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Show poster for Exmouth Musical Theatre Company's 2011 Summer production of 'Hello Dolly', at Exmouth's Pavilion Theatre.

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Hello Dolly - Programme EMCo

  1. 1. Lucerne House Celebrating LifeAt Lucerne House you will find a true passion in our staff to deliverthe very best for our residents. Our home offers a high level of person-centred care to ensure our residents remain at the centre of all that we do. Services include: Nursing/Residential Care Expert Dementia Care Support for young people with a Physical Disability Respite/Short stay P ve/Convalescent Care Day Care For further information, please contact our General Manager on 01392 422905, or why not pop in for a chat over coffee or lunch. Lucerne House Care Centre, Chudleigh Road Alphington, Exeter EX2 8TU www.barchester.com
  2. 2. A warm welcome to all our friends, old and new, who are joining us at the Exmouth Pavilion for our centenary production, Hello, Dolly! which promises to Chairman be a great production full of the usual high standard of entertain- ment. First performed in 1991, with only full-houses, lets hope this is repeated in our centenary year - it is well deserved! The company have been put through thier paces with our three ladies; director Clare Philbrock and choreog-rapher Rachel Worsley who have worked with us many times before, and our musical director Adele Need-ham, in her first time MDing for EMCo. She has been a delight to work with, and we look forward to workingwith her in the future. Thank you ladies! The company is so lucky to arrive at one hundred years, with all the added pressure. The first perfor-mance of The Mikado cost £118-1s-2d, a far cry from the £20,000 plus today! The dedication and hard workof our members is what keeps this company thriving. Its due to so many team efforts over the years whohave worked hard on stage, in front and behind the scenes to have made this possible. So on behalf ofmyself and my committee members Thank you and Congratulations!In the past some of us have been fortunate to perform at The Albert Hall for Cancer Research. Andperformed two shows in our twin town, Langerwehe, Germany - which had never been done before. The longevity of the company owes much to the past members whose dedication and continuingsupport gives us the opportunity to embrace the tradition of live entertainment. Thank you for your supportand being part of our special centenary celebration.Have a wonderful evening and we look forward to welcoming you back in November for Jesus Christ Super-star. Heres to the next 100 years. CHEERS! Mine’s a gin and tonic! See you in the bar afterwards. Val xPlease can I ask you to take yourminds back to 1910 when all thoseyears ago a group of Exmouth townfolk must have met together for thefirst time and said ‘lets put on ashow.’ Now I wonder if they evergave a thought to what they were Presidentabout to create. Over the years therehave been many highs and lows andmany changes, but I am sure theywould be very proud to know that we are here tonight to celebrate 100 years of Musical Theatre in Exmouth. Three years ago, the Society changed its name to the Exmouth Musical Theatre Company, a change we believebetter reflects the aims of today’s group. I am a great believer in change because what audiences want today may notwork tomorrow. I am also a great believer in learning from the people who went before you and we certainly have agreat history of theatrical talent to guide us as we change to meet the needs of future audiences. We only have to lookback at the amazing box office success of The Full Monty to realise how audience tastes have changed over the years. I have only been associated with this Society for a mere 45 years and in that time I have seen many peoplecome and go as they have helped the Society along its exciting journey. Many I have really enjoyed working with, eventhrough the technical challenges, but whoever the director and whatever the show I have enjoyed every moment of it.I would personally like to thank everyone who has helped guide the Society over its years, from the committee mem-bers, to the props ladies (and men) to the programme sellers and to many more. The society would not have survived ifit was not for the help of that loyal band of workers who do not tread the boards. My thanks also go to you, theaudience, who have witnessed many top class performances. I am sure tonight will be one of those top class perfor-mances. I inherited the President’s role during a high and when I see the influx of new members in the past few years Iam sure it will continue on a high for many years to come. Now, I am not expecting to be the President in 100 years time but I sincerely hope that there will be a group ofpeople in Exmouth who will still be creating Musical Theatre for the enjoyment for the community. With your continuedsupport and the support of the generations to come that wish will be a reality.
  3. 3. Stretch your child’s imaginationin three directions at onceHere’s a way to spend weekends that’ll have 4-18 yearolds buzzing. Enrol them in your local Stagecoach SUMMER SCHOOLTheatre Arts school where they learn to act, sing anddance. The skills they learn aren’t just for the Stage. ENROLLING NOW!…..Skills for Life! Running for one weekThere’s no audition – all they need is enthusiasm. from the 26th JulyStagecoach Exmouth, Sidmouth & Honiton – ENROLLING NOWCall: 01823 33 31 76 Email: sidmouth@stagecoach.co.ukCONGRATULATIONS TOLORNA BRYANT“IT’S GOOD TO HAVE YOUBACK WHERE YOU BELONG”
  4. 4. Visitors To The Show Mr David Whitehead (EMCo President) and Mrs Caroline Whitehead Mrs Margaret Coltman (NODA President) and Marie Coltman Mrs Gerry Branton (NODA Vice President and SW councillor) and Mr Denis Branton Mrs Janet Elworthy (NODA Regional Rep) Mr Nick Lawrence (NODA Members Secretary and SW Editor) Mrs Jo Wilson-Hunt (NODA Regional Rep) Mrs Lynne Caygill (NODA Regional Rep and Youth Advisor) Cllr. Mr Graham Liverton (Chairman EDDC) and Mrs Anne Liverton Cllr. Mr Bernard Hughes and Mrs Ann Hughes Cllrs. Mrs Brenda and Mr John Taylor Cllr. Mrs Pat Graham and Mr K Graham Cllr. Mr Mark Williamson and Mrs Heather Williamson Mr Mike Clarke, Liam, Scott and Jane Clarke (representing Chairman) Mr Trevor Bartlett MBE and Mrs Sandra Bartlett Mr Maurice Marshal OBE Mr Paul and Mrs Ann Nightingale Mr and Mrs Bill Rimmer Little Evers Exmouth CurtainsPre-school Educational & BlindsFair Trade Wooden Toys Curtains & Blinds Made To Measure 53 The Parade Fitted Carpets Exmouth Devon Clive Amor EX8 1RD Mob: 07809 471 287 Tel: 01395 266085 01395 278802 www.exmouthblinds.co.uk shop@littleevers.com www.exmouthcurtains.co.uk www.littleevers.com
