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Great Britain
Great Britain
Great Britain
Great Britain
Great Britain
Great Britain
Great Britain
Great Britain
Great Britain
Great Britain
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Great Britain


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Para alumnos de primaria

Para alumnos de primaria

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  • 1. GREAT BRITAIN By Antonio Méndez Montiel. Especialidad: Inglés
  • 2. Información, área y objetivos
    • Información: En estas diapositivas se puede encontrar información a modo muy genérico y general en lo que se refiere a geografía, historia y aspectos culturales de los países que forman la corona británica.
    • Área: Este trabajo está dirigido para el área de de lenguas extranjeras (Inglés) y para el segundo ciclo de Primaria.
    • Objetivos: El objetivo principal de este trabajo es que los alumnos comiencen a familiarizarse con los aspectos socioculturales a modo muy general de los países de la corona británica, debido a que además de conocer el idioma es necesario conocer la cultura en dónde este se desarrolla.
  • 3. ENGLAND
    • Capital city: London
    • Inhabitants: 50.000.000
    • Language: English
    • The English coin is the pound: 1 Pound = 1.10 Euros
    • England's economy f ollows the Anglo´s Saxon economic model and L ondon exports mainly manufactured goods and imports materials such as petroleum, tea, wool, raw sugar, timber, butter, metals, and meat.
  • 4. General Culture
    • Monuments: Big Ben, The Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square, Stonehenge.
    • Festivities:
    • 31 – 10 Halloween
    • 17 – 3 St Patrick´s day
    • 23 – 4 St George´s day
    • Famous things: Football Premier League, The Beatles, The Queen Isabel II, James Bond (007)
    • Inhabitants: 5.115.000
    • Capital City: Edinburgh
    • Languages: English, Welsh and Gaelic
    • Scotland is well known due to the legend of the lake Ness monster.
  • 6. General Culture
    • Scotish people wears different kinds of skirts attending to their families
    • Is the most important country in the whiskey bussines
    • Scotland has the most beautiful castles in the word
    • Graham Bell, Sean Connery, William Wallace or Alexandre Fleming are from this country.
    • They invented the bagpipe
  • 7. WALES
    • Inhabitants: 3.000.000
    • Capital city: Cardiff
    • Languages: English
    • Welsh
    • The most important sport in Wales is the rugby, in fact, Wales has one of the best rugby teams in the world.
    • Some traditional dishes in Wales include laverbread (made from seaweed ), bara brith (fruit bread), Cawl a lamb stew and cawl cennin ( leek soup ), Welsh cakes , and Welsh lamb . Cockles are sometimes served with breakfast bacon .
  • 8. General Culture
    • They have a festival called National Eisteddfod. This festival is one of the most important festival of music and poetry in the world.
    • Saint David´s day, the 1st of march is the national day
    • Some famous monuments are St David´s cathedral or the Millenium Stadium
    • Bullet for my Valantine, Bonnie Tyler or Tom Jones are from Wales
    • Inhabitants: 1.800.000
    • Capital city: Belfast
    • Languages: English
    • Irish
    • Northern Ireland is situated in the smaller island of Great Britain. In this island we can find another country called Ireland. Ireland and Northern Ireland were in war year ago.
  • 10. General Culture
    • The religion is very important
    • The movie ``In the name of the father´´ shows the conflict between this country and Northen Ireland
    • Some famous monuments are Finnis Souterrain, Dunluce castle or Dromore Cross
    • Oscar Wilde or the football player George Best are from Northern Ireland