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Aisa Renewable Resources Fund by Treedom investments

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Treedom investments this...

  1. 1. The Asia Renewable Resources Fund This...DisclaimerThis document is not an offer or solicitation in any jurisdiction in which such offer is not authorised. Nothing in it should beconstrued as advice and is therefore not a recommendation to buy or sell shares/units Past performance is not a guarantee offuture returns. The value of investments may fall as well as rise.Any decision to invest should be based on a full reading of the Offering Document and the most recent financial statements (ifavailable). In case of any discrepancy between this presentation and the Offering Document in force, the Offering Document shallprevail.
  2. 2. The Treedom GroupTreedom Investments LtdInvestment Adviser to the Asia Renewable Resources Fund.Equitech Ltdappointed by the Investment Adviser to identify and valueprospective projects for potential investment.Asia Forestry Management Ltdappointed by the Investment Adviser to manage plantation andforestry assets held.Asia Forestry Distillery Ltdappointed by the Investment Adviser to process and marketthe Oud oilThe PATT FoundationThe PATT Foundation is a UK registered Charity, recognizedby the United Nations, donations from Treedom InvestmentsLimited fees and from Asia Renewable Resources Fundinvestors who opt-in voluntarily.
  3. 3. This is Andy He Loves...
  4. 4. These And this
  5. 5. This is Steve Steve’s an Accountant he loves...
  6. 6. This And this And he really loves it, when it does...
  7. 7. This But they both love...
  8. 8. This Just like we all do
  9. 9. It’s why we now have thisTogether
  10. 10. It take’s some of thisFund Target of$100 millionUSD To go and buy...
  11. 11. Quite a lot of this Agarwood - produces an Oil Seed essential oil named Oud, a variety of Trees uses a highly specifically for prized commodity. use as alternative fuel sources Bamboo –Oil Palm A multi-use crop, can be 2nd Fastestused for fuels, food or the oleo- growingchemical industry. plant in the world, uses such as Teak - enhances its furniture, value in the food, construction, furnitu construction re and decorative and many industries. more.
  12. 12. Primary project target number 1Agarwood (Aquilaria)•Fast growing, High Value, producesOud Oil after inoculation.•Oud oil is desired all over the worldCan fetch upto $15,000 USD per kilo•Will yield a high return after only8-9yrs
  13. 13. Diversification
  14. 14. It wont solve the worlds problems
  15. 15. There are quite a few but it will go towards helping...
  16. 16. themThe Asia Renewable Resources Fund intends to sourceprojects that include aspects such as; countrybenefit, projected profitability, carbonaspects, biodiversity, community, flora, fauna, marketpotential, risk, security and conservationBecause we potential. love...
  17. 17. This Just like you all do
  18. 18. It will also dothis 12% IRR pa Which will turn...
  19. 19. This “Globally, forests play a vitally important part into in the carbon cycle. As a renewablethis resource they offer unrivalled returns for equity
  20. 20. Making everyone do... this
  21. 21. And giving everyone the chance to dothe things they want to do, like this And this But The best thing about trees
  22. 22. SocialStock Civil unrest and Market Volatility Economicdownturns Political Changes They just really love to grow
  23. 23. The Asia Renewable Resources Fund Sustainable, Green, EthicalTreedom Investments Ltd investing Tel: +66 (0) 2 259 645554 B.B. Building, 7th Floor, Fax: +66 (0) 2 259 6456Office # 3705,Sukhumvit 21 Road (Asoke) Mob: +66 (0) 8 464 15 202Klongtoeynua, Email: Antony.bell@treedom.bizWattana, Bangkok 10110
  24. 24. The Treedom Advantage1.Impeccable reputation locally and globally2.Strong fund management with international education andtraining3.Best in breed Corporate Governance and investmentprocesses and policies4.Strong and proven risk management techniques5.Strong Forestry management team with proven local andinternational experience6.Impressive track record in forestrymanagement, corporate finance, fund raising and strategicalliances7.Extensive global network of affiliates8.Access to the best possible deal pipeline in the Asianregion and the rest of the world9.Extensive fund raising and distribution experience10.Extensive regional team on the ground in Asia
