Astec Exterior Coatings


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Astec Brochure showing the benefits and different applications of the Astec Ceramic Coatings.

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Astec Exterior Coatings

  1. 1. Tough yet attractive One coating that does it all! Most paints are merely colored wall coverings, with llm1ted protective qualities. Astec exterior coatings are much more. By incorporat- ing ceramic insulating particles, Astec provides a durable thermal barrier equal to several inches of other types of insulation. These ceramic particles, combined with a sophisticated blend of plastics, terpolymers, weatherproofers, anti-shrinkage materials, and other agents, make Astec coatings highly resistant to sun, water and pollution. It resists cracking, peeling or blistering, providing a tough protective exterior that stays beautiful year alter year. The paint that insulates As an exterior or interior wall coat- ing, Astec offers amazing insulating qualities... helping to cut heating costs in winter, cooling costs in summer. Weatherproof, waterproof, corro- sion proof - proof positive. Unlike ordinary paints, Astec exterior coat- ings take a beating. They're highly resistant to harsh weather, ultraviolet rays, atmospheric pollution, corro- sion and condensation. Test results and actual applications have proven Astec is virtually unaffected by wind- driven rain, chemical pollutants, hot and cold cycles, sand abrasion, and fungus, to name a few. These coatings are highly elastic, and bond to virtually any material - metal, wood, cement, brick, blocks, asphalt, and other difficult surfaces. They're water-based, can be applied with a brush, roller or spray, and dry to a rich, beautifulllnen, matte finish. NOle: Specllic appUcatlon inslructlons avatlable [rom manufacturer.
  2. 2. Don't just take our word for it "Last August we protected our historical research library building with Astec waterproofing and found that we are no longer experiencing high humidity or salt buildup... Our coliection is irreplaceable and we did quite a thorough search before deciding on the Astec system ... We are entirely pleased with the results. " - Page Edwards, Jr., Director S/. Augustine Historical Society "... The cooling is easily applied, can be tinted to any color desired and is suitable for any type of building material... The cooling is unquestionably an effective and cost~tficient way to insulate build· ings and slili maintain an attractive appearance... " - James N. Amend, Cap/. United States Air Force, Readiness and Support Directorate of Civil Engineering Astec Ceramic Coatings provide more benefits and help solve more prolr lerns than anlJ other single coating. Consider its quality, durabilitlJ and energy-saving properties ...Then add a lO·lJear limited warranty, and 1J0u have a coating that's hard to beat. Discover the Astec advantage. Call 800·223·8494 fOr the Astec speciallst nearest you.
  3. 3. It pays to use Astec Astec test results 1llsted by laboratory aa:redlted by the U.S. Department ot Commerce' Exterior Heat Gain Study - "saved about 40 percent or the air-conditioning cost (or the solar radiation loading or the test modules under study." Intcrior Room Wintertime Heat Loss 5t udy - "The t2 percent to 15 percent reduction In heat loss !rom the warm surface over a plancklan surlace is or significance." 'This was a specIal test lor ICC ceramIc coatings 1llsted by Chrlstlan 'Jesting Labs The Astec ceramic roor significantly outperrormed R·20, (our Inches or loam insulation In heat gain tests. 1llsted by U.S. Department 01 the Air Force Reduced Interior butldlng temperature by 17 degrees- "The coating is unquestionably an eUeclive and cost- effective way 10 Insulate butldlngs and slllI maintain an attractive appearance." 1llsted by TRW Engineering & 1es1 Division "... your paint appears to have very good thermal properties as applicable to spacecraft usage. In the ceramic particles In Astec coot· discussion, they are shown to be very compatible with ings create a thermal barrier. These present spacecraft paints." 'lesl resulls show ceramic Insulating white paint absorbs up to 50 percent less partides refract, dissipate and solar heat than standard white paints. reflect heat. A thin cooting of these partides protect a human hand from a blow torch flame held only an Inch or two away. lest properties and approvals ICC Ceramk Coatings and Systems Here are some of the other organizations who have discovered the advantages of Astec: American Red Cross Chrysler eoca-eola Dartmouth College Digital Equipment - lest Results 1"4JOCt .....t...,. COfrOSKlf1 re5l5tJnce Tape cross·hat'" meIhod. '1lO'4 01 coatilg . - In plato Withstood 160 inctI pcIIIlds. 6DD ...... SII110g No rust(10) Illister"'ll ........... No blisttn (10) ASTII-D-3359 ASTII'D-2194 ASTII-Il-117 ASTII-D-714 Exxon Florida Power and Light a..i:oI mist1I1CI 24"""_1010_ ASTII·D-13D1l little to no ,U"et Ford Motor Company mM CoIdIhot cydilg 10 coldJhot cydes. No aackong or ottw +I2'C""HO'C cloIol"ious eflocts. Iowa Beef Packers j. R. Slmplot Cold dleckilg 10 cold dleck cydes. No aedcilg or ASTII-D-1211 NASA ottw _"ious _IS. Omaha Steel HoII resisl...,. Passes - no frlCnnS of Sl.l'ta. reb 51_ball Pac·lel Regency Towers Condo Stauffer Chemical Wond-«_ .... No ......... _ _ lit" 24 ...... _11_ chpped-lllIy I!lru 2'A' dia I1A>e Sue Bee Honey mist1I1CI TT-C'555l! - U.S. Air Force FulgaI ........... No hongaI growtIIoo ~ (101 ASTII·D-3273-73T , U.S. Army (10 _'IS system) bes1oo. -10 rllong TropocaI_ And many more! Abfasion fISlStanee Withstood 450 h.... 0I11I1"'lI_ ASTII·D·!l68 aIIr....., No _ ttwou;1 You'Il find Astec used on everything -- from beach condos, oftice buIldings, MoistLl1 VipOf A...... moistllll _ trnmisslon ASTII-D-I6S3 Industrial plants, mJlltary facJl1ties permeaiJlity lMl without aedcilg. and university buIldings, to large 2 lMl g...... per 100 sq II per 24 In ASTII-E-96 chemical, fuei and water tanks, and per_ny much more. (-..gailliity) Ponding Alter two _ . no"" hod US Testilg LaIl _riled ttwou;1 the coat"'ll system. procecUe For more information, contact: ICC Insulating Coatings Corporation Mfr. or The Paint That Insulates Northern U.S.: 1·800·223·8494 Fn rescstJnce f .. retOf1lRy FIome 'lI'Ud 11 Fuel contributilg !octor 0 CoIIilg did not _ t _'ion. ASTII-D·3I06 ASTII·D-136D Southern U.S.: 1·800·345·5306