  5. 5. Exmouth Musical Theatre CompanyPresident David Whitehead Mr P Caygill Chairman Mr and Mrs B CooperlIFE mEMBERS Val Clarke Mrs M Edwards Mr F Crofts Mr G Curl Mr T Edwards (Past President) TREASURER Miss J Hearn Mike Cane Mr S Davies Mr P E Tucker (Past President) Mrs R Harvey SECRETARIES Mr and Mrs D King Mrs C West Caroline Fegan Mr A Newman Mr W Carpenter (Past President) Yvonne Anderton (Minutes) Mrs A S Nightingale Mrs Pam Vardy (Past President) Debra Butler (Members) Mr and Mrs J E Owen Mr and Mrs R PopevICE pRESIDENTS Committee Members Mr H J Porchen Mr D Carter Mrs A Price Mrs J Carpenter Lynne Caygill Mrs B Richardson Mrs S Chamberlain Hilary Woodman Mr M Rushton Mr R J Chapman Ken Sellek Miss C Sanders Mr and Mrs Chudley Sylvia Thompson Mrs J Sayers Miss J Crowsley Jo Killoran Mr R Smith Mrs C Cutting Debra Butler Mr L Skillings Mr A Conridge Allen Simkin Mr D Taylor Mr D W England Social Committee Mrs D Taylor Miss P Jago Mr B Toye Mr and Mrs Hardiman Ken Sellek Mrs S Thomson Cllr. Mr BCJ Hughes and Mrs A Hughes Julie Parker Mr and Mrs Upton Mrs S Leat Glenda Budd Mr and Mrs M Wilson Mr G Phillips Associate Members Mrs H Woodman Miss M Room Cllr. Mrs K Bamsey and Mr C Bamsey Mr T Roseveare Mrs M J Barnard Mr T Rainbow Mrs D P Boobyer Miss M Rawling Mrs S Buchholz Mrs R Sargeant Mrs J Stanbury Mr W Tee Mrs B Tucker Mr K Turner Mr M Weldrake Mr and Mrs D Whitehead Enjoying the raised seating? Mr and Mrs E Wilkinson But have you ever wondered how this enormous structure, as well as Mr B Woodman all the scenery, staging, light, sound and production equipment gets Mr F Woodall here? This year you will be able to watch ‘time-lapse’ photography of the Mr and Mrs R Worsley whole EMCo get-in, setup and get-out again, from our Mrs Y Anderton website, www.emcoexmouth.co.uk Mr and Mrs A Smith curtesy of Tom Hurley, at www.devondigital.co.uk
  6. 6. Clare was honoured to have been invited to direct EMCo’s Centenary Production and Hello, Dolly! marks her sixth Director Show as Director for the Company, the most recent being The Full Monty. With that in mind the gentlemen in the cast were slightly anxious that they might have to work their pants off yet again!Other recent Productions Clare has directed include: 42nd Street and My Fair Lady (Centre Stage) and The NODAExcellence Award Winning The Baker’s Wife (CODS). 2010 marks Clare’s 20th year as a member of the Company (she was of course very young when shejoined!) and during that time she has played numerous roles including: The Duchess of Dene (Me and My Girl),Vera, (Mame), Mrs Smith (The Arcadians) and Golde (Fiddler on the Roof). Her first principal role however was asErnestina Money in the Company’ last gave Hello, Dolly! an outing. Clare is very pleased to be joining forces with Choreographer Rachel Worsley, with whom she has had along standing working relationship dating back to Centre Stage’s Carousel. It was with Centre Stage that Clare andRachel first worked with Adele as Musical Director on Oliver! and Clare is thrilled to be renewing that workingrelationship too on this Production. It is a particular delight for Clare to work with such dedicated and profes-sional colleagues whom she is also very privileged to call her friends. Clare continues to work with Playing Dead, a Company specialising in Murder Mystery Entertainment.Finally Clare would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone involved with the Production. It’s been ‘swell’! Hello, Dolly! started life as a play called The Merchant of Yonkers by Thornton Wilder. This he later re-worked and with the addition of the prominent character Dolly Levi it became The Matchmaker, making its Director premiere at the Edinburgh Festival in 1954 before moving to the West End and then Broadway in December 1955. Under the rather cumbersome title of Dolly- a Damned Exasperating Woman the transformation of the piece into a musical by Michael Stewart and Jerry Herman began. Interestingly the role of Dolly Levi was first offered to Ethel Merman who turned it down and it fell to Carol Channing to open the Show to great acclaim on Broadway in January 1964 - under the final title of Hello, Dolly! - where it competed for audiences with Funny Girl and Anyone Can Whistle. Ethel Merman did however step into Dolly’s shoes at a later date, with the role also being famously played by Ginger Rogers, Pearl Bailey, Dora Bryan, Martha Raye, Betty Grable, Phyllis Diller and in the 1969 Film – Barbra Streisand. At the Show’s heart is a tale about finding your perfect partner with a little help from a charismatic, devious, charming, manipulative, striking and impossible woman. Dolly has a clear idea about what is right for those who cross her path but is a little unsure about mapping out her own future without the approval of her late husband Ephraim, with whom she consults on a regular basis. It is only through her calculated interference on behalf of others that she can find a way to happiness for herself in the unexpected guise of Horace Vandergelder whose life she manages to confuse and then finally complete. On the way we meet a charming array of characters who in their individual ways are looking for lasting happiness. The widowed Irene Molly, her assistant Minnie Fay and the boisterous but inexperienced Cornelius and Barnaby find themselves in the midst of Dolly’s plans together with the struggling artist Ambrose and the tearful Ermengarde. Dolly launches herself at her machinations with vigour and enthusiasm as she thinks on her feet and weaves a tangled web around her much to the delighted bewilderment of all concerned. Dolly may have premiered on Broadway 46 years ago but she’s still got that twinkle in her eye and you never know she might be looking at you!