  25. 25. Fund Terms and StructureFund StructureThe Asia Renewable Resources Fund is structured as a regulated SICAV – SIF in the Grand Duchy ofLuxembourg, specifically it is a dedicated fund of the KMG SICAV – SIFLuxembourgCentre of Excellence: outstanding reputation as a world class centre for the investment fund industrycombined with a legal and fiscal environment that attracts fund promoters from all of the worldStable Democracy with a strong economy: very stable political and social environment, it is the worlds leastrisky business environment (World Market Research Centre)SICAV SIFA SICAV SIF is an onshore Luxembourg investment fund fully regulated by the Commission de Surveillance duSecteur Financier (CSSF) created in February 2007 via the Special Investments Funds law. A SIF offers a fullyregulated investment structure that is flexible, efficient and tax optimised; investors participate viasubscription in shares in the SIF through which they hold their investment fund.The Asia Renewable Resources Fund will be managed under the KMG Capital Markets Luxembourg S.A.SICAV SIF (KMG SICAV SIF)TaxationThe Asia Renewable Resources Fund will not be subject to Luxembourg taxes on capital gains nor incomeand there is no liability to withholding tax on distributions, including the redemption of shares. Distributionsmade by a SICAV SIF or capital gains realised from the sale, refund or repurchase of shares in a SICAV are outof the scope of EU Savings Directive since it is not subject to “UCITS” rules. Additionally, Luxembourg hasconcluded around 50 double taxation treaties and it should be possible to structure an investment to benefitfrom one of these double tax treaties.A SICAV SIF is, however, subject to a capital duty, levied at the time of creation or subsequently – inparticular when new contributions are made or when a fund is converted or merged. An annual subscriptiontax of 0.01% is levied, based on the quarterly net asset value. Investors should always consult professionaladvisers with regards to taxation advice2
  26. 26. It is intended that The Asia Renewable Resources Fund will seek Reporting Fund status for the purposes of UK tax legislation on the GBP ShareClasses.* The Investment Adviser will direct 10% of all fees earned to the PATT Foundation to support reforestation efforts globally.Investors have the option to donate a percentage of their returns back to the PATT charity. Above 8% performance and after payment of performance fees - balance to go to PATT. Above 8% performance and after payment of performance fees - 1 or 2% to go to PATT. or 2 % to go to PATT irrespective of performance. 121Minimum Investment: $10,000 USD
  27. 27. Legal NoticeThe Asia Renewable Resources Fund & KMG SICAV – SIF have no intention to make any offer. This presentation (thepresentation) shall be specifically considered as a simple communication of information on a security or an issuerwithout securities being offered for purchase or subscription. The issuer is exempted from the obligation to publisha prospectus within the scope of Part II of Luxembourg law on prospectuses for securities.This communication is directed only at institutional investors, professional investors, wealth managers and otherwell-informed investors who are classed as well informed investors. It should not be distributed to, or relied on byany other investors. The Fund is a Luxembourg Specialised Investment Funds scheme; it cannot be promoted toinvestors for whom it has not been deemed appropriate. If you do not fall into these categories do not read thisdocument.The information contained herein is confidential and is intended only for the persons to whom it is transmitted toby and on behalf of The Asia Renewable Resources Fund & KMG SICAV – SIF . Any reproduction of this document inwhole or in part, or the divulgence of any of its contents, without the prior written consent of The Asia RenewableResources Fund & KMG SICAV – SIF , is prohibited.Each interested investor shall be responsible for carrying out his own examination and consulting, if necessary, hisown legal advisers in order to evaluate, in respect to his personal situation, the appropriateness of an investment inthe The Asia Renewable Resources Fund & KMG SICAV – SIF . The investor’s attention is drawn to the fact that thetax treatment that will be applied to investment in the Fund depends on his particular circumstances and maychange. Therefore it is recommended that each investor consult with his tax adviser.More specifically, the attention of potential investors is drawn to the risks associated with this investment, whichare detailed in the Offering Document and it is strongly recommended that each potential investor consult thisOffering Document. Past yields of similar investments are no indication of future returns on investments that TheAsia Renewable Resources Fund & KMG SICAV – SIF will carry out, as past performance is no guarantee of futureresults. Some legal, tax, or regulatory changes may occur during the life of the The Asia Renewable Resources Fund& KMG SICAV – SIF , and may have an unfavourable effect on the performance of the The Asia Renewable ResourcesFund & KMG SICAV – SIF . There is no guarantee that the Funds targeted returns will be achieved. Hence, potentialinvestors must form their own opinion on the risks of this investment opportunity prior to taking the decision toinvest in the The Asia Renewable Resources Fund & KMG SICAV – SIF .