Woody Allen once said, ‘We should all be carefulto confine our opinions to matters of which we arecompletely ignorant.’ We...
TICKETS                                                                                                                   ...
OPENING NIGHTSTREET PARTYFRI 13 JAN    JAN 13                                                  ROBIN FOX                  ...
OPENING NIGHT        FRI JAN 13        Street Party               Baha’i Centre                                           ...
MONA FOMAARTJAN 13 - FEB 13, CLOSED TUESDAYS                                                                         NELL(...
DAY 2SAT JAN 14   RYOJI IKEDA JAPAN             DATAMATICS                                 Ikeda experiments with sound in...
PHILLIP ADAMSBALLETLAB AUSAVIARYA SUITE FOR THE BIRDThis is BalletLab’s latest work,a spectacular interrogation ofthe natu...
DAY 2                                                                                                                     ...
DAY 3SUN JAN 15             PIERRE HENRY FRANCE             PAROXYSMS             Henry was born in 1927 in Paris. Seven y...
DAY 3                                                                                                                     ...
DAY 4                                                                                                                     ...
DAY 5                                                                                                                     ...
DAY 6WED JAN 18             GIRL TALK USA             There is a remote chance that             something you do now will ...
IHOSAUS       This, our biggest commission,       is an immersive and remarkable                                         J...
DAY 6        WED JAN 18        PW1          City Hall        St Mary’s                                                    ...
DAY 7THURS JAN 19               THE DRESDEN DOLLS USA               Cabaret punks Amanda Palmer               and Brian Vi...
DAY 7THURS JAN 19                                  PRINCE RAMA                                  USA                       ...
DAY 7        THURS JAN 19        PW1                  City Hall        St Mary’s                                          ...
DAY 8FRI 20 JAN    JAN 20             AMIINA                                                                       DEATH G...
MOFO 2012
MOFO 2012
MOFO 2012
MOFO 2012
MOFO 2012
MOFO 2012
MOFO 2012
MOFO 2012
MOFO 2012
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MOFO 2012


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Senyawa dari Yogyakarta tampil di event ini.

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MOFO 2012

  1. 1. Woody Allen once said, ‘We should all be carefulto confine our opinions to matters of which we arecompletely ignorant.’ Well he didn’t actually. I madethat up. I’m thinking to myself, who am I to not followWoody’s advice, even if he didn’t give it? Had Woody said what I said he said, he would havebeen following his own advice. He is, after all, ignorantof ignorance. I am, however, a Zen master of notknowing. That’s why I built a museum. I didn’t knowit was hard. Actually it wasn’t. I didn’t know anythingabout art either. But I learned a bit. Now I know what Idon’t know. Ignorance comes in many guises. Of these,the unknown unknowns remain mostly unknown to me. I don’t know much about music either. I don’t knowwhat I don’t know. But Brian and his musical matesknow what they don’t know and they want to know it.Hopefully, while they learn it, they’ll teach it to me.And you.— David WalshWelcome to MONA FOMA (MOFO) 2012– the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA)Festival of Music and Art, proudly supportedby MONA ROMA, MoMa, Faux MO(FOMO), and the Tasmanian Government.