  7. 7. Having previously been a memberof EMCo, Adele was thrilled to beinvited to be the MD for the cente- Musical Directornary production, and commented,"I also welcome the opportunity towork once again on anotherproduction with my dear friendsClare and Rachel." The team havepreviously worked together withCentre Stage on their production ofOliver.Before Hello,Dolly!, Adele has been involved with EMCo on productions of Oliver, Bitter Sweet, My Fair Lady andHalf A Sixpence. She also had lead roles in several productions as Jill Kemp in Mr Cinders, Dorothy Brock inForty Second Street and Hope Harcourt in Anything Goes.Adele has been in various shows with Exeter Amateur Operatic Society including Showboat, Hello,Dolly!Perchance to Dream and ‘Carousel’. With ExeterAOS, she has also played the roles of Maggie Jones in ‘FortySecond Street’, Ann in ‘Half A Sixpence’ and more recently Calamity in ‘Calamity Jane’. Adele has also playedLetitia in ‘The Zoo’ and Tessa in ‘The Gondoliers’ with St David’s Players.As MD, Adele has musically directed Calamity Jane with Crediton Operatic Society, The Wizard of Oz, The Mikadoand ‘Oliver!’ with Centre Stage and ‘The Scarlet Pimpernel’ with Exeter Amateur Operatic Society now known asExeter Musical Company.Outside of amateur musicals Adele loves to keep in shape. She said "I love exercise and keeping fit. I enjoyfitness classes like bodypump and spinning. I have also recently started to learn golf and now understand whypeople describe it as a frustrating game!" Choreographer Rachel is delighted to be working with EMCo again. ‘Hello, Dolly!’ holds a very special place in Rachel’s heart, as she met her husband Mark when EAOS first did it in 1991, in which he played the drums!Rachel has choreographed many shows and won twoNODA Excellence Awards for Ruddigore (Centre Stage)and Disney Concert (EAOS).Rachel Would like to take this opportunity to thankEMCo for all their hard work in creating the all singing& dancing sensation which is ‘Hello, Dolly!’
  8. 8. Musical Synopsis Call Box Office 01395 222 477 Book OnlineOverture... Orchestra www.exmouthpavilion.co.ukOpening...Call On Dolly... Thursday 17th June at 7.30pm Chorus Country Roads – A Celebration of JohnI Put My Hand In... Denver Wednesday 23rd June at 7pm Dolly Exmouth Community College, SummerIt Takes a Woman... Cabaret Horace, Cornelius, Barnaby, Men Thursday 24th June at 8pm C’mon EverybodyPut On Your Sunday Clothes... Wednesday 30th June at 8pm Dolly, Cornelius, Barnaby, Ambrose, Oases Friday 2nd July at 7.30pm Ermengarde, Chorus Mayors Annual Charity BallRibbons Down My Back... Sunday 4th July at 8pm Raymond Froggatt Irene Molloy Monday 12th July at 8pmMotherhood March... Dolly – A celebration of the leading lady of Country Dolly, Irene Molloy, Minnie Fay Thursday 15th July at 7.30pmDancing... Acker Bilk Dolly, Irene Molloy, Cornelius, Barnaby Sunday 18th July at 7.30pm The Bootleg ShadowsBefore The Parade Passes By... Monday 19th July at 7.30pm Dolly, Chorus Red Hot ABBA Thursday 22nd July at 7.30pmFinale - Act 1... Renaissance Ladies Choir Dolly Wednesday 28th July at 8pm Dire Traits Thursday 29th July at 7.30pm Rob Kingsley – A Vision of Elvis Wednesday 4th August at 7.30pm The Everly Brothers and Friends Thursday 5th August at 7.30pm Westcoast – Celebrating the music of the Beach Boys Friday 6th August at 8pm And Finally …. Phil CollinsEntr’acte... Wednesday 11th August at 8pm Yellow Brick Road – A tribute to Elton John Orchestra Thursday 12th August at 7.30pmElegance... The Johnny Cash Roadshow Friday 13th August at 2pm Irene Molloy, Minnie Fay, Cornelius, Barnaby, Get Up and Go with Dave Benson Phillips Chorus Wednesday 18th August at 2pm Andy and Mikes … Big Box Of BananasWaitors’ Gallop... Friday 20th August at 8pm Orchestra Guns 2 Roses Thursday 26th August at 7.30pmHello Dolly... Masters of the House Sing the Musicals Dolly, Waitors, Chorus Saturday 28th August at 8pmIt Only Takes A Moment... Rock With Laughter With Cannon and Ball Featuring The Blues Brothers Cornelius Sunday 29th August at 8pmSo Long Dearie... The Buddy Holly Show Monday 30th August at 8pm Dolly Nick Ross Orchestra – Sounds of the GlennFinale Ultimo... Miller Era Dolly, Irene Molloy, Horace, Cornelius, Chorus
  9. 9. The Company Glenda Budd Charlie Mackay Tom Caygill Megan Mackay Dolly Gallagher Levi Lorna Bryant Emma Chudley Nicky Nicholls Horace Vandergelder Mark Smith Hugh Chudley Julie Parker Irene Molloy Debra Butler Gaye Caygill Sarah Read Cornelius Hackl Lance Vernon Hannah Caygill Sue Sellek Minnie Fay Kate Lees Paul Caygill Anita Smith Barnaby Tucker Ben Martin Harriet Clarke Jo Stewart Ermengarde Rachel Hodge Val Clarke Kirsty Sydenham Ambrose Kemper Allen Simkin Andy Jury Clare Tate Mrs Rose Anita Smith Anne Killoran Ian Taylor Ernestine Nicky Nicholls Mike Killoran Adrian Tucker Rudolph Hugh Chudley Phil Killoran Alison Walker Judge Mike Killoran Anthony Lees Mark Worsleyworldbeat media www.worldbeat-media.com wbm anthony@worldbeat-media.com Anthony Lees 07540 56 52 56Bespoke website design and Design work for print andconstruction for any budget. screen.Professional, comprehensive service, - Programmesfrom conception to hosting and ongoing - Posterssupport - with you every step of the way. - FliersWebsites YOU can edit yourself - instant - Logo and brand identity designand easy updating! - Copywriting & editing
