investing in Agarwood with Treedom and Dad's Army


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a light hearted look at investing in Agarwood, have a look and then direct your attention to our more serious presentations!

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investing in Agarwood with Treedom and Dad's Army

  1. 1. Treedom Investments with Dad’s Army ‘the lost slides’ By, Antony Bell International Investment Manager
  2. 2. Don’t Panic!Have you heard? Treedom aregiving 12%pa ontheir Agarwood investment Guaranteed…
  3. 3. And theinvestment isonly for 6yrs! That’s 72% over That’s good the term of the init? investment…yes …that’s very good
  4. 4. Sounds very Impressive, don’t you think vicar?Yes, but I dowonder aboutthese kind of Investments
  5. 5. You’ll no be getting mymoney! Investing in trees…bah, away with ya!
  6. 6. Well, my Mum saidit’s very good, she’s been down the plantation, factory and everything…they even bought her lunch
  7. 7. You Stupid Boy!
  8. 8. So what thebleeding el, isthis Agarwood anyways?
  9. 9. The Aquilaria tree is registered by CITES as endangeredAgarwood a precious resin formed in Aquilaria treesThe resin is extracted and used to produce Oud oil And you can learn more about Agarwood and Oud Oil at
  10. 10. Safe as houses thislot, just have a lookat their record, these are the people to deal with 7 yrs of plantation management excellence…FACT! Never missed a payment to our customers…Fact! We go from Tree to Oud, then on to market…FACT!
  11. 11. Well Wilson, Oh really it’s not the Sir…Whysort of thing heavens we should not? encouragethe troops to invest in!
  12. 12. Quickly…isthat Treedominvestments?
  13. 13. You see Sir, investments starting from only $4,200 USD,and a guarantee of a 72% return, they all felt it would be crazy not too!
  14. 14. Our trees are in Trat province, Thailand. About300km from Bangkok, you may come and seethe trees, our wonderful factory and nurseries.Maybe Cpl Jones will take you!
  15. 15. 6yrs later and our boys are quids in!
  16. 16. So call us, or visit the website for all the details! Hong Kong : +852 (0) 3 101 7468 Kuala Lumpur: +603 (0) 2 169 6186 Bangkok : + 66 (0) 2 259 6455 Dubai : +971 (0) 4 313 2347
  17. 17. Antony BellInternational Investments ManagerTreedom Investments Thank You