  2. 2. TICKETS This year, there’s the usual array of events to try for free. We’re also putting on, at Princes Wharf 1, a variety of events that are covered by (astonishingly inexpensive!!) passes. Your bestLARA GIDDINGS MP BRIAN RITCHIE bet is to get a festival pass for $50, which gives you access to aPREMIER CURATOR smorgasbord of happenings at PW1. If they sell out (numbers areThe Tasmanian Government is Apart from that very serious and Greetings MOFOs! We are overjoyed limited) or if you’d rather a smaller bite, get a day pass for $25.delighted to partner with MONA important side, MONA FOMA is also to embark upon MONA FOMA 2012.again to deliver the fourth MONA about having fun, in the magnificent The world is catching on. ResearchFOMA. setting of Tasmania’s waterfront. It’s indicates that so-called mainlanders MOFO FESTIVAL PASS BUY TICKETS MONA FOMA has become such about great music, fine food, and and other foreigners flock to JAN 14, 15, 19 & 20 PW1 To buy tickets for MONA FOMAa vital part of Tasmania’s cultural having a good time. Tasmania in increasing numbers to go tolandscape that it’s hard to believe it Tasmania is well known as a experience this thing. Those who still $50 WWW.MOFO.NET.AUstarted only four years ago. It offers destination offering superb natural call Tasmania home are starting to Or you could buy: You can also buy paper tickets atlocals and visitors alike a chance to scenery. MONA FOMA ensures view MOFO as a summer traditionexperience internationally renowned that Tasmania is also well known for (even if the contents of the festival DAY PASS 1 DAY PASS 2 MONA FERRY TERMINALperformers – and upcoming local acts creativity, innovation and ingenuity. are far from traditional). Once again SATURDAY JAN 14 SUNDAY JAN 15 BROOKE ST PIER– in our own backyard. When MONA FOMA started, we have things that are, aren’t, PW1 PW1 HOBART MONA FOMA, together with curator Brian Ritchie said that the shouldn’t be, resemble, dismantle, $25 $25 8.30AM-6.30PM, 7 DAYSDavid Walsh’s magnificent Museum festival was about turning Hobart deconstruct and celebrate music.of Old and New Art, are cultural into ‘a musical and visual dreamland In abundance. MONA art curators And at DAY PASS 3 DAY PASS 4 PW1 BOX OFFICEicons for our island. They contribute where anything can happen’. I am Nicole Durling and Olivier Varenne THURSDAY JAN 19 FRIDAY JAN 20 PRINCES WHARF 1 SHEDto the diverse arts and cultural looking forward to experiencing toss some visuals and performances PW1 PW1 CASTRAY ESPLANADE, HOBARTexperiences that help make Tasmania that dreamland again in 2012 and I into the stew. This will make you $25 $25 JAN 13-21, 9AM-5PMsuch a great place to visit, and a great encourage locals and visitors alike to question the nature of art. Let’s notplace to live. get involved. forget our chefs, brew-meisters and JAN 14-15 & 19-21, 9AM-LATE MONA and MONA FOMA — Lara Giddings MP winemakers. As well as your pass, you can buy tickets to our special events. To buy entry tickets to theare also important because they Premier of Tasmania MONA doesn’t care about Not that they’re not all special. You’re special. We’re all special. museum, go tochallenge and extend our ideas about awards, but after only three PJ HARVEY PW1 $85 WWW.MONA.NET.AUart and art practice. They have helped years MOFO was nominated for PHILLIP ADAMS BALLETLAB THEATRE ROYAL $25 Orchange the conversations of artistic the Helpmann Award for Best IHOS CITY HALL $25 MONA FERRY TERMINALleaders nationally and internationally. Contemporary Music Festival. This BROOKE ST PIER The MONA FOMA event is reflects nicely upon you, the punters. GIRL TALK PW1 $35 HOBARTnot only a cultural driver, it also We have our largest commission WEST HEAD PROJECT AND OUT HEAR MT. WELLINGTON $40 8.30AM-6.30PM, 7 DAYScontributes significantly to Tasmania’s to date with The Barbarians from OVERBOARD II BOAT CRUISE $50economy and tourism sector. It is an IHOS. Sure there’s PW1 again in new Entry to the museum is $20 forinternationally recognised festival and dress, but we’re also developing new Then there’s the festival art you can see at MONA. adults, $10 concession, or freea great drawcard for Tasmania. Events MOFO venues