Social Media & Internet Marketing for Contractors


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A brief overview of the basics of local listings and social media usage for contractors. Includes 11 free sites to list your business with and inexpensive ways to create a professional appearance on the internet.

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Social Media & Internet Marketing for Contractors

  1. 1. Internet Marketing A brief overview of the basics of local listings and social media usage for contractors.
  2. 2. How do people choose contractors? EHOW recommends 10 items to finding a good roofer:  Look up a list of local roofing companies using the Internet  Ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations  Put together a list of up to 4 potential roofing companies based on the research you have done.  Check local or national construction associations, such as the National Roofing Contractors Association.  Ask for written copies of their proposals and quotes for the roofing work that you need completed.  Request client references Source:
  3. 3. How do people choose contractors?NRCA : 13 points for selecting a “Commercial Roofing Contractor”  References  A permanent place of business  Affiliated with an industry organization  Insist on a written proposal  Warranties  Completed projects Source: “Guidelines for selecting a commercial (low-slope) roofing contractor”
  4. 4. Can you be found?• Do you have a website?• Are you listed in search engines?• How will people find you if no one tells them?
  5. 5. A Local Listing Example
  6. 6. What does it cost? $20 a year & One weekend(if you have no idea how to use the internet, otherwise 1 day)
  7. 7. What does it cost?Lowest: $6.99 a yearHighest: $1,500 a yearAverage: $100 - $200 a yearWithout any professional website design.Professional design $2,000 – $10,000
  8. 8. What do you get?• Branded E-Mail address• Website• Local search listings• Increased credibility• Increased visibility
  9. 9. Source:
  10. 10. Where do you get leads? Contractors # 1 response …
  11. 11. “Word of Mouth” And in 2010 ….WOM + Internet = Social Media
  12. 12. Social Media• Pros: – Free – Helps in SEO – Opportunity for people to talk and share• Cons – No guarantees – Difficult to track – Opportunity for people to talk and share
  13. 13. Source:
  14. 14. Facebook• It’s Free• It’s Easy• You can share: – Photos – Projects – References• You can give people an easy way to provide WOM
  15. 15. Other Options• Twitter• YouTube• Many other sites Click here for a list of over 100 hundred social sites: Social Media Links* If you do not have content to share or havesomeone dedicated to interacting these probablywon’t help you.
  16. 16. Other Options cont.• You can use a program to automatically update LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, when you update only one of them. If This Then That : You link the accounts and it will do the rest automatically.
  17. 17. Where do you want to be? LOCAL!
  19. 19. To add a local listingfollow the links below:1) Google Places2) Bing Local3) Yahoo Local (see bottom of page)4) Insider Pages5) Yelp6) Angies List7) Super Pages8) City Search9) Facebook Pages10) Google +11) Linked In
  20. 20. Domain Names• Network Solutions• Go Daddy• 1 and 1Cost: $6.99 - $12.99 a year
  21. 21. Thank YouCreated by Antoine (Tony) LoupSee: more information.