SEO#1 - How to set SEO goals?


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Quick and easy guide to help you setting the right GOALS for your SEO strategy.
Avoid the common mistakes and use your brain: there is much more behind the keywords!
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SEO#1 - How to set SEO goals?

  1. 1. #1 How to set SEO goals What do you want to achieve by investing (time and/or money) on SEO?
  2. 2. Common Mistakes • I want my website be ranked on the first page of Google! • I want more traffic to my website! SEO goals must be aligned to the Online Goals (in line with Business Goals). You cannot have everything (that’s the hard rule of life), list your priorities! The more specific you are the more focused and successful all your campaigns will be (and I am not talking just about SEO)
  3. 3. SEO Goals I want my SEO strategy helping me increasing awareness of my company/brand #1 BRAND AWARENESS Do you have clear which aspects of your brand you want to communicate?
  4. 4. SEO Goals I want my products/services be visible on Google when users search for keywords related to them #2 PRODUCT/SERVICE AWARENESS What are the products/services you need to increase awareness of? Don’t say all! Remember what I told you before: prioritizing is the secret!
  5. 5. SEO Goals I want my webpages, news stories, videos, images, social content being reached on Google. #3 AWARENESS/REACH OF CONTENT • What type/format of content do you want to promote? • What type of content drives more conversions? • Is this content visible and easily accessible on your website?
  6. 6. SEO Goals I need new customers and more leads and I want to reach them when they search on Google #4 INCREASING LEADS, SALES & NEW CUSTOMERS • Define different “Personas” you want to reach: what are their needs? • Do you have enough content (text, images, videos) to satisfy each persona’s needs? • Do you have targeted landing pages for each of them?
  7. 7. SEO Goals I want my webpages, news stories, videos, images, social content being shared on social networks #5 SOCIAL REACH OF CONTENT • Do you have sharing buttons and social bookmarking tools appropriately set? • Do you enable social voting (+1, like…)? • If you have a website with lot of images, have you enable Pinterest sharing?
  8. 8. Thank you! Do you have any questions? Just ask.. I ‘ll try to answer  Thank you, Antonella Foti