How did DU-AL
Company solve
asevere metal
roof leaking
ASTEC                                       ...
Rainier Cold Storage
not only improved
their looks, but
also reduced
energy and
maintenance costs.. ~
Auvil Fruit
Company Solves
ASTEC                                             Ceramic Insulat...
Rust, Leaks,
EI Nino tests new roof
       e Anaheim (Calif.) Convention Cen-
     ter had a severe leaking probl...
Reprinted from Metal Architecture magazine, August 1992

          Roof Recoating System Saves Big Dollars
         For In...
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Astec Case Studies


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Case Studies of the Astec Roofing Systems

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Astec Case Studies

  1. 1. How did DU-AL Manufacturing Company solve asevere metal roof leaking problem? ASTEC Ceramic Insulating Coating "We've had an extreme leaking problem on the 60,OOO-square-foot metal roof of our main plant," said Edward M. Jankowski, manufacturing engineer for DU-AL Manufacturing Company, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, a leading manufacturer of front-end loaders for farm and commercial tractors, trenchers, backhoes and manure spreaders for the agricultural industry. "The problem resulted from constant expansion and contraction of the roof's steel sheets in summer and winter. Bolts holding the sheets together would elongate, causing leaks. In fact, we had leaks all over the place:' Mr. Jankowski said. "We tried numerous coatings...nothing really worked. Most would work for a while, but then back to the same old problem. Then, we heard about ASTEC. I investigated the product quite thoroughly, including contacting a dealer in Denver and several people there using the coating. Everyone seemed more than satisfied, so we decided to give it a try," he added. o other roof system like it "We've been very impressed with the results," Mr. Jankowski said. "ASTEC solved ot only does A TEe wnterproof our leaking problem, and the leaks don't return. One of the reasons is that ceramic nnd insulnte, it nlso prevents insulating particles in the coating keep the roof surface at the same relative corrosion; protects ngninst UV, temperature, thus virtually eliminating any expansion and contraction or thermal shock that causes leaks. This has greatly lowered our yearly maintenance of the cltell/icnl, wentlter nnd wind roof, and the insulation value actually helps save energy... temperatures inside the dnll/nge - nil for ns little ns building are cooler in summer. We would not hesitate to recommend ASTEC to Itnlf tlte cost of otlter systell/s anyone who asks." offering sill/ilnr benefits. According to Tom Foster, co-owner of Energywave Systems, Inc., the local contractor who applied the ASTEC coating for DU-AL, "The quality of this product Find out for yourself. is incredible. It's a great waterproofing system, extremely durable, and easy to For FREE literature, including work with. And its ability to insulate ... I call that the cherry on top of the cake." test results, call today! 1-800-223-8494 The Total Solution Edward M. Jankowski ICC The Paint That Insulates 103 Main St., Binghamton, NY 13905
  2. 2. Rainier Cold Storage not only improved their looks, but also reduced energy and maintenance costs.. ~ withASTEC "Thanks to ASTEC, we have a very nice looking facility, our energy costs are lower, and we're saving maintenance costs on our equipment," said Micheal Roberts, vice president of Rainier Cold Storage and Ice, a 92,OOO-square-foot cold storage and processing facility in Seattle, Washington, which holds some 28 million pounds of frozen seafood. "I was skeptical at first that this product could do everything that the manufacturer claimed ... especially the insulation aspect," Mr. Roberts said. "But we needed to have our facility painted anyway, so we decided to try it." ASTEC features ceramic insulating particles which have outperformed up to four inches of R-20 insulation in certified tests. "We're very happy with our decision. The coating works as advertised. Our engineering department reported that the plant is consuming less energy, and One coating that does it all! our cooling equipment doesn't have to work as hard to maintain the tempera- ASTECww~probkmsonw~~ ture. In fact, ASTEC has cut our refrigeration costs 10 to 15 percent," he added. ceilings, metal and other roofs, pipes, "Plus our maintenance