyer 93% 88% 75% 44% 60% Use public search Suggest that social Rate websites Expect a Will use support engines as the channels are as important smartphone or forums and initial point of strong primary sources of tablet to be their technical discussion information influencers during information in the primary device for groups to inform the discovery the decision decision making business use in 3 purchase decision making process process years We must adapt our behaviors to align with those of our audience
  • And so has the buyer’s journey You are here Consider Evaluate Bond THE LOYALTY LOOP Advocate Enjoy BUY In a digitally enabled world, the responsibility to delight customers spans organizations.
  • So what does thisjourney look like?And where’s thefinal destination?
  • The social engagement journey
  • People and process Functions are disconnected – in silos. Owner of information controls who it’s shared with – there is no opt-in. Mavericks break through, but there are still no formal teams in place. PEOPLE Empowered centralized team, run by a proven leader. Leaders are driving coordinated initiatives. AND Central team still exists, but more work is being pushed to PROCESS Business Units. Executives are bought in. Deliver a strategy framework that details why and how to use social media as teams as a operational Coordinated well manage risk and fiduciary responsibilities. More efficient business operations. roadmap that prioritizes the tactics to tackle first.
  • Education and readiness Social engagement is not on the Executive Radar. Lots of dabbling in social channels. Focus on developing, distributing and applying Focused effort on training and education. shared best practices across EDUCATION the entire enterprise. This will help inject social media into a Employees are trained, engaged on social channels and AND competent. course of business. normal READINESS Senior executives are leader with customer engagement and are active sponsors of enterprise ideation.
  • Channels and technology Marketing and customer support is only through traditional channels. Email is the primary mode of communication. Social tools are popping up based on function. Shared workspaces are created, but siloed.CHANNELS AND Social tools are being deployed to meet specific business TECHNOLOGY needs. Tools consolidation – editing to amplify efforts. Legacy tools are being replaced. Social tools are integrated with key workflows. Systems are optimized. Balance the needs of the business, resourcing realities, andmedia tools is measurable. Adoption and impact of social platform independence. Ensure the business can consistently meet its use case needs across a range of internal teams.
  • Insights and analytics Ambivalent to online conversations about the brand. Monitoring conversations in silos.INSIGHTS AND Listening yields implication. Baseline framework for metrics ANALYTICS Improvements in efficiency and impact can be measured. Map socialin dashboards is moving business Rigor media activity to executive numbers outcomes. This key in determining social engagement success. to revenue. Company brings products Brand dashboard ties Make sure each activity isservices toa specific goal. and tied to market more quickly.
  • Activation and execution Campaigns and programs do not have a customer view. Limited social engagement in planning. Social tools are used for promotional purposes. One-way communication from the brand. Social is now part of the planning process. Influencers are identified. Impact of listening and engaging on social channels causes increase in share of conversation for the campaign. Start with an insight, not an ACTIVATION AND idea. Businesses that win EXECUTION Breakthrough business results – increased revenue and build relationships. Begin loyalty. with advocates.
  • Bonus Tip: The power of the narrative Don’t underestimate the power of the narrative. Use storytelling to engage and captivate your audience. Source: Significantobjects.com
  • Tips from practitioners1. Start with a customer need.2. Executive buy-in is key.3. Real results lie “between the seams.”4. Look for early wins. Set expectations.5. Measure for impact.
  • Questions?Contact:sean@antseyeview.com@antseyeview / @seanodmvp