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Letsdoiter pitch deck

  1. 1. LetsdoiterHelping people reach goals Poliventures.com anton.naumenko@gmail.com
  2. 2. The TeamAnton Naumenko Sergiy Nikitinanton.naumenko@gmail.com sergiy.nikitin@gmail.com(team lead) PhD, 10 years in softwarePhD, 10+ years of software engineering, semantic webengineering, semantic web, and agent technologiesinnovation management, Location: Kharkov, UkraineLocation: Kiev, UkraineYevgen Trotsan Vitaliy Stavropolskiyeugene.trotsan@gmail.com stavvit@gmail.com8 years developing web MSCS, BBA, 10+ years inapplications, technical and telecom and softwarelinguistic background, industries, marketingcontributing to open source projects. and sales, finance and strategyLocation: Hong Kong Location: Kharkov, UkraineKonstantin Zagaynovkonstantin.zagaynov@gmail.comMSc, 10 years in internet and mobile services industry.Project and product management, Business Development background.Location: Helsinki, Finland / London, UK
  3. 3. The Problem• We are amazed of how often people – abandon their goals, – change plans – don’t think creative – give up, settle, and then regret.• The reasons – Procrastination – Lack of peer support and encouragement – Lack of motivation The problem with the resolutions isn’t – Lack of information something inherent to making resolutions – Bad choices themselves; the problem lies in whether (1) said resolutions are realistic and (2) resolutions – Fear of change have a plan. Sandys Tech Tips – Many other
  4. 4. The Solution• For people who feels like she is missing the ground to make her ideas happen, ”Letsdoiter” provides a super leight-weight, social and engaging way to connect around certain common ”intention”, which is something not-yet-existing, e.g. ideas, inspirations, goals, DIY-events and make those intentions and events a reality.• Employing today’s momentum of convergence of social, mobile and personal development trends
  5. 5. The UI mockups• Simple and lightweight “mobile first” UI with the gamification and social
  6. 6. The Prototype• http://letsdoiter.poliventures.com
  7. 7. Market (size, structure) In terms of users In terms of revenue (from customers) TAM ~2B TAM ~$600B SAM ~900M SAM ~$7,7B Target Target Market Market ~630M Target Market ~$5,4B ~$5,4BWe are planning to acquire users Advertisers Event organizers Mentorsfirst and then paid customers
  8. 8. Sales• Customers: Advertisers and Marketers• Revenue streams: • Context ads: we will show what can help user to get to the point he/she wants to be and what can ignite some intention in her • Targeted sales by "event" organizers • Premium access for "event" organizers • Premium support • Premium ad campaigns • Cut on MENTORS business
  9. 9. Competition• Unlike NextDays, Goalscape, Myplango, Plancast and similar services our service provides flexible platform for planning “unfixed” events and scales to any location in the world• Unlike Mindbloom our service has simple and unsophisticated user interface• Unlike Joe’s Goals and Lifetick our service is running on the unprecedented social engine
  10. 10. Milestones QII-QIV 2012 • Iterating Prototype • Validation of hypotheses on value proposition • 2 developers, 1 product manager, 1 sys admin, 1 marketingCurrent • Bootstrapping • Validation product/market fit • Pivoting business model • + 1 UX specialist/designer Beta • Friends, family, own investments • Marketing and sales • Scaling • + 1 SEO, 1 salesRelease • Raising capital
  11. 11. Progress/Traction• We approached prospective users with the online survey about our idea and – 35% opted for beta (36 users during 5 days) – 70% expressed interest to use the service• We aim to have 200+ users in beta• We will have better CTR than FB because in addition to users’ interests we have goals (~0.1-0.3%)
  12. 12. We are looking for!• Mentorship ASAP• Funding after release – QIV 2012 – The exact amount is to be defined – To build up dev and support team – To build up sales – To accelerate on users acquisition