costs are lower because the equipment runs less and rruu:hinery, ducts, boilers, ovens, etc doesn't have to work as hard." Tough, durabk ASTEC In addition to the insulation and maintenance benefits, ASTEC has improved • Waterproofs - stops leaks the looks of the 7-story building. "I get compliments from people I don't even • Neutralizes rost - prevents corrosion know who have noticed we've painted the building," Mr. Roberts reported. "ASTEC also solved a condensation problem we had on our back dock." • Protects - resists uv. chemical, weather, and wind damage According to Harley Simonson, co-owner of Lundeen and Simonson, the • Prevents thermal shock - minimizes contractor who applied the ASTEC coating for Rainier, "We've been in the coat- roofmovement ings industry since 1965 ... ASTEC simply outperforms any kind of coating that • - cuts energy costs we've been involved with." All for as /iltk as halfthe cost of other systems offering similar benejiJs. , Find out for yourself. For free iiterature, including test results, caU todlly! 1-800-345-5306 ----~----- 1_IIUng ColUnga CorJInUon ICC The Paint That Insulates 954 s.dI H..., 41. In. . . . FL 32650
  3. 3. Auvil Fruit Company Solves Refrigeration Problem... with ASTEC Ceramic Insulating Coating When Auvil Fruit of Orondo, Washington decided probes through the roughly three to four inches to store cherries in their building #3, they had of spray foam urethane, right up to the metal on a problem. Their refrigeration system wasn't the inside of the roof. On hot sunny days with keeping the temperature cool enough. outside temperatures approaching 100 degrees, I could show up to 40 degrees difference According to Walt Hough, warehouse production manager, "Our building #3 is all iron with a between the ASTEC test area and unprotected galvanized metal roof. The building was originally areas," Hough said. "After seeing these results, designed to store apples in the late fall or early we decided to go ahead." winter, not cherries in the middle of the hot Working through contractor, Crown Coating summer. So the refrigeration system was quite Co., Oroville, Washington, Auvil coated the inadequate. We had four compressors running approximately 7500 square-foot metal roof constantly and we weren't able to keep the surface of building #3. "We had about 100 facility cooL" horsepower of refrigeration in the building," o otller roof system like it... "One solution was to add more refrigeration Hough reported. "That's divided by four compressors with approximately 25 horsepower III additioll to its i/1Slllatioll qllalities, equipment. However, that would be very A TEC offers a variety ofother expensive," Hough said. "Then I came across each. And this wasn't enough. When we vaillable bellefits: information on aceramic insulating roof coating finished coating the roof, we could keep the temperature around 35 degrees... even in the • Stops leaks - Pn'l'ellts thermal shock manufactured by Insulating Coatings Corporation. • elltralize rust - Fi I1ts corrosioll It looked good." hot part of June and July with less than 75 • Protects - Resists Uv, chemical, horsepower. We now need only three of the ASTEC is a fluid-applied coating with ceramic weather alld whld damage compressors running only part of the time." insulating particles which have the ability to • Lasts - Offers olltstalldillg elasticity reflect, refract and dissipate heat. It has Hough said, "Our main goal was to reduce heat alld e1ollgatioll properties to prevellt outperformed up to four inches of R-20 insulation transfer. From this standpoint, ASTEC is a real crackillg, peelillg or bli terillg in certified heat-gain tests. success story. It did everything the contractor PillS ASTEC is /1011 toxic; easy to apply and ICC said it would do. To me, it is avery good with brush, roller or sprayer; alld bOllds "I'm probably as skeptical as anybody you'll to difficilit sllrfaces... All at savillgs as roof coating. Not to mention it looks great, find," Hough commented. "So we decided to do milch as 50% vs. competitive soilltiolls. with a nice clean, white appearance. I wouldn't some tests of our own. We put down a four- to hesitate to use or recommend this product again." olllld illterestillg? five- foot square patch on the roof of our building to conduct some' temperature tests. I did a In business for about 60 years, Auvil Fruit For free liternt//re, illel//dillg test number of tests... one on the surface temperatures Company runs a 700-acre orchard that supplies res//lts alld additiollal s//ccess outside and also one through our insulation stories 011 other prod//ct //ses alld top quality produce. They grow, pack and bellefits, call today. with temperature probes from the inside. The ship Granny Smith, Gala and Fuji apples and tests were particularly telling. We placed the Rainier cherries. 1-800-223-8494 ICC The Total Solution The Paint That Insulates 103 MalA St., Blng"-", If 13905