  10. 10. CastGlenda Budd Anne killoran Mark WorsleyMegan Mackay Harriet Clarke Sarah Read Tom Caygill Adrian TuckerCharlie Mackay Kirsty Sydenham Hannah Caygill Clare Tate Emma ChudleyPaul Caygill Val Clarke Julie Parker Sue Sellek Alison WalkerJo Stewart Phil Killoran Anthony Lees Ian Taylor Gaye Caygill
  11. 11. Exmouth Musical Theatre CompanyOne hundred years inmusical theatreExtract from the soon to be published historyof Exmouth Amateur Operatic Society, by BillAnderton:The society was first formed at a meetingheld on the 3rd February 1910, when it was Sounds of The Sixties 2009decided to perform The Mikado that April. Itwas proposed by one F.Vinnacombe, and The shows continued and the society wentseconded by G.Vinnacombe, that the mem- from strength to strength but with shortbership fee should be five shillings. It was breaks during the first and second worldalso decided that everyone should buy their wars. No less authority than Eric Delderfield,own score. The show took place on 27th and in his book Exmouth Milestones assures us28th April, at a cost of £118-1s-2d and as that "Courtships culminating in happythey had £140-19s-8d in the kitty they gave marriages had their beginnings at rehearsals£12 each to the Cottage Hospital and the of the shows. To name but a few, Mr JackNursing Association. The following year they Hayne and Miss M Blackmore, Mr L Kingstonperformed The Gondolierson 16th, 17th and and Miss M Mathew, Mr H Taylor and Miss L18th May at a cost of £140-10s-5d. Buchanan." Some things never change! Current Society Members 2010
  12. 12. One hundred years in musical theatreOf course although Sullivan died in 1900,Richard D’Oyly Carte in 1901 and Gilbert in1911 these were halcyon days for theirworks and their association with the DOylyCarte Opera Company. There was no televi-sion, radio was in its infancy, films werenot yet readily available and theatre andmusic halls were in their hey-day.It is interesting to note in running througha list of shows (104 to date) that the lastGilbert and Sullivan show performed by CHESS, The Musical 2009the society was Iolanthe in 1998. Howeverthere was a notable concert in November The full and unabridged version of the EAOS2001, ably assisted by those two stalwarts history will be available in paperback at thePercy Tucker and Trevor Edwards as Gilbert next EMCo production, in November 2010,and Sullivan. The society also put on Hot ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’, and via our websiteMikado in June 2005 but some would (see below).argue it was not real Gilbert and Sullivan. Want to keep up With EMCo News? There are many ways! Visit the website www.emcoexmouth.co.uk Sign up for our e-mail newsletter (On the door tonight, or on the website) Facebook - Search for ‘exmouth musical theatre company’ pageThe writer wonders what the original cast Twitter - twitter.com/emcoexmouthstarring Mrs Albert Cooper, the MissesWinnie Groves, Rose Vinnacombe andMessrs Ellis Edwards, Alan Cooper, GeorgeVinnacombe, Jack Cooper, Sid Burrow andconductor W H Davies would make of thingstoday as the society strides purposefullyinto the 21st century under its first femalechairperson? Mrs Valerie Clarke took up thepost in November 1996 and continues to doa brilliant job.Bill Anderton
  13. 13. One hundred years in musical theatreIn 2008 EAOS made the bold and challenging pieces and contemporary musical numbers,decision to change the name they had held for and following hit reviews, showed theirninety-eight years, and although many options supporters that EMCo would withstand thewere considered, finally the new name was testing times, embrace the change andchosen to be ‘Exmouth Musical Theatre return stronger than ever to lead into theirCompany’. next one hundred years. This year EMCo celebrate that successfulPartly to appeal to a new generation of poten- transition, and hope that they will see youtial members, and in part to shrug off the at other events during this centenial year.unwaranted stigma that had evolved to theterm ’amateur’, EAOS performed it’s first showas EMCo in June 2008, the hit Rogers andHammerstein musical, ‘South Pacific’. Later inNovember that year they performed a concertentitled ‘No Song Unsung’. It was a collage oftraditional musical theatre, light operatic Like our programme? It’s seen by an immediate audience of nearly 2000 and an estimated 6000 secondary readers! To place YOUR advert here is cheaper than you think - Quarter Page = £50 Half Page = £80 Whole Page = £120 To be in our November programme for Jesus Christ Superstar, contact Anthony on 07540 56 52 56 anthony@worldbeat-media.com Pine & Oak Furniture Mattresses Metal Beds Wardrobes Divans Guest Beds Chests of Drawers Pine Beds Futons Tables & Chairs Headboards Dressers Bookcases Pocket Sprung & Memory ...and much more, all available waxed, Foam Mattresses 69-71 Exeter Road, Exmouth, Devon. Tel 01395 271920 Large Stocks Free Delivery www.exmouthbedandpine.co.uk