ranging from oldie but The museum’s usually closed on Tuesdays – but not to Tasmanians and under 18s.like this are especially important right goodie City Hall to brand new and during MOFO.now when Tasmania is facing tough radical St. Mary’s Cathedral Centre, Download theeconomic times. a tiny gem of acoustic architecture... MOFO DAY PASSES & FESTIVAL PASS MOFO2012 app from And there’s still heaps of free stuff! Persons under 12 years are admitted free to these events mid December 2011 Plus bagpipes. when accompanied by a paying adult. Proof of age may be — Brian Ritchie requested at the door. Does not apply to special events. MOFO Curator
  4. 4. OPENING NIGHTSTREET PARTYFRI 13 JAN JAN 13 ROBIN FOX eMDee LUCAS ABELA AUS AUS AUS Lasers, smoke, electronic noise. Master buskers turned high-tech Lucas kisses and sings to sheets of musicians. Trance-like drum and amplified crystal. Come and see FRIDAY JAN 13, 10.30PM didgeridoo. They sold a ridiculous what happens. CNR ELIZABETH ST & MELVILLE ST, HOBART, number of CDs on the streets – WAREHOUSE see busking workshop Saturday FRIDAY JAN 13, 6.30PM FREE January 14. CNR ELIZABETH ST & MELVILLE ST, HOBART FREE FRIDAY JAN 13, 7PM CNR ELIZABETH ST & MELVILLE ST, HOBART FREE THE DAD HORSE TUBA SKINNY GABRIELLA SMART EXPERIENCE USA AUS GERMANY Old-school New Orleans street Gabriella will be playing prepared musicians. They come bearing piano works by John Cage. This Ex-cabbie God-hollerer plucks tubas, of course. means sticking erasers, screws banjo in demented fashion and and other paraphernalia into the wildly pumps the foot pedals. strings of her beast. The show’s by Anti-drug propaganda also likely. FRIDAY JAN 13, 8PM CNR ELIZABETH ST & candlelight, and late at night, ‘in MELVILLE ST, HOBART the round’, as they say. HANGGAI FRIDAY JAN 13, 6PM CNR ELIZABETH ST & FREE CHINA She will also show us, in an open MELVILLE ST, HOBART FREE Tuba Skinny is supported by the United demo, how the piano is prepared They rock hard in China. for the performance. States Consulate Hanggai throw in throat singing and traditional instruments, FRIDAY JAN 13, MIDNIGHT SATURDAY JAN 14, MIDNIGHT and dress like Genghis Khan. BAHA’I CENTRE FREE FRIDAY JAN 13, 9PM OPEN DEMO CNR ELIZABETH ST & THURSDAY JAN 12, 2-6.30PM MELVILLE ST, HOBART BAHA’I CENTRE FREE FREE
  5. 5. OPENING NIGHT FRI JAN 13 Street Party Baha’i Centre Detached CAST MONA FAUX MO10AM MOFO art at the Museum of Old and New Art11 AM12PM Oceanography/Peron Station David Chesworth Faux Mo1PM2PM (FoMo)3PM4PM Mofo Festival Club5PM 11pm– Space-Shifter opening6PM The Dad Horse Experience Lucas Abela7PM eMDee8PM Tuba Skinny9PM Hanggai Almost as good as the original.10PM Download the MOFO2012 app to find out about location(s), dates, times and artists. Robin Fox App available from mid December 2011.11PM Until late >12AM Gabriella Smart1AM
  6. 6. MONA FOMAARTJAN 13 - FEB 13, CLOSED TUESDAYS NELL(EXCEPT JAN 17) AUS10AM - 6PM LET THERE BE ROBEMUSEUM OF OLD AND NEW ARTADULTS $20CONCESSION $10 ‘Let there be sound,’ and there was soundTASMANIANS & UNDER 18 FREE ‘Let there be lights,’ and there was lights ‘Let there be drums’, there was drums ‘Let there be guitar’, there was guitar, ah ‘Let there be rock’ And it came to pass That rock ‘n’ roll was born. AC/DC were clearly correlating the birth of rock with that of JC. Nell spins things a little bit Buddha. Come and see. SUSAN PHILIPSZ UK Susan Philipsz won the Turner Prize in 2010 for her work Lowlands, which involved recording herself singing a melancholic song, and impregnating a public space with the recording. The sound of her DANIEL MUDIE singing has a strange effect. It makes you somehow feel more CUNNINGHAM AUS keenly the weight of the place you are in. FUNERAL SONGS What song do you want played In the MONA galleries you will at your funeral? Daniel has been hear Susan’s new work The Two asking people for a number of Sisters, which is comprised of her years. He has compiled a musical singing a seventeenth-century anthology of anticipatory grieving Scottish song, seemingly to for the loss of yourself from the herself, about sororicide – world, or celebration for having the murder of one’s sister. been here in the first place.
