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Slides primeiro encontro INATEL-FET-DG

Slides primeiro encontro INATEL-FET-DG

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  • 1. FETFuture EnablingTechnologiesGRUPO DE DISCUSSÕES1° Encontro - 1 de outubro de 2011.
  • 2. FETFuture Enabling TechnologiesGRUPO DE DISCUSSÕESQuais tecnologias podem revolucionar nosso futuro em um curtoprazo? E no longo prazo? De que forma?Rádio Cognitivo? Internet do Futuro?Inteligência Artificial Geral? Superinteligências? Self-Improving Software?Nanotecnologia? Robótica? Self-Assembly Machines? Evolvable Hardware?Brain-inspired Technologies?Bio-inspired Technologies? Vida Artificial?Autonomic Technologies?Confluência Homem-Máquina? Transcendência?Tecnologias Quânticas?
  • 3. FETFuture Enabling TechnologiesGRUPO DE DISCUSSÕESObjetivoO objetivo é discutir cientificamente as tendências tecnológicas que podem se tornar realidade no curto,médio e longo prazo, identificando oportunidades de pesquisa, desenvolvimento e inovação tecnológica.
  • 4. FETFuture Enabling TechnologiesGRUPO DE DISCUSSÕESIs it Possible to Predict Tecnology Evolution?For a long time now people have been talking about technological evolution and the rate at which it occurs.Very often, people cite Moores Law as example of law being capable of predicting technologicaldevelopments in computing power.More recently, Ray Kurzweil presented a theory for technological evolution and a new law that expandsMoores Law to delineate the exponential growth of technological advances.
  • 5. FETFuture Enabling TechnologiesGRUPO DE DISCUSSÕESKurzweil’s Law of Accelerated ReturnsTwo positive feedback loops occur during some technology evolution process.The first loop occurs through the selection of the more capable techniques of a certain stage to build thenext stage.This increases the rate of progress exponentially, reducing the time required to obtain the same results.
  • 6. FETFuture Enabling TechnologiesGRUPO DE DISCUSSÕESKurzweil’s Law of Accelerated ReturnsThe second loop occurs when an evolutionary process becomes moreattractive than others and begins to catalyze more resources to it.The result is that an evolutionary process with exponential returnsstarts to evolve even faster, experiencing an additional exponentialgrowth over the first one.
  • 7. FETFuture Enabling TechnologiesGRUPO DE DISCUSSÕESComunidadesFacebookFuture Networks and Enabling TechnologiesLinkedinFuture Networks and Enabling Technologies
  • 8. FETFuture Enabling TechnologiesGRUPO DE DISCUSSÕESPróximo EncontroData?Horário?Assunto?Método?