P noy's got talent


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P-Noy's Got Talent?: Challenging the Filipinos to act for genuine change

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P noy's got talent

  1. 1. P-Noy's Got Talent? Challenging the Filipinos to blog and make a difference online by Anton Diaz, Founder
  2. 2. Bloggers and Internet Marketers are the new wave of Change Makers in the Philippines
  3. 3. Be Inspired to Make a Change through Blogging
  4. 4. OAP is “not just a blog”
  5. 5. “Live an Awesome Life in the Philippines!”
  6. 6. 2 stories and a lecture: 1. What is the Story behind OAP? 2. Who are the other bloggers that are making an impact? 3. Blogging 101: What and How of Professional Blogging
  7. 7. The Story of November 4, 2009
  8. 8. A love letter to our sons… 2005
  9. 9. Inspire One Mind. Touch One Heart. One Filipino at a time. 2006
  10. 10. History 2007
  11. 11. Live your Passion. “ You gotta go after the things you want while you're still in your prime. ” 2008
  13. 13. MAVEN SECRETS 2009
  14. 14. ULTIMATE TASTE TEST 2010
  15. 15. Bloggers who are making an impact in the Philippines.
  16. 16. YUGATECH.COM
  18. 18. BRYANBOY.COM
  20. 20. BO SANCHEZ
  21. 21. KULAYFUL.COM
  24. 24. CARLOCAB.COM
  25. 25. The World’s Oldest Bloggers Olive Riley, 108 Maria Amelia Lopez, 97 Ruth Hamilton, 109
  26. 26. Blogging 101 What and How of Professional Blogging?
  27. 27. What is a Blog? a Blog is… - Short for Web log - An Online Journal of your thoughts, feelings, and experiences - Published on the Internet for public (or private) consumption - Updated frequently
  28. 28. What distinguishes a Blog
  29. 29. Vs. a Website
  30. 30. A Blog A Website - is more personal - is more formal - is the “virtual soul” of - reflects the Publishing the author Company’s goals & advocacy - looks like a daily journal - looks like a portal - usually a one man show - usually composed of a (except for group blogs) different writers, editors - motivated by personal - motivated by revenue Expression and advocacy Because it is a business
  31. 31. What distinguishes Blogging
  32. 32. Vs. Magazine or Feature Writing
  33. 33. Blogging Magazine or Feature Writing - natural conversation - adopts the writing style writing. “How you speak is of the publication How you write” - your writing is edited by an - you write and edit your Editor post. “What you write is - you earn one time upon What you publish “ submission of the article - you earn passive income - you give up your copyright forever to your article
  34. 34. 3 Critical components of a good blog? 1. Authentic (No Hidden Agenda) 2. Quality Content (it speaks for itself) 3. It gives value for people reading it. (it does not waste your time)
  35. 35. 10 Steps to Launch Yourself from a Blogger Wannabe to a Professional Blogger
  36. 36. STEP#1: Define Your Advocacy. Advocacy is the pro-active support of an idea, cause or your personal convictions. You need to determine what value you will provide to the online community. Copyright 2009. Anton Diaz www.MavenSecrets.com
  37. 37. STEP#2: Brand Yourself Online. Branding yourself online starts with your email address and the unique domain name (.COM) for your website. Copyright 2009. Anton Diaz www.MavenSecrets.com
  38. 38. STEP#3: Build Your Home Online. 1. Virtually Free Estates (FREE) BLOGGER or WORDPRESS.COM 2. Managed Hosting Virtual Estates (Paid) TYPEPAD or PROBLOGGER.PH 3. Self-Hosted Virtual Estates (Paid) Wordpress + Hosting - Dreamhost Copyright 2009. Anton Diaz www.MavenSecrets.com
  39. 39. STEP#4: Optimize for Search Engine Superhighway. First, Build for People (Usability) Then, Build for the Search Engines (Crawlability) - Use Wordpress Copyright 2009. Anton Diaz www.MavenSecrets.com
  40. 40. STEP#5: Integrate Your Home in Your Virtual Social Community. Feedburner. Twitter. Facebook. Google Analytics. Copyright 2009. Anton Diaz www.MavenSecrets.com
  41. 41. STEP#6: Put Up and Strategically Locate Advertising Billboards in Your Virtual Home. To ads or NOT to ads? Copyright 2009. Anton Diaz www.MavenSecrets.com
  42. 42. STEP#7: Write Your First Post in your About Me Page by Introducing Who You Are and Your Advocacy. Tell the Origin Story of your Blog Copyright 2009. Anton Diaz www.MavenSecrets.com
  43. 43. STEP#8: Write the Next 10 Pillar Articles that would Define Your Brand and Advocacy. 1. Write with the Heart and Edit with the Mind. 2. Write Timeless Articles. 3. Write Viral Posts. Copyright 2009. Anton Diaz www.MavenSecrets.com
  44. 44. STEP#9: Invite People to Your Virtual Home and Community by Marketing it Online and Offline. Search Engines and Social Media Copyright 2009. Anton Diaz www.MavenSecrets.com
  45. 45. STEP#10: Build Your Brand and Be Remarkable. Blog Consistently. Build your Community of Friends and Fan Write Intriquing Headlines Copyright 2009. Anton Diaz www.MavenSecrets.com
  46. 46. Youth is a Competitive Advantage…
  47. 47. Take Action Start a blog about your advocacy now!
  48. 48. Live an Awesome Life! Anton Diaz Founder and Digital Publisher + Facebook: antondiaz + Twitter: antondiaz anton@diaz.ph +63917-5683627