Astec Exterior Wall Projects

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Projects that have utilized the Astec Systems on exterior wall surfaces.

Projects that have utilized the Astec Systems on exterior wall surfaces.

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  • 1. SECTION III Sidewalls Insulating Coatings Corporation 956 South Highway 41 Inverness, Florida 34450 (800) 345-5306
  • 2. Client: Budgetel Motel Brunswick, GA Savannah, GA Orlando, FL Ocala, FL Tampa, FL Miami, FL Jacksonville, FL Project: T-III Wood Siding ASTEC 6000BF Budgetel Brown Project completed: 1993 Client: Condominium Group Jacksonville, FL Dealer: Ospan, Inc. Project: Stucco Exterior Walls ASTEC WPM #8 Waterproof ASTEC #100 Ceramic Coating Dealer: Ospan, Inc. Project: Multi-story Exterior Sidewalls Oceanfront: Jacksonville, FL Page ill-I
  • 3. Client: Project: Cort Furniture / Tampa, FL Smooth Stucco Exterior Sidewalls The sidewalls were very chalky and required the use of ASTEC #4200 Surface Conditioner. Spider cracks were routed out and filled in with ASTEC Crack Patch, then skimmed over with ASTEC WPM #9. The protective finish coat used was ASTEC #900 Ceramic Acrylic Coating in a medium beige color. The company sign pole had to be mechanically wire brushed to remove all scaling rust, then primed with ASTEC B-16-71 Metal Primer and finish coated with ASTEC #900 in a dark grey color. Project completed: January 1996 Page ill-2
  • 4. Client: Dittler Brothers Printing Co. Oakwood, GA Lottery & Game Printers Dealer: Thermal Control Coatings, Inc. Project: 12,932 sq. ft. Tilt Up Concrete Exterior Sidewalls A 15 degree reduction in inside temperature was realized after applying ASTEC #900 Ceramic Coating. Heat gain in the afternoons was negatively impacting efficiency in the equipment operation as well as employee comfort levels. After the application of ASTEC, the plant needed less energy in order to maintain comfortable air ,.' conditioning settings. Project completed: May 1996 Page 1lI-3
  • 5. Client: Red Cross Life Guard Station Jacksonville Beach, FL Dealer: Ospan, Inc. Project: Exterior Stucco Sidewalls coated with ASTEC #100 Ceramic Finish Coat Oceanfront Location / Salt and Sand Abrasion / High UV , Project completed: 1987 Page IIl-4
  • 6. Client: Valley National Bank Phoenix, AZ Project: Smooth Stucco Sidewalls ASTEC #100 Ceramic Coating St. Augustine, FL Before After Page ill-5
  • 7. Client: Dealer: General Services Offices Isothenn, Inc. Quebec, Canada Project: 80,000 sq. ft. Exterior Sidewalls 14 Story Pre-cast Concrete ASTEC #100 Ceramic Coating Page ill-6
  • 8. Client: Dealer: Commodore Condominiums Duratek, Inc. Honolulu, HI Dynamics, Inc. Project completed: 1995 Page I11-7
  • 9. Dealer: Project WeatherShield Coatings, Inc. ASTEC Texture Sidewalls Orlando, FL ASTEC 5000HB TEX coarse grade 4 to I grey Page ID-8
  • 10. Client: Regency Towers Myrtle Beach, SC Project: Stucco Exterior Sidewalls Oceanfront I salt and sand abrasion Water migration I mold and mildew ASTEC WPM #8 waterproof membrane was applied at the rate of two coats ASTEC # I00 Ceramic finish coat was applied at the rate of two coats This building has held watertight for over ten years, including weathering Hurricane "'Hugo" • , _. I ... . • i• • • • • Page I1I-9
  • 11. Client: Dealer: Sub Zero Freezer Corporation rCB Corporation Phoenix, AZ Project completed: 1995 )'),000 Sq' ASTEC CERJ."f!C C(>..TING :1900 EXTERIOR CE~fE~T UALLS~ Page ill-l0
  • 12. FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN OF CITRUS COUNTY SIDEWALLS Coated 1988. Photo 1991. ASTEC# 100 Smooth stucco finish CORPORATE CENTER SIDEWALLS Atlanta, GA Metal mansart caps and smooth stucco finish ASTEC #100 Page ill-II
  • 13. ST. AUGUSTINE HISTORICAL SOCIETY ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA Dealer: OSPAN, INC. Sot ll~--.tlnl"· JI'''.h1rlC'•• ! ~lII:h R>.~""'dl"ch l.illr.ln CEMENT BLOCK SIDEWALLS WPM #9 waterproof, ASTEC # I00 topcoat Page ill-12
  • 15. Client: Kimberly-Clark Corporation Dealer: Protective Coatings of Texas, Inc. San Antonio, TX Project: 59,000 sq ft Tilt Up Concrete Sidewalls and Tanks Project completed: February 1997 This project required enormous preparation: asbestos abatement, crack repairs, and expansion joint replacement of all compounds. Two coats of ASTEC WPM #9 waterproof membrane and two coats of ASTEC #900 ceramic acrylic finish coat were applied to the exterior sidewalls. ASTEC 5000HB TEX coarse grade was applied on the lower walls of the loading docks. ASTEC 8-16-71 metal primer was used to prime all exposed structural steel and flashings. Page ill-14
  • 16. Client: Saia Truck Terminal Miami, FL Dealer: Ahrens Companies Project: Exterior sidewalls Office Building ASTEC WPM #9 waterproof coating ASTEC # I00 ceramic coating Page ill-IS
  • 17. Fratex continued Warehouse terminal ASTEC WPM #9 waterproof membrane ASTEC #900 ceramic acrylic finish coat Page ill-16