Dce Marketing Powerpoint Presentation


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Presentation of Dce Marketing's CPR Plus with actual students in class.

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Dce Marketing Powerpoint Presentation

  1. 1. DCE MARKETING CPR PLUS “ Teaching You To Save Lives”
  2. 2. CPR PLUS “ Teaching You To Save Lives” DCE Marketing is a small business with sole proprietorship. DCE Marketing has innovative and exciting ideas on educating the public to recognize the symptoms of cardiac arrest, stroke, and choking. Fun and a relaxing atmosphere is encouraged while learning. DCE Marketing recognizes the need for more education as according to the American Heart Association statistics, there are approximately 5 million heart failure patients in the U.S. with 550,000 new cases diagnosed each year. There are 700,000 stroke patients, which makes it the third leading cause of death with it being more common in African Americans. The American Heart Association also states that there are 80,000 drowning deaths per year. With 1500 being children, making it second to motor vehicle collisions and the most common cause of injury in children one month to fourteen years. This is why DCE Marketing has the drive to educate as many people as possible in the art of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).
  3. 3. cpr plus “ Teaching You To Save Lives” DCE Marketing is owned by Antoinette Brisco. Antoinette has been a nurse since 1991, graduating from Houston Community College through the Army Reserves. She specializes in pediatric nursing with experience in medical surgery nursing, respiratory care, immunizations and general nursing practices. Antoinette began teaching CPR for the Army Reserves in 1986 while serving as medical instructor for active duty personnel at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas and for reservist. She continued teaching until 1996. In 2000, Antoinette began teaching CPR for the City of Houston Health Department employees after being hired as an immunization nurse. DCE Marketing was created due to Antoinette’s passion for family and teaching others. The name DCE was inspired by her daughters Dionne, Cicely and Erin. Antoinette never gets tired of encouraging and helping others.
  4. 4. CPR Plus “ Teaching You To Save Lives” First aid basics is another important aspect of CPR. This includes allergic reactions, choking, breathing problems, seizures, recognizing the signs and symptoms of shock, burns and electrocution, and bites and stings. Teaching first aid is a separate entity of CPR most of the time, depending on the class need. However, it is sometimes necessary to render first aid without needing to perform CPR at all. DCE Marking’s CPR Plus gives instruction in first aid upon request. Materials for both CPR and First Aid are included in every class. This includes books, AED use, bag mask and pocket mask. Mannequins for adult, child and infant are supplied. Hands on instruction is a great part of the class and DCE Marketing believes that this is a vital part in retaining information.
  5. 5. cpr plus “ Teaching You To Save Lives” Knowing the art of CPR can build confidence in anyone. . The knowledge that you can save someone else’s life is an exhilarating feeling. Memorizing the steps of CPR is not difficult because it is learned through a series of repetitions via a video and the instructor. Any age group is capable of applying the technique with no formal training in healthcare needed. CPR is essential in any setting regardless of your background, education or specialization. Keeping the heart pumping oxygen (blood) to vital organs while waiting for emergency personnel to arrive, can be daunting if you are not sure what to do. This is why education in the art of CPR is vital and important.
  6. 6. CPR Plus “ Teaching You To Save Lives”
  7. 7. CPR Plus “ Teaching You To Save Lives”
  8. 8. CPR Plus “ Teaching You To Save Lives”
  9. 9. CPR Plus “ Teaching You To Save Lives”
  10. 10. CPR Plus “ Teaching You To Save Lives”
  11. 11. CPR Plus “ Teaching You To Save Lives”
  12. 12. CPR plus “ Teaching You To Save Lives”