  7. 7. DAY 2SAT JAN 14 RYOJI IKEDA JAPAN DATAMATICS Ikeda experiments with sound in its raw state, at the edge of human hearing. This project makes visible the transmission of the multi- substance data that saturates our world. How… Don’t know yet. But we do know Ikeda is ace. SATURDAY JAN 14, 10PM PW1 INCLUDED IN FESTIVAL PASS $50 OR DAY PASS 1 $25 Image: datamatics [prototype-ver.2.0], 2006 © Ryoji Ikeda photo by Ryuichi Maruo, courtesy of Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (YCAM) Quaternaire represents Ryoji Ikeda for his performing arts throughout the world except Japan
  8. 8. PHILLIP ADAMSBALLETLAB AUSAVIARYA SUITE FOR THE BIRDThis is BalletLab’s latest work,a spectacular interrogation ofthe nature of spectacle itself.It’s paradoxical, perhaps, to haveperformance written into you,by nature: it reaches into therealms of theatre, art and dance;as well as those of preening,nest-building, and the rituals ofselecting a mate.Aviary takes as its starting pointthe music of Olivier Messiaen:his Catalogue d’oiseaux (1958)is a musical catalogue of birdsong,and of the composer’s ownwonderment.JAN 14-17, 7.30PMTHEATRE ROYALTICKETS $25Phillip Adams BalletLab would like toacknowledge the generous support of TheAustralia Council for the Arts, Arts Victoria,Helen Macpherson Smith Trust, BesenFamily Foundation, The Oliver-Affleck Fundand the Norman H Johns Trust managed byPerpetual Trustees and our private donors.Aviary is presented in association with TheAustralian Ballet.Image: 3 Deep Designwith Jeff Busby
  9. 9. DAY 2 DAVID CHESWORTH SAT JAN 14 ENSEMBLE AUS PW1 Theatre Mount St Mary’s Baha’i Detached CAST MONA FAUX MO VANISHING TEKOPIA Royal Wellington Cathedral Centre Centre Vanishing Tekopia indirectly refers to a tiny island being slowly10AM subsumed by the South Pacific MOFO art at the Museum of Old and New Art Ocean, and more rapidly by globalisation. Are we (we, the11 AM Tuba Skinny globe) losing our cultural diversity, Busking Performance and does it matter?12PM West Head Space-Shifter Sonia Leber & David Chesworth Oceanography/Peron Station David Chesworth Project and In this eleven-piece ensemble Out Hear performance the two singers have Kunanyi1PM mastered a phonetic language invented by Chesworth.2PM Image: © Melissa Webb SATURDAY JAN 14, 8.30PM PW1 INCLUDED IN FESTIVAL PASS $503PM OR DAY PASS 1 $254PM BUSKING WORKSHOP5PM eMDee They have sold 50,000 CDs while busking. How?6PM SITE OPENS Elanee Ensemble SATURDAY JAN 14, 6.30PM eMDee PW17PM Busking Workshop WEST HEAD ELANEE ENSEMBLE INCLUDED IN FESTIVAL PASS $50 Tuba Skinny Phillip PROJECT AND OUT AUS OR DAY PASS 1 $25 Busking Performance Adams HEAR AUS This Tasmanian double bass/viola8PM BalletLab duo will premier some new and BUSKING PERFORMANCE KUNANYI Aviary David Chesworth Ensemble We pick up you from PW1 and drive unusual material. TUBA SKINNY9PM Vanishing Tekopia you up the mountain. Then your Learn how to busk, New Orleans SATURDAY JAN 14, 6PM sound guides – Jim Denley, Monika ST MARY’S CATHEDRAL CENTRE style. Brooks and Dale Gorfinkel – lure FREE10PM Ryoji Ikeda you through the bush with their SATURDAY JAN 14, 11AM datamatics trumpets, tree roots and bamboo PW1, FORECOURT FREE flutes. You come back to camp, eat11PM yummy food, and get driven back SATURDAY JAN 14, 7.30PM to PW1. PW1 INCLUDED IN FESTIVAL PASS $50 OR DAY PASS 1 $25 Until late >12AM Gabriella SATURDAY JAN 14, 12PM Smart SUNDAY JAN 15, 12PM DEPARTS PW1, FORECOURT Tuba Skinny is supported by the United1AM TICKETS $40 States Consulate
