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History of 3D Movies

History of 3D Movies

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  • 1. All about 3D Movies Image Source
  • 2. First, a bit of science:
    • Anaglyph 3D images are made by two layers of different color that are moved slightly and laid on top of each other
    • The main subject of the image is placed in the center and the foreground and background are placed offset from each other so as to create a "stereoscopic 3D" image.
    • The visual cortex of one’s brain brings these two images together when viewed through a special viewer which holds two lenses with different colored filters, usually red and blue.
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  • 3. Early Days of 3D Movies
    • "The Power of Love", Sept 1922
    • "Movies of the Future", Dec 1922
    • "Through the Trees “Washington D.C", early 1923
    • "Luna-cy! ", Sept 1924
    • "Zowie", "he Run-Away Taxi", 1925
    • The late 1920s to early 1930s saw little to no interest in stereoscopic pictures, largely due to the Great Depression.
    Image Source
  • 4. 1950 to 1960: The first golden age
    • 3D cinema gets a lot of attention of the major studios with the success of "Bwana Devil" in 1952.
    • They make more than sixty films, including Hitchcock's "Dial M for Murder" and "Hondo", starring John Wayne.
    • Still 3D dipped down due to poor viewing conditions in most theatres and because of the complex equipment required to showcase 3D movies.
    Image Source
  • 5. 1973 to 1985: The Renaissance
    • 3D cinema resurfaces
    • It succeeds in gaining attention due to movies like"Jaws 3D", "Comin at Ya!" and "Friday the 13th-Part 3".
    • But this success was for a short time and 3D disappeared once again.
    Image Source
  • 6. 1986 to 2000: The revolution
    • Imax 3D format invented
    • "Transitions" at Expo 86 in Vancouver
    • 3D cinema establishes its ground
    • Although 3D was used only in specialized productions due to the very high shooting costs.
    Image Source
  • 7. 3D re-enters mainstream cinema (2003 - present)
    • Avatar, released in 2009 went on to make history in the field of 3D Movies. It is the most expensive films of all time, with a budget at 237M and also the highest-grossing film of all time.
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  • 8.
    • Technology reached its super heights with the advent of 3D movie theatres/ home theatres, digital cameras, computer animation technology etc and stereoscopic production and screening is no more a big issue. The demand for 3D has grown considerably in the past decade and there is no doubt that 3D now entering its second golden age.
  • 9. … and there was no looking back Image Source Image Source
  • 10.
    • For more information on 3D Movies, please visit
    • www.compare3dmovies.com
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