Grassland soil meli y luci
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  • 1.  We are polluting and with that we damage the soil and many animals eat from there so we have to stop throwing garbage In the ground and try to don’t throw even things that can decompose because this process lasts mostly millions of years. (mari)
  • 2.  MARI
  • 3. We have to recycle reuse and reduce like do not throw clothes, bottles, cans, tires, and plastic.  And stop polluting the air  Our most important problems are:  Global warming and green house effect and we have to stop them right now.(isabella) 
  • 4. ISA A
  • 5.  People are cutting the few trees of grassland and that causes extinction of many animals.The world is changing a lot because of us. we are the most dangeorus predators. We are wasting non renewable resorces .we are making fire. we are not using the 3 rs.(josue)
  • 6.  JOS
  • 7.  Grasslands are a land mostly covered by grass . Grasslands are mostly flat lands. Grasslands have few trees. There are two main kind of grasslands savannas and prairies. But they have varied types of animals. (cami villareal)
  • 8.  CAMI VI
  • 9.  Soil is the thin layer on the surface of the earth made up of rocks ,water ,air and living organisms. It contains man organic and inorganic elements that, when they work together, when they provide nutrients for plants.(CAMILO)
  • 10.  CAVI
  • 11.      25% of the earth is covered by grasslands. Grasslands are normaly situated between a forest and desert. In fact, grassland sourrond every dessert in Asia. Grassland is perfect for cropping and pasturing because its soil runs deep and is extremly fertilized. Earth worms are nessesary due to the fact that they help mantain the earths soil production. Did you know that the typical photo of windows is a grassland(luci)
  • 12.  LUCI
  • 13.  In the future we will not have any trees and animals will loose their shelter. We will have to use oxygen masks because all the air will have pollution.The soil will loose nutrients and minerals.many insects will loose the food they got from the soil and animals from the soil will die.( meli)
  • 14.  meli
  • 15. initi.htm  es/grassland_biome_facts/165/  d.html Thanks for your attention!!!!