  10. 10. DAY 3SUN JAN 15 PIERRE HENRY FRANCE PAROXYSMS Henry was born in 1927 in Paris. Seven years later he started studying music, and in 1944 – guided by Olivier Messiaen – he composed and conceived the music of the future. Michel Chion, Pierre Henry, 2003 Pierre is the father of musique concrete, and pioneered most of the recording techniques musicians use today. Now Papa Henry is cooking for us a special musical creation. He’s streaming it live from his home in Paris, which hosts the sounds and pictorial creations of his life and career. He’ll show us all the stages of creation – from insemination of idea and gestation of sound, to phonetic improvisation with his own voice. World premiere. SUNDAY JAN 15, 10PM PW1 LIVE VIRTUAL PERFORMANCE INCLUDED IN FESTIVAL PASS $50 OR DAY PASS 2 $25 Image: Anne Selders
  11. 11. DAY 3 DAVID CHESWORTH Badlands re-imagines Carl Orff’s Schulwerk, a collection SUN JAN 15 ENSEMBLE of deceptively simple melodies designed to teach music to AUS children. Chesworth encountered Schulwerk as the score to PW1 Theatre Mount St Mary’s St Mary’s Detached CAST MONA FAUX MO Terrence Malick’s 1973 film, also called Badlands. It tells the Royal Wellington Cathedral Cathedral BADLANDS story of two teenagers on a killing spree. Centre SUNDAY JAN 15, 8.30PM10AM MOFO art at the Museum of Old and New Art PW1 INCLUDED IN FESTIVAL PASS $50 OR DAY PASS 2 $25 Image: © Adam Pretty11 AM West Head Space-Shifter Sonia Leber & David Chesworth Oceanography/Peron Station David Chesworth12PM Project and Out Hear Kunanyi1PM2PM Nick Tsiavos3PM Liminal4PM Rod Thomson5PM6PM Adam Simmons7PM SITE OPENS Phillip Adams8PM BalletLab David Chesworth Aviary ADAM SIMMONS NICK TSIAVOS ROD THOMSON Ensemble AUS AUS AUS9PM Badlands Melbourne multi-muso on the sax, LIMINAL Tasmanian organist playing Olivier clarinet and flute (and possibly the Nick plays stand-up jazz bass, Messiaen compositions.10PM Pierre Henry toy versions thereof). He’s usually improvised and combined Paroxysms in about a million different bands at with Byzantine chants. He’s SUNDAY JAN 15, 4PM once but for this performance, he’s accompanied by some of ST MARY’S CATHEDRAL all alone. FREE11PM Melbourne’s top improvisers: Deborah Kayser, Adam Simmons, SUNDAY JAN 15, 6PM ST MARY’S CATHEDRAL CENTRE Peter Neville and Eugene Ughetti. Until late >12AM FREE SUNDAY JAN 15, 2.30PM ST MARY’S CATHEDRAL1AM FREE
  12. 12. DAY 4 DAVID CHESWORTH MON JAN 16 AUS David Chesworth is our Artist Theatre Royal St Mary’s Detached CAST MONA in Residence. He co-founded Cathedral post-punkers Essendon Airport, Centre and is now one of Australia’s most10AM distinctive composers and sound MOFO art at the Museum of Old and New Art artists.11 AM Chesworth draws on a wide range of musical genres and natural sound sources, layering them in Oceanography/Peron Station David Chesworth12PM unusual ways.1PM SONIA LEBER & DAVID CHESWORTH AUS Space-Shifter Sonia Leber & David Chesworth2PM SPACE-SHIFTER Since 1996 Leber and Chesworth3PM have worked with sound, video and installation, using the human voice as their principal medium. MARIA LURIGHI DAVID CHESWORTH4PM AND FRIENDS & ADRIAN SHERRIFF At Detached, you will find AUS AUS a host of human voices – a NOMONID5PM Maria is doing nine performances ‘psychogeography’, they call it – Chesworth, on the laptop, builds for us, drawing on an impressive that stalks you as you move about a complex structure of ‘found’ range of sources and musical styles, David Chesworth the space. sounds and real-world recordings.6PM including opera, jazz, classical and & Adrian Sherriff gospel. Her voice is earthy, raw He is joined by Adrian Sherriff on Nomonid OPENING FRIDAY JAN 13, 5.30PM JAN 13- FEB 3, 12-5PM and loud. You can also hear it as trombone, shakuhachi, percussion7PM UNTIL MARCH 31 BY and electronics. part of the Chesworth and Leber Phillip Adams APPOINTMENT (03 6234 4111) installation at Detached. BalletLab DETACHED MONDAY JAN 16, 6PM8PM Aviary FREE ST MARY’S CATHEDRAL CENTRE JAN 14-15 & 21-22, 4.30PM JAN 16-20, 1.15PM FREE The artists gratefully acknowledge the DETACHED9PM support of the Australian Government FREE through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body. Audience limited to 50 people10PM Image: Sonia Leber and David Chesworth,11PM Space-Shifter, 2009. Courtesy the artists and Fehily Contemporary12AM Detached > piano resurrection > UTAS Conservatorium of Music1AM
  13. 13. DAY 5 OVERBOARD II TUES JAN 17 MESSING ABOUT ON BOATS MONA Ferry Terminal Theatre Royal St Mary’s MONA Detached CAST Cathedral Centre10AM MOFO art at the Museum of Old and New Art11 AM12PM Oceanography/Peron Station David Chesworth1PM Space-Shifter Sonia Leber & David Chesworth2PM3PM Ticket includes sunset cruise on the MV Cartela (Hobart icon in4PM manner of Mykonos dim sim); campy shenanigans, teetering on the homoerotic; performance by5PM bohemian operatic jazz collective The Lovebirds; cherished memories; and tapas.6PM Danny Healy Stuart Ringholt STUART RINGHOLT DANNY HEALY TUESDAY JAN 17, 8PM AUS AUS DEPARTS MONA FERRY Preceded by a tour of the show by Local virtuoso on the sax, clarinets TERMINAL7PM TICKETS $50 artist Stuart Ringholt. (The artist and flutes – playing several new Phillip Adams will be naked. Those who wish to pieces, just for us. Recommended 18+ BalletLab join the tour must also be naked.8PM Overboard II Aviary Image: Stephanie Bailly Adults Only) (2012) TUESDAY JAN 17, 6PM Messing About On Boats ST MARY’S CATHEDRAL CENTRE That’s the title of his work. And FREE9PM the content of it. But for the sake of clarity: Stuart will take you on a naked10PM tour of MONA. Changing facilities provided. Like he says, it’s for11PM grown-ups. Isn’t it ironic. TUESDAY JAN 17, 6-8PM WEDNESDAY JAN 18, 6-8PM12AM MUSEUM OF OLD AND NEW ART FREE REGISTER AT WWW.MOFO.NET.AU1AM Image: Stuart Ringholt
  14. 14. DAY 6WED JAN 18 GIRL TALK USA There is a remote chance that something you do now will be good. The chances of it being original, however, are pretty much zero. Which is why you’d be a fool to miss Girl Talk – the original Grandmaster Flash!! WEDNESDAY JAN 18, 9PM PW1 SUPPORTED BY 22SQ TICKETS $35
  15. 15. IHOSAUS This, our biggest commission, is an immersive and remarkable JAN 18-20, 7.30PM JAN 21 & 22, 2PM & 7.30PM CITY HALL new opera by Constantine TICKETS $25 Koukias, performed in modern Greek with bilingual narration, Performance contains nudity & adult the product of a large themes. Recommended 15+ collaboration of designers, singers and musicians. The Barbarians is commissioned by the Museum of Old and New Art Inspired by the poem Waiting for the Barbarians by Constantine Cavafy. IHOS (it’s Greek for sound).