  14. 14. One hundred years in musical theatreLast time around...EMCo last performed ‘Hello, Dolly!’in 1991as EAOS. Here is how the show looked then.How many names and faces do yourecognise?Producer Hilary MarshallMusical Director Lynne CaygillMrs Dolly Gallagher Levi Diana LindleyHorace Vandergelder Nick LawrenceCornelius Hackl Mark SmithIrene Molloy Debbie SargentBarnaby Tucker Hugh Chudley Centenary Dinner Dance 2010Minnie Fay Anne KilloranAmbrose Kemper Jeremy Rawlings 12 06 2010 Exmouth PavilionErmengarde Rachel Woodman To all friends, associates, supporters, ex-members and fans ofErnestina Clare Philbrock EMCo. Come and join us in celebrating - you are all part of theMrs Rose Linda Yeandle past 100 years!Rudolph Mike Killoran Tickets are £25, to include drinks reception, dinner andStanley Tim Heard dancing to Carnaby Street! For more information, contactJudge Stuart Brown Mark or Anita on 01395 224 702Clerk Trevor Brice
  15. 15. Dolly Gallagher Levi Lorna explained that she has always loved the film of Hello Dolly, with her idol Barbara Streisand playing Dolly.She thought it would be a great character to play. She explained that Dolly very cleverly manipulates everyone and everysituation to achieve her own goals. However I love the fact that she is also a warm, witty, charming and lovable charac-ter. Her determination to ‘rejoin the human race before the parade passes by’ is inspiring. It gives me the chance to playan amazingly dynamic character, sing some lovely songs, work with a great company of people and dress up in some fabcostumes (not so sure about the wig though!) She feels very lucky and grateful to be given the opportunity to play Dolly. “I am also eternally thankful to thosepeople who encouraged me to audition for the part especially my daughter Millie, my boyfriend Mark and of courseSmiffy” (Mark Smith). Lorna Joined EMCO in 2009 and performed in the chorus of ‘Chess’. Then in November performedin the Sixties concert as Dusty Springfield and Cher. She notes "I was struck by how much talent and dedication therewas within the company." Previousy, Lorna played Julie in Carousel, Sophie in Tom Jones, Marsinah in Kismet, MaryMagdalene in Godspell, Hecate (goddess of destruction) in a new musical (’Dark Designs) written and performed in theMidlands and at various festivals including Sidmouth Folk Festival. Lorna has also sung in dance bands, Jazz bands, afolk duo (Sarah Jones and Lorna Bryant) and also recorded an album of original songs called ‘Desire’. She also had herown band for a while in which she wrote and performed her own songs, as well as being a session singer. Currently Lorna is rehearsing with a band called ‘Broken Road’ and is planning to record an album this year. Shehas also worked for the theatre school ‘Stagecoach’ and also run voice workshops at various festivals. She has two"amazingly gorgeous children Millie and Cory", who she says are the main focus of her life. Lorna is a trained Homoeo-path and enjoys living locally with her family and some lovely friends and a very patient boyfriend (Mark) who shereports "has religiously read through the script for Dolly with me, day after day!" 1972  South Pacific 1996  The ArcadiansPast Productions          Iolanthe 1973  Fiddler on the Roof 1974  Merrie England 1975  Show Boat 1976  Princess Ida          Movie Musicals 1997  42nd Street          42nd Street, Duren,Germany 1998  Royal Albert Hall1910  The Mikado 1948  The Pirates of Penzance          The Sound of Music          Iolanthe1911  The Gondoliers 1949  The Gondoliers 1977  The Desert Song          Christmas Concert1912  The Pirates of Penzance 1950  Merrie England 1978  The Mikado 1999  Kiss Me Kate1913  The Yeomen of the Guard 1951  The Mikado 1979  The Gondoliers          Musical Memories of the1914  Iolanthe 1952  The Rebel Maid 1980  The Merry Widow          West End1920  The Gondoliers 1953  Tom Jones 1981  Carousel 2000  Tom Jones1921  Merrie England 1954  The Quaker Girl 1982  Bless the Bride          90 Singing Years1922  The Geisha 1955  The Desert Song 1983  Trial by Jury 2001  Brigadoon1923  San Toy 1956  The Vagabond King          The Pirates of Penzance          Gilbert & Sullivan1924  The Pirates of Penzance 1957  Goodnight Vienna 1984  The Gypsy Baron 2002  Oklahoma!1925  Miss Hook of Holland 1958  The Gondoliers 1985  Oklahoma!          Salad Days1926  The Yeomen of the Guard 1959  Belinda Fair 1986  Brigadoon 2003  Crazy for You1927  A Country Girl 1960  The Merry Widow 1987  The Yeomen of the Guard          Magical Mystery Tour1928  Rose of Persia 1961  Naughty Marietta 1988  White Horse Inn 2004  Merrie England1929  The Quaker Girl 1930  Les Cloches 1962  The Geisha 1989  Showboat          Christmas CarolDe Corneville 1964  The Land of Smiles 1990  The Mikado 2005  Hot Mikado1931  The Gondoliers 1965  The White Horse Inn 1991  Hello Dolly          Be Our Guest1933  The Mikado 1966  Brigadoon 1992  Fiddler on the Roof 2006  Mame1934  The Geisha 1967  The New Moon          The Sorcerer & The Zoo          A Swell Party1935  The Pirates of Penzance 1968  Rose Marie 1993  The Sound of Music 2007  Me & My Girl1936  The Yeomen of the Guard 1969  Gypsy Love          Bitter Sweet          The Full Monty1937  The Grand Duchess          The Yeomen of the Guard 1994  My Fair Lady 2008  South Pacific1938  My Lady Molly 1970  Oklahoma!          My Fair Lady in Langerwehe,Germany No Song Unsung1939  The Mikado          The Pirates of Penzance          Mr. Cinders 2009 CHESS, The Musical1940  The Pride of the Regiment 1971  The Count of Luxembourg 1995  Anything Goes & Half a Sixpence Sounds Of The Sixties