  4. 4. Rust, Leaks, Ceramic or ASTEC® Insulating Coatings ASTEC® solves corrosion and leaking problems while reducing interior building temperatures... • Inhibit rust-Prevent. moisture and chemical corro ion. • Prevent roof movement-Eliminate thennal shock (expan ion and contraction of metal heets) by keeping r of urface at the same relative temperature. • Protects-Resists V. chemi al. weather, water and wind damage. • In ulate -Outperforms four inches of fiberglass insulation in • heat gain lest . Last ut. tanding elongation and elasticity propertie prevent cracking, peeling, or blistering. Provides durable. long-lasting fini h. ICC In ulating Coating Corporation • pplie ea il -Applie with bru h. roller or sprayer and 103 Main Street, Binghamton, Y 13905 bonds to difficult urface. 1-800-223-8494 • Proven effective-Covering millions of quare feet in a wide variety of application.. To find out more, call your local authorized dealer. In addition to roofs, use ASTEC~ on interior/exterior walls, ceilings tanks, pipes, duct, boilers, machinery and more. Best of all, ASTEC® costs Ie s than other coatings offering similar benefits!
  5. 5. FOCUS ON FACILITIES EI Nino tests new roof ~ e Anaheim (Calif.) Convention Cen- ter had a severe leaking problem on it 80,000 sq-ft corrugated roof. "Over the years, thermal hock or heating and cooling of the roof's surface caused screw' to pull up, and cracks formed between the seams." says Jim Eddy, stores supervisor in charge of purchasing and contracts for the con ention center. "Some screw holes were rusted, and rUSl had formed on other area of the roof. Leaks posed big problems all the way down to the convention floor," he add. Management chose Astec (Binghamton, .Y.) ceramic insulating coating to repair the roof. Astec is a durable, fluid-applied re- roofing system that stops leaks and prevents moisture, absorption. and corrosion. The A new roofing system on a convention center survived the roofing material als resi ·ts damaging ultra- EI Nino fury with no damage. violet rays, while protecting against atmos- pheric chemical deterioration. Ceramic insulating particle undercoat was sprayed over the entire roof, and a topcoat give the coating the ability to reflect. refract. and dissipate was added. heal. Thi. eliminates thermal shock, which causes many Shortly after the roofing material was applied. El 1110 roof leaking problems. brought some of the heaviest rains that that part of the Later, the entire roof was power washed to remove loose country had seen in many years. Surprisingly. 'there were particles. Then, to make sure everything wa tight and se- no roof problem. "Thi product is flexible, which is im- cure. fasteners were tightened and new fasteners added portant. yet it dries to a durable surface that won"t tear or along with waterproof tape over all seams and larger" epa- crack," says Eddy. "We haven't had any problems since. rations in the metal. A waterproofing membrane was ap- We even found that the insulating propertie of thi . plied over all tape and fasteners, and a coat of the roofing product have favorably affected the heating and cooling material was applied over the waterproof membrane. An costs of our facility. ' Reprinted from Engineer's Digest Magazine, March 1999 ,
  6. 6. Reprinted from Metal Architecture magazine, August 1992 Roof Recoating System Saves Big Dollars For Indiana Building Management Company Success storie cOl1linue to surface regard- ing the application of recoating sy tems over old. leaking metal roofs. One of the latest in- volves Maintenance Management Co. Inc .. a Fort Wayne, IN-based business that maintains and operate a number of commercial and in- dustrial buildings. In an effort to solve the severe leaking and rusting problems plaguing a number of it older buildings, the company okayed the application of a eramic insulating coating system on a 100,000 sq. ft. roof area. 0 succes ful was the product in stopping pOlentially damaging