Housekeeping and Laundry in Hospital


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Housekeeping and Laundry in Hospital

  2. 2. Housekeeping 2
  3. 3. Housekeeping does not mean only cleanliness, it means much more than only cleanliness! 5.1.3
  4. 4. It means cleanliness, tidiness and much more…… 5.1.4
  5. 5. Good housekeeping means cleanliness, tidiness and… Place for every thing & Every thing in it’s place 5.1.5
  6. 6. Definition (house-keeping) • House keeping is defined as the provision for a clean, comfortable and safe environment for the in-mates of that particular area. -Collins american dictionary- 6
  7. 7. Why good housekeeping? Safety Productivity Quality Clean Environment Good housekeeping promotes 5.1.7
  8. 8. How does good housekeeping help? Inventory of every item Get rid of unwanted material Place for every thing Why do we need? Low inventory means less cost 5.1.8
  9. 9. How does good housekeeping help? Identification system in the dept. Every thing in it’s place Discipline in the dept. Searching time is eliminated Improved productivity & high moral 5.1.9
  10. 10. Therefore, the first step towards good housekeeping will be to identify if there is a place for every thing in the department, and if every thing is in it’s place. 5.1.10
  11. 11. An introduction to 5 “S” The concept of good housekeeping has been with Japanese for a very long time. At home and school, children are disciplined to adhere to good housekeeping 5.1.11
  12. 12. An introduction to 5 “S” It was only in the early 1980s that good housekeeping became a pertinent issue in Japanese industries, as companies realised its powerful contribution to productivity and quality improvement. 5.1.12
  13. 13. An introduction to 5 “S” The basis for good housekeeping in Japanese companies is a concept popularly known as 5S. This stands for five good housekeeping concepts in Japanese. 5.1.13
  14. 14. Why 5 S is popular in Japan? • Shopfloor and office operations becomes safer and easier. • Workplace becomes clean and better organised, • Employees are highly motivated. 5.1.14
  15. 15. What is 5 “S” 5 “S” Japanese English 1S Seiri Sort out unnecessary items in the workplace and discard them. 2S Seiton Arrange necessary items in good order. 3S Seiso Clean your workplace thoroughly so that there is no dust on floors, machines and equipment. 4S Seiketsu Maintain high standards of housekeeping at workplace at all times. 5S Shitsuke Train people to follow good housekeeping disciplines. 5.1.15
  16. 16. Role of top management in 5 “S” implementation • • • • Play the role of mentor Initiate the 5S programme Provide resources Appreciate the efforts 5.1.16
  17. 17. Role of middle and line management in 5 “S” implantation • • • • Play the role of facilitator Take initiative in his area of work Train the people in 5S Give the feedback 5.1.17
  18. 18. LAUNDRY 18
  19. 19. DEFINITION:- (LAUNDRY) • The action or process of washing clothes and linens that are untidy or unclean. -merriam-webster dictionary- 19
  20. 20. PRINCIPLES a. Removal of dirt and stains from the linen articles. b. Restoring linen articles to their original appearance as far as possible. 20
  21. 21. POINTERS FOR A GOOD LAUNDRY SYSTEM Careful handling Correct processing Proper record maintainence Speedy operations Sound policies 21
  22. 22. Flow chart of hospital laundry system 22
  23. 23. ADVANTAGES OF INHOUSE HOSPITAL LAUNDRY • Time saving • Readily available • Controllability • Reduced pilferage 23
  24. 24. DIADVANTAGES OF INHOUSE HOSPITAL LAUNDRY • High cost and maintenance of machineries. • Need for trained staffs. • Adequate space is required. 24
  25. 25. House keeping and laundry in daya hospital 25
  26. 26. HOUSE-KEEPING (DAYA HOSPITAL) • Staff strength of daya hospital in housekeeping department is 65. • Daily feed back collection from in-patients by house keeping in-charge is done. • Waste removal and cleaning is done twice a day in I.P rooms. • OP Section and reception area is cleaned at night time. 26
  27. 27. • Gloves and masks are provided to prevent cross infection. • Thorough cleaning of bedpans, urinals etc are done on sundays. • Fumigation is done with formalin, in IP rooms after discharge of patients with communicable diseases. Information courtsey:- mrs.sindhu(house-keeping in-charge) 27
  28. 28. LAUNDRY SYSTEM (DAYA HOSPITAL) a) Laundry of the I.P clothes is mainly done on contract basis outside the hospital . b) Theatre and ICU clothes are only washed in hospital machineries. c) Proper record–keeping is done in respective wards and laundry department. Information courtsey:- sr.leela (laundry in-charge) 28
  29. 29. Thank you 5.1.29