  16. 16. Horace vandergelderMarks first show on stage was The Mikado with the Exmouth Operatic Society, back in1978, he explained. Before that he was a member of the 14-20s (Now Centre Stage),which he joined at the age of 11 in 1972. Parts included Jeramiah in The Quaker Girl,Will Parker in Oklahoma, Leopold in The White Horse Inn and Billis in South Pacific.Among the parts he has played with EMCo (then Exmouth Amateur Operatic Society)his favourite has been Moon-Face Martin in Anything Goes. Mark met his wife, Anitajust before playing the role of Curly in Oklahoma, when he says, "she fell in love withthe cowboy!" Mark explained how honoured he feels playing Horace Vandergelder inthe 100th anniversary production for EMCo, and that it is "great fun to play such amean and grumpy man - the complete opposite of me!" he continued, "...although mywife would disagree!" Look for the grumpiness to reach boiling point, during the com-plicated dance competition, ‘Polka’. www.exmouthfestival.org.uk Exmouth festival has been evolving for you for over a decade and twenty ten is giving you more to discover and more to experience. With serious community involvement, supporting groups such as Exmouth Musical Theatre Company (formerly Exmouth Amateur Operatic Society), we are helping to demonstrate the talent Exmouth has to offer. Working all year round to support creativity and culture within Exmouth, beyond just the nine days. With an entire summer programme of events, our Christmas Cracker winter festival and a host of other projects we are working to support your Exmouth and your creativity. Exmouth Festival is a living and breathing community arts experience... don’t miss out, get involved!
  17. 17. Irene MolloyDebra was really pleased to be playing Irene Molloy; "...espe-cially as I will get to do a bit of tap dancing !" She mentioned,continuing, "Irene also sings a gorgeous song and has lots offun scenes with the other characters in the show." Debra hasbeen a member of EMCo since 1991 and considers herselflucky to have played roles such as Maria in ‘The Sound ofMusic’, Reno Sweeney in ‘Anything Goes’, Mame in ‘Mame!’and Florence in last years production of ‘Chess’. Other lead-ing roles with other societies include Nancy in ‘Oliver!’, Mabelin ‘Mack and Mabel’ and Viv Nicholson in ‘Spend SpendSpend’. Debra is a full time mum to Sophie at the momentwhich she says is "at times, the hardest job Ive ever had!But I love it really!" She is married to Craig who is also amember of EMCo but who is absent from this show, havingjust run the London Marathon! Look out for Debras fast foot-work during the tap routine Elegance. Cornelius Hackl "Ive had lots of fun playing this part," commented Lance, continuing, "and have really enjoyed playing opposite my best mate" (Ben, as Barnaby). Previously, Lance has enjoyed such roles as Jean Valjean in Les Miserable, and with EMCo: Jerry in Full Monty’, Anatoly in CHESS, The Musical, and Lt Cable in South Pacific. Lance commented Hopefully Ill make no mistakes and if I do, hopefully you wont notice!" Particlularly look out for Lance during some of the frenzied dancing. He concluded, "I hope you enjoy the show as much as I have enjoyed playing this part."
  18. 18. Minnie FayKate has been with EMCO for 3 years now joining in July 2007. This is hersecond principal role, the first being Georgie in ‘The Full Monty’. She hasplayed other roles such as Ensign Janet McGregor in ‘South Pacific’ and adancer in ‘CHESS’. She MDd her first show alongside her husband for EMCOSounds of the Sixtiesin Nov 2009. Previous roles with LOS/Rolleplay, RolleCollege include Blousey in ‘Bugsy Malone’, Scarecrow in ‘Wizard of Oz’ andAudrey 2 (the plant) in ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ to name but a few. Kate says "Iwas due to play Minnie Fay with Teignmouth Operatic over 10 years ago but Ibecame ill and couldnt do the show - so it has pleased me to finally get toplay the part! I am looking forward to playing the girly and giggly character andhave really enjoyed working with the cast - weve had a lot of fun!" Barnaby TuckerBen is no stranger to the stage having been a member of Exmouthsyouth group Centre Stage before joining EMCO. Previous roles include apart in Les Miserables with Centre Stage and with EMCo Ethan in ‘TheFull Monty’ (keeping his clothes on this time!) and Lt Buzz Aldrin in‘South Pacific’. Ben says "Ive had lots of fun working with alongsideboth my characters best friend and my real life best mate Lance(Cornelius). Learning tap has been interesting and learning how towaltz has been even harder! I hope you all enjoy this evenings showas much as I enjoy performing it!" ErmengardeRachel has now been with EMCo for two years, enjoying chorus anddancing roles in every show. As she explained, "I was so happy to geta part, its my first part ever!" Rachel joined EMCo for South Pacific in2008, before which she was a member of centre stage for three years andwent to the London Paladium and Royal Albert Hall to perform with them.She also worked for three years for Haven holidays as a resident entertainer,or funstar! Look for Rachels favourite scene, Harmonia Gardens.