  16. 16. DAY 6 WED JAN 18 PW1 City Hall St Mary’s MONA FAUX MO Detached CAST Cathedral Centre10AM MOFO art at the Museum of Old and New Art11 AM GILMOUR12PM ENSEMBLE Oceanography/Peron Station David Chesworth AUS1PM WORKSHOP & PERFORMANCE They will talk about and perform Space-Shifter Sonia Leber & David Chesworth2PM the work of Russell Gilmour. WEDNESDAY JAN 18, 6PM3PM ST MARY’S CATHEDRAL CENTRE FREE4PM DAVID CHESWORTH Image: David Chesworth, Oceanography/ AUS Peron Station, 2011. 4-channel sound installation.5PM OCEANOGRAPHY/PERON Image courtesy the artist and Fehily STATION Contemporary. Digital imaging: Melissa An intimate listening environment Webb.6PM Gilmour Stuart Ringholt created on site at CAST. Ensemble SITE OPENS Oceanography is an almost7PM completely synthesised underwater 22SQ soundscape. Peron Station, by 22SQ IHOS AUS contrast, is strictly field-recorded, The Barbarians Super talented Tassie sax quartet8PM but strikes you as disconcertingly comprised of Benjamin Price, artificial... Georgina Smith, Mitchell Ellis and9PM Girl Talk OPENING THURSDAY JAN 12, 6PM Nicholas Nugent. JAN 13-29, 12-5PM CAST WEDNESDAY JAN 18, 7.30PM FREE PW110PM SUPPORTING GIRL TALK This project is a partnership between TICKETS $35 MONA and CAST11PM Until late >12AM1AM
  17. 17. DAY 7THURS JAN 19 THE DRESDEN DOLLS USA Cabaret punks Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione reform for a rare Australian tour. THURSDAY JAN 19, 9.30PM PW1, STAGE 1 INCLUDED IN FESTIVAL PASS $50 OR DAY PASS 3 $25 Image: Shervin Lainez
  18. 18. DAY 7THURS JAN 19 PRINCE RAMA USA A weird combination of Brooklyn noise rock and Hare Krishna psychedelia. THURSDAY JAN 19, 7.30PM PW1, STAGE 1 INCLUDED IN FESTIVAL PASS $50 OR DAY PASS 3 $25SENYAWAINDONESIANaked vocals and an inventedbamboo instrument thatsounds sometimes like a harp,and sometimes like cello, sitaror percussion. The music ismixed with stories and dance. TOSHIMARU KELLIE O’DEMPSEY JULIANNA NAKAMURA AUS BARWICKTHURSDAY JAN 19, 5.30PM JAPAN USAPW1, STAGE 1 MUTABLE+LUMINOUSINCLUDED IN FESTIVAL PASS $50 He is a ‘no-input sound mixer’, Kellie draws on a huge scroll of Julianna sounds like a choir whenOR DAY PASS 3 $25 which means he has a sound paper alongside bassist/animator she sings, layering her vocals using desk, and manipulates controls Mick Dick, and the Tasmanian digital technology.FRIDAY JAN 20, 9PM without mics, instruments, orPW1, STAGE 2 Improvised Orchestra.INCLUDED IN FESTIVAL PASS $50 any other input. So technology THURSDAY JAN 19, 2.30PM doesn’t enhance the instrument, THURSDAY JAN 19, 8.30PM PW1, STAGE 2OR DAY PASS 4 $25 INCLUDED IN FESTIVAL PASS $50 technology is the instrument. PW1, STAGE 2 INCLUDED IN FESTIVAL PASS $50 OR DAY PASS 3 $25 Whoa. Very Marshall McLuhan. OR DAY PASS 3 $25 Image: Jody Rogac THURSDAY JAN 19, 6.30PM PW1, STAGE 2 Image: Alberto Sanchez INCLUDED IN FESTIVAL PASS $50 OR DAY PASS 3 $25
