SEE Consulting conference-Zagreb Croatia-2MAR2009-VA-1.0


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Status and trends in consulting industry in South-east Europe.

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SEE Consulting conference-Zagreb Croatia-2MAR2009-VA-1.0

  1. 1. New business models for consulting – Strategy and Tools for Success Analysis for further discussion Round table – Session II Vedran Antoljak, Managing Director Zagreb, June 12, 2009. www.senseconsulting.eu1
  2. 2. Consulting services are transforming from traditional general consulting into targeted and customized services Transformation of the consulting needs Industry Era Knowledge Economy NEW PRODUCTS SUPPLIERS -Key experts - Employment decreasing MARKET - Low margins COMPETENCIES CLIENTS - Sophisticated - Selective CLIENT INNOVATION SUBSTITUTES -”free” services Source: Porter five-forces and Sense Consulting analysis NETWORKS www.senseconsulting.eu2
  3. 3. In order to grow, consulting companies have to achieve and sustain five major priorities Priorities for consulting companies 1. Competencies 2. Market position 3. Profit growth 4. Reputation 5. Operational flexibility and agility www.senseconsulting.eu3
  4. 4. Regional consulting businesses may tap different markets depending on their resources and competencies Geographical markets in consultants’ perspectives GLOBAL (INTERNATIONAL) REGIONAL (SOUTHEAST EUROPE) MARKET LOCAL (COUNTRY) 4
  5. 5. Nature of global demand for consulting is changing GLOBAL Key drivers of international demand Shifting client trends Maturity of consulting services Macroeconomy Source: Kennedy consulting research and advisory www.senseconsulting.eu5
  6. 6. Strong analytical services is the new area with high potential in strategic management consulting GLOBAL Analytics-centric offerenings Simulation General business insights Source: Kennedy consulting research and advisory Optimization Prediction / estimation www.senseconsulting.eu6
  7. 7. EU accession process and pre-accession funds will be the key driver of consulting demand in SEE in the next 2-4 years Key drivers of regional consulting demand REGIONAL EU accession and funds Government reforms Public and private sector Public sector SouthEast Europe Private sector Private sector ChangeTransformationTurnaroundRestructuring-M&A Information & Communication Technology and Innovation www.senseconsulting.eu7
  8. 8. The region is showing a steady growth of consulting business and creation of regional consulting partnerships Some developments observed in the SEE region REGIONAL • Inter-regional consulting exchange ̶ Knowledge and skills transfer ̶ Market expansion, M&A • Consolidation of the consulting market ̶ Cross-border alliances and partnerships ̶ Evolving regional consulting companies/alliances • Bigger and fewer projects ̶ Replication of projects (EU) www.senseconsulting.eu8
  9. 9. Public sector consulting would increase while private sector would require higher value-added consulting services COUNTRY Estimated consulting needs in SEE countries Private sector Public sector • Investment support • Energy efficiency • Innovation and Intellectual • Performance Capital management • SME support • Citizen-focused services • “Green” consulting • Lean operations • Restructuring and Change • Information systems • Tendering services • Health services • Cost optimization • Talent management www.senseconsulting.eu9
  10. 10. The changes in demand and trend of cross-border alliances indicates evolvement of strong regional consulting firms Possible scenario for tomorow’s consulting market profiling COUNTRY • INTERNATIONAL STRATEGY CONSULTANTS ̶ Entering mid-market CONSULTING MARKET TODAY • REGIONAL CONSULTING FIRMS ̶ Resources / Sophistication ̶ Alliances • “NICHE” CONSULTANTS ̶ Specific industry (e.g. FMCG) • INDIVIDUAL CONSULTANTS ̶ Senior experts 15+ ̶ International / regional expertise • “TRAINING” CONSULTANTS www.senseconsulting.eu10
  11. 11. Let’s discuss… What strategies and tools could be considered for successful consulting business? 11
  12. 12. Contact Vedran Antoljak Managing Director Information and contact: E-mail: 12