  19. 19. AmbroseAllen was really pleased to have been given the part of Ambrose, although, as he admits "Imby no means an Artist as the character description dictates!" He also noted that, "It will begood to work alongside Rachel as Ermengarde too, even if her character will be crying a lot!Ill have to have a box of tissues on standby!" Prior to this Allen has been in Mame, Me & MyGirl, The Full Monty, South Pacific and Chess, including recent concerts; No Song Unsung andSounds of the Sixties. Allen enthused, "All the shows have been really good to do and this onewill be no exception!" Before joinging EMCO, Allen was a member of Centre stage for eight yearsand was involved in shows such as Oliver! The Wizard of Oz, Barnum, Calamity Jane and TheMikado. In his first year at UWE in Bristol, he joined the Centre for Performing Arts and performedCarousel with them. Allen is both training and working in Adult Learning, to help adults get back towork, but also likes to catch up with his friends as much as he can as well. Mrs Rose ErnestineAnita has been involved with EMCo socially Having joined the society this year aftersince 2003 when she married her husband moving to Exmouth in 2004 and having aMark (Horace Vandergelder) ever since she has break from the stage to have her twobeen gradually more involved with the society, lovely children, Nicky was previously abeing roped into various tasks come show member of Swanage Operatic Societytime She became a singing member in 2008, undertaking leading roles in ‘Carousel’,performing with EMCo for No song unsung ‘Brigadoon’, ‘My fair lady’ and ‘Godspell’and CHESS in 2009. "I am delighted to be in amongst others. Nicky is delighted to beDolly as part of a great cast, playing a playing Ernestine. "I would like to thankcharacter of a certain age and demeanor I say the EMCO members for giving me such ano more" lovely welcome to the society. I am very excited about playing this over the top,Rudolph but extremely good fun cameo role" JudgeHaving once been a waitor at the Old LeonardsBar (now the Clipper), Hugh feels he has theappropriate training to do his role justice. Also,performing twice with EMCo in Exmouths twin Mike has been with the society fortown in Germany, he feels sufficient research many years,. He has played manyhas been done! Hugh has performed many roles such as Tevye in Fiddler Ontimes with EAOS and EMCo, recently and The Roof, Alfie Doolittle in My Fairmemorably including Barnaby Tucker in Hello, Lady and KoKo in The Mikado toDolly!, Dave in The Full Monty, Ko-Ko in The name but a few. The Judge isMikado, Petruccio in Kiss Me Kate, HarryChitterlo in Half A Sixpence and captain Andy in probably the smallest part he hasShowboat. His favourite role to date was Bill played, but he hopes it will still beSnibson in Me And My Girl. Look for Hugh perfectly formed!whipping the waiters into shape for the ener-getic Waiters Gallop.
  20. 20. New Members Associate MembershipFor new member auditions, contact Why not become an associate member?Debra Butler on 01395 268 444 Contact Members’ Secretary Sybil Chamberlain, on 01392 276 179 or write to 83 Chard Road, Heavitree, Exeter, EX1 3AYYou can also look on the EMCo website, for more information, as well as our e-mail newsletter, competitions and special offers! www.emcoexmouth.co.uk There will be a bucket collection Carnival House following the show, in support of & Home ASPIRE If you are able to, please help us supportFancy Dress - Wigs - Hats - Make- this worthwhile charity by donating to up - Picture Frames - Lamps and their work towards spinal injury treatment.Shades - Other Household Goods Fancy Dress Hire 5 Exeter Road Exmouth EX8 1PN We Care We have a genuine desire to look after 01395 224 664 you. We promise that we will meet and endevour to exceed your expectations with regard to the funeral service we provide and the care, pro- fessionalism and compassion shown to you. We are meticulous in our attention to detail and look for ways to make the funeral a special and memorable occasion. IT IS OUR PRIVILEGE TO HELP Patchwork & Quilting Fabrics CREWS & SON58 Exeter Road Funeral Services (Est 1820)Exmouth Embroidery Crews House, Tower Street, ExmouthDevon EX8 1PY Tapestry Tel: Exmouth 22 55 22 Haberdashery01395 277 363creativesewing.exmouth@yahoo.co.uk
  21. 21. If you want sound advice on anylegal matter, talk to a Ford SimeySolicitor... It only takes a moment.
  22. 22. Production CreditsDirector Clare Philbrock Programme Anthony LeesMusical Director Adele Needham Programme Photography Craig ButlerChoreographer Rachel Worsley Printers COPYRITE,Production Manager Lynne Caygill Re:SolutionLighting Stage Electrics WestecSound Stage Electrics Programme Sellers Sylvia Thompson Front of House Ron and Joan WorselyStaging Scenic Projects Raffle Hilary WoodmanScenery / Set Raised Seating Hugh ChudleyStage Manager Richard Boud Transport of Raised Seating Mark ChudleyLighting Operation David Whitehead Banners Mike and Val Clarke Ian Whildon Publicity Photography Emma Crane (EPS)Sound Operation Ed Dark Craig ButlerStage Crew Craig Butler, Paul Caygill, Andy Jury, Martin Rushton This programme has been printed byWardrobe Mistress Clare PhilbrockDolly’s Dresser Michelle ChudleyProps Beth Caygill, Jane Staddon, David Sparkes 14 Victoria Road, Exmouth, EX8 1DL Tel: 01395 260315Costume Haslemere Wardrobe www.copyrite-print.co.ukPublicity and Marketing Anthony LeesRehearsal Pianist Terry RainbowPoster Designer David Youll Priority Booking & Gala Val ClarkeThe Royal Beacon A family owned and run hotel, where quality service is guaranteed and a warm, friendly welcome always awaits you. So much more than a hotel For almost two centuries this elegant hotel has offered guests a tradition that has continued in its present role as Exmouth’s finest hotel. Telephone 01395 264 886 Two finest restuarants The Beacon, Exmouth, EX8 2 AF Donato’s, situated in the cellars of The Royal Beacon, has long been established as one of the finest Italian Restaurants in the area. The extensive menu offers excellent value and the recent www.royalbeaconhotel.co.uk renovations to the interior have to be seen. info@royalbeaconhotel.co.uk Fennels, the elegant fine-dining restaurant, has two award winning chefs usingthe freshest ingredients to create really superb food. The Sunday Roast is so popular that we have Donato’s Restaurant Fennels Restaurant extnded servings until 9.00pm. 01395 279 644 01395 264 886
  23. 23. The Band AcknowledgementsAllan Fouracre Piano The Manor HotelSteve Grant Reeds The Royal Beacon HotelColin Brocklebank Reeds Brixington Primary SchoolJennifer Campbell Reeds Stage ElectricsSteve Douglas Percussion Exmouth Town CouncilMaureen Adams Double Bass Crews and SonLee Baines Trumpet The Devoncourt HotelHenry Clarke Trumpet Vera Lees, for window displaysChris Holland Trombone Carnival house Creative sewing Exmouth Library All the local businesses that display our posters
  24. 24. Wax Lyrical Aspire changes lives!become paralysed each year.vast majority become full time wheelchair users for the rest of theirlives.the 40,000 people living with a spinal cord injury in the UK so thattheir families, in work-places and leisure time.This year our long time member, Craig (a lawyer specialising incatastrophic brain and spinal cord injury) set himself a target. He2010. In fact he ducked out of perfoming in Dolly so that he couldget the training in - but he is lurking behind the scenes with thestage crew!Craig has now raised over £1000.00 for Aspire, but wants to raise somuch more for this fantastic charity.As you leave today you will see Craig and his team with collectingbuckets and tins. If you have a few coins to spare, Craig would beThank you.