  19. 19. DAY 7 THURS JAN 19 PW1 City Hall St Mary’s Detached CAST MONA FAUX MO Cathedral Centre10AM MOFO art at the Museum of Old and New Art NELL ANDREA CENTAZZO GILMOUR11 AM AUS ITALY/USA ENSEMBLE IT’S A LONG W TO THE TOP AY MANDALA AUS (IF YOU W ANNA ROCK AND Andrea, percussion master, Tasmanian group teaming strange SITE OPENS ROLL) - HOBART instrumentation with dogged12PM travelled the world for many years, Oceanography/Peron Station David Chesworth Cooking Demo THE SHOW collecting images. These he will devotion to the music of Russell Acca Dacca redux! You’ll know it set to live music: improvisation Gilmour.1PM when you hear it, on the streets of and original compositions. The show revolves around Mandala, THURSDAY JAN 19, 4.30PM Hobart, and at PW1. Performance PW1, STAGE 2 Space-Shifter Sonia Leber & David Chesworth2PM Nell includes Les, bagpiper from the the circle centre-piece of Buddhist INCLUDED IN FESTIVAL PASS $50 original 1976 AC/DC film clip. sacred art forms. There will be a OR DAY PASS 3 $25 Julianna Barwick great many gongs.3PM THURSDAY JAN 19, 2PM PW1 THURSDAY JAN 19, 3.30PM Andrea Centazzo PW1, STAGE 1 Mandala FREE4PM INCLUDED IN FESTIVAL PASS $50 OR DAY PASS 3 $25 Gilmour Ensemble THE MEMORIAL When the tail-lights have dimmed, Presented by the5PM Alcorso Foundation the amps been put away... Come Senyawa and pay your respects at the flatbed6PM TANK truck memorial. Climb in and graffiti your homage to Bon Scott. Toshimaru Nakamura Leave him an empty bottle of7PM scotch, or a plastic rose. Weep. Prince Rama IHOS The Barbarians THURSDAY JAN 198PM PW1 FREE Kellie O’Dempsey FRIDAY JAN 20 TANK COOKING DEMO9PM REALLY BIG PAELLA PW1 AUS The Dresden Dolls INCLUDED IN FESTIVAL PASS $50 TANK is for Ted (Vining, drums), That’s a really big paella. OR DAY PASS 4 $2510PM Alistair (Dobson, sax), Nick THURSDAY JAN 19, 12.30PM (Haywood, bass) and Kelly PW1 (Ottaway, piano and vibraphone). INCLUDED IN FESTIVAL PASS $5011PM Australian jazz. OR DAY PASS 3 $25 THURSDAY JAN 19, 6PM Until late >12AM ST MARY’S CATHEDRAL CENTRE FREE1AM
  20. 20. DAY 8FRI 20 JAN JAN 20 AMIINA DEATH GRIPS ICELAND USA This six-piece grew from Sigur Ros, for whom they played as a backing Death Grips scares the shit out band, a string quartet. They’re doing their own thing now. They’ve brought of us. in drummer Magnús Trygvason Eliassen and electronic musician Kippi Kaninus, and some super-impressive instrument-switching shenanigans. FRIDAY JAN 20, 10PM PW1, STAGE 1 FRIDAY JAN 20, 7PM INCLUDED IN FESTIVAL PASS $50 PW1, STAGE 1 OR DAY PASS 4 $25 INCLUDED IN FESTIVAL PASS $50 OR DAY PASS 4 $25 Image: Nicholas Wray