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International Sales presentation

  1. 1. Agarwood and Oud oil Forward Purchase Opportunity
  2. 2. The Treedom Group of CompaniesTreedom Investments Ltd Equitech LtdTreedom Investments is the international investmentarm of The Treedom Group, acting as the A Thailand domiciled entity that deals mainly in theinternational distribution company for the Direct research of the forestry assets, plantations and projectsTree Investment into Agarwood. They also act as for The Treedom Group. Also conducts research for otherInvestment Adviser to the Asia Renewable Resources forestry companies around the world along with carbonFund, a Luxembourg regulated SICAV-SIF created by offsetting for a number of high profile clients includingKMG Capital and The Treedom Group. The premise global banks, drinks companies and manufacturingof the fund is to deal primarily in forestry throughout companiesSE Asia using The Treedom Group’s experience andexpertise. The PATT FoundationAsia Forestry Management LtdA Thailand domiciled company that is focused on the Is a UK registered charity and a Thai registered foundationplantation management of the Treedom and also recognized by the United Nations. The charityGroup, maintenance, planting and also the sale of conducts CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programsthe tree packages in Thailand for many different companies, universities, banks, schools. One of its main functions is to provide education toAsia Forestry Distillery Ltd schools and students on the environment. ItProduces specific products from the plantations here acts separately from the rest of the group, raising moneyin Thailand. It controls the production and sale of the for re-forestation programs in the UK, India, South Africaproducts, including the extremely valuable Oud Oil and South East Asia.which is then sold into European perfume housesand direct into the Middle East.
  3. 3. The Treedom Group Structure
  4. 4. Founded in 2006Formed for the purpose of investing in andimplementing environmentally sound forestrydevelopment projects, sustaining andstrengthening an ecological balance within itsoperational areas.Our vision is to reduce the pressure on theworlds natural forests enabling investments intoforestry that will create sustainable plantationsover the long term.Aim was to be a forestry management companyallowing the general public to diversify theirportfolioand invest in: Themselves The community The environment
  5. 5. Why forestry?Forestry investment is an accepted asset class “The UN Food and Agriculture Organisationand proven means by which institutions and predict world consumption of industrial woodprivate individuals can seek substantial will rise 60% over the next 25 years.”return on their investments. - Money weekYOUR PERFECT INVESTMENTA growing number of high net worth individualsare shoring up their portfolios with investments inforestry sector.Value investors have sought out the most liquidinvestment products since the 2008-9 financialcrisis, when many were trapped in investments theycould not sell.Given the recent volatility in global stockmarkets, investors are currently looking towardscommodities for security.
  6. 6. Aquilaria Trees and AgarwoodAgarwood is a precious resinous wood forming in Aquilaria trees , native to the SouthEast Asia region. The dark resin is formed as an antibody for healing after injury orfungus infection. The Agarwood is widely used in perfume and cosmetic industry, andreligious activities.Agarwood trees are registered as an endangered species by CITES due to its preciousvalue, causing illegal wood smuggling.Thailand has been recognized worldwide as a source of premium qualityAgarwood, however, most of Agarwood supply is derived from wild cutting or illegallogging.In respect of tree conservation, the concept of Aquilaria plantations was initiallydeveloped in Thailand, with inoculation techniques, capable to provide premium quality
  7. 7. Our Plantations All AFM plantations are located in Trat province, next to the Cambodian border providing perfect growing conditions of Agarwood inoculation. 60 plantations currently able to supply more than 60,000 trees and the inoculated trees account for 40% of total trees. Trat is also known as the ‘Fruit capital’ of the world. The 380 kilometer stretched forest grounds, the very fertile soil and the rainy climate make Trat the most perfect place for our plantations.
  8. 8. Our Plantations • Thepnimit Plantation 99 rai • Nongsri Plantation 105 rai • Asia Forestry Distillery
  9. 9. Asia Forestry Distillery Harvesting: the wood is cut and transported to our factory. Wood chip preparation: the logs are chopped and ground, then enter a 10 day fermentation phase Distillation: the prepared mix raw material is distilled for 10days to extract the Oud oil. Oil grading & Stocking: After Inspections, our oil is classified into quality grades. The bottled oil is then stored in secured locations due to its high value.
  10. 10. From Seed to Infected Tree
  11. 11. From Factory to Market • Oud al Seyufi Cambodia • Oud al Safii Cambodia • Oud al Safii Thai • Oud Powder Products are CITES certified and • Woodchips a Worldwide Islamic Halal
  12. 12. Forward Purchase Plan
  13. 13. Thank You