  25. 25. All types of functions catered for Parties Meetings Weddings Conferences T: 01395 272 549 F: 01395 225 519 E: post@manorexmouth.co.uk W: www.manorexmouth.co.uk The Manor Hotel, The Beacon, Exmouth, EX8 2AG THE MANOR HOTELobituariesIt is with great sadness that EMCo announce the loss of three great friends and patrons of the society thisyear. Their support, talent, enthusiasm and most of all friendship will be missed very much by all withinthe society who knew them.Jim Vardy Queenie Smith Bill AndertonJim joined the society in 1956, Past President Queenie Smith It is with sadness that the Society announce the death of Bill Anderton, Vice President andplaying an extra and the spent many years supporting past Treasurer on 5th April 2010 after a shortBishop in ‘The Vagabond King’. EAOS, through her work for the illness. Bill joined the Society in 1999 afterHe spent many years support- society and also by her tireless seeing the November Concert, Musical Memories of the West End. He had a greating the society through working reporting on productions and love for the Society, made many friends therethe Box Office and Ticket sales, concerts in the local press. As a and enjoyed nothing more than appearing onand also as Vice President. Jim ‘friend to the stars’ both locally stage. His last appearance with the Society was in March at The Scratch Mikado.was said to be ‘easy to know’, and away she encouraged and The last 6 months of his life he enjoyedand made many friends who supported local theatre and her researching the history of the Society for theirwill miss him greatly. friends. Centenary Book, which sadly his wife Yvonne had to complete after his death. His smiling face will be greatly missed by his family, friends and all who knew him.
  26. 26. NATIONAL OPERATIC and DRAMATIC ASSOCIATION Headquarters : NODA House, 58-60 Lincoln Road, Peterborough PE1 2RZ Telephone: 01733 865 790 Fax: 01733 319 506 e-mail: info@noda.org.uk website: www.noda.org.ukThe National Operatic and Dramatic Association (NODA) was founded in 1899 and has a membership of2500 amateur theatre groups and 3000 individual enthusiasts throughout the UK, staging musicals,operas, plays, concerts and pantomimes in a wide variety of performing venues, ranging from thecountry’s leading professional theatres to village halls.NODA is divided into eleven regions, each headed by a regional councillor who sits on the nationalcouncil (the ruling body of the Association), supported by a network of regional representatives andofficers. These volunteers are the vital link to the grass roots of the Association, the amateur theatregroups themselves. The Association is administered from its Headquarters in Peterborough, with aknowledgeable and friendly staff able to deal with virtually any enquiry relating to amateur theatre.There is a broad spectrum of ages involved in amateur theatre nationwide, from a burgeoning number ofyouth groups to adult companies which meet the needs of all levels of both performers, whetherdramatic or musical, and enthusiasts involved backstage, front of house or in administration. Eachproduction created is a genuine community event.NODA aims:- To give a shared voice to the amateur theatre sector- To help amateur societies and individuals achieve the highest standards of best practice and performance- To provide leadership and advice to enable amateur theatre to tackle the challenges and opportunitiesof the 21st centuryBenefits of membership include access to NODA’s advice service at national and regional level, access tothe members’ area of the NODA website, representation to government, funding agencies, rightsholdersand the media, and access to conferences, workshops and seminars to help share information on bestpractice. NODA also holds an annual residential Summer School (with bursaries available) offering train-ing from professional tutors in acting, music directing, musical theatre, stage management and othercourses for performers, directors and technicians. It publishes regular regional magazines and its quar-terly NODA national news, and holds annual national and regional Programme and Poster competitionsto encourage the highest standards in design.The NODA Library and Meeting Room provides access to a comprehensive research archive of scores,libretti and reference books, as well as an attractive room for meetings.NODA’s trading arm, NODA Limited, acts as a mechanism for raising additional funds for the Association.Its publishing department, NODA Pantomimes, offers well over 100 traditionally entertaining scripts bysuch popular authors as Mark Llewellin, Roy Barraclough MBE & John Jardine, Long & Rawnsley, Marsden& Rundle, Bradford & Webster, Leonard Caddy, Peter Denyer, Stephen Duckham, Ron Hall, Robert Mar-lowe, John Morley and David Swan. Other publications include an exciting musical The Slipper and theRose, and practical guides for performers and directors. It also offers Long Service Awards, and discountson playscripts, libretti and scores, and theatre books from the catalogue of A & C Black.NODA Insurance, provided by Lloyd & Whyte, and underwritten by Groupama, offers a comprehensiveinsurance package for amateur theatre groups (30% discount to NODA members). Telephone 01733 865790 for further details.