leak- ing, the company recently okayed its use on another 75 000 sq. fl. metal roof. Greg Petras is the managing partner of Main- tenance Management. Petras point out that ASTEC·, a fluid-applied ceramic coating system manufactured by Insulating Coatings finding a way to fix the roof wa a major con- Corp., Inverne ,FL. was specified to re-cO'er the roof of a 98,000 sq. ft. warehouse cern of his company because million of dol- building in Ft. Wayne, I . The building's management company wa 0 plea ed with the lars' worth of glass product, including finished result, it has since specified the system to re-coat another of it buildings. picture tube, were being stored inside. "We had some horizol1lal seam leaks as well "Rust i the bi-product of the roof insulating coating are working out fine. as venical eam leaks," Petra explained. "We movement."It generally occurs when the "We've had everal heavy rains and wind were looking for a recoating system that would galvanization wears off metal surface ., tonns, and haven't had any problem . seal all the leak and, of cour e, eliminate the Shaffer aid. "A metal heats and cools. "The trength of the IC product is very ru ting problems. We looked at several roofing the re ulting expansion atld contraction imple," haffer aid. ,·It prevel1ls heat from products and accepted bids from five manufac- cau e sheet to sl ip and fa teners to getting 10 the urface of the roof. And by turers. Of the bun h, there were only two that 100 en, rubbing and elongating holes. prevel1ling heat from reaching the surface. looked like they could solve our problems:' Thi rubbing and slipping wears off the you don't have all the expansion and con- From the pair. Petras' company sell led on galvanization and allow ru t to form traction thai lead to roofing problems. This ASTEC·. a fluid-applied ceramic in ulating around fasteners and along trips be- heat barrier wa demonstrated on another job coating sy tem manufactured by Insulating tween sheets." he added. "And ru. t works we did. We coated one building with Coating' Corporation, Inverness. FL. n influ- like a cancer: it just keeps spreading out. ASTEC·, while an adjoining building had a encing factor in choosing the system was its "That wa the ca e with thi ware- rubber mal. The rubber got hot enough to low-priced preparation cos 1. Also considered hou e;' Shaffer aid. "The roof of the blister skin on contact. At the same lime, the imponal1l was the product's in ulating propeny three buildings in the complex had a tre- ICC roof wa hardly wann. In fact, there was and its ability to limit thermal shock. Petras mendou. amount of ru 1. ot only did it a 90° difference between roofs." speculated that the expan ion and contraction contribute to the leaking problem. bUI In addition to metal roofs. ASTEC· can of the original metal roof panels probably since the roofs were visible from the in- be u ed on interior and exterior walls. ceil- caused the origiml roof' failure. ter tate, they were al 0 a bit of an eye- ings, other sloped roofs. duct , pipes and According to Mel Shaffer of Spa eage Coat- ore:' boilers. It applies with a bru h, roller or ing, applicator of the A TEC· product. ther- haffer's firm recoated the first build- sprayer and bond to difficult surface in- mal shock i usufllly the culprit when melal ing in early Spring. The application teps cluding galvanized metal, glas '. wood. roofs ru t and/or leak. Themlal shock is expan- included power washing and rust re- blocks. cemenl. asphalt and others. sion and contraclion of metal fixture. sheet moval. Atier those steps were atisfac- A vinyl terpolymer elastomeric fluid and fasteners as the metal roof heat and cool . torily completed, an STEC· primer filled with ceramic panicle, ASTEC· ha This constant roof movement stresse joil1ls, coat was appl ied, followed by the tinal outperformed R-20 in ulation in exce sive weaken eams and make. the roof more su - top coal. Spaceage Coating i now in the heat-gain te t . Along with providing an ef- ceptible to rusl. A contributor to thermal shock, proce of recoating a econd building fective heat baITier, the product i fonnulated says Shaffer. i metal building insulation that for MaiJ1lenance Management-a to prevent corrosion and re i t UV. chemi- cau es heat to build-up. With no place to go. 75.800 q. ft. job." cal, weather and wind damage. heat i retained in the urface. making the roof Petra reported that the ICC ceramic temperature even higher.