Online Presence Development-Part 1
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Online Presence Development-Part 1



This presentation is in regards to the first part of the two-part Online Presence Development Workshop Series that I teach in Northeast Oklahoma to small businesses, community organizations, and ...

This presentation is in regards to the first part of the two-part Online Presence Development Workshop Series that I teach in Northeast Oklahoma to small businesses, community organizations, and non-profits. The whole workshop is built on the principles of getting the business professional or owner to see the value of building one's brand identity on the internet via website development, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. To learn more about the workshop visit the online resource center,



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  • Start out the presentation by having group login to Twitter and Tweet about the event. Follow other attendees. @Brand_Tuck @RogersStateU @rsulibrary @RSUinnovation #BuildingMyOnlinePresence … Spend less than 5 minutes on this exercise. Get juices flowing in room and get people engaged with each other.
  • Open an Excel file to start saving new account information in (Username, Password, Platform) .Google account creation, Google Places for Businesses. If not Brick and Mortar do you have a Facebook account?
  • Go around the room and have each business owner/rep discuss what their business is and who is their target market. Then have them discuss their current social media and website presence.Leverage the example of rebranding Lucas Metal Works and the process it took for acceptance by company and market.Show WayBackMachine example.
  • Ask around the room about what your current online presence is for your company. Website, if so what platform is it built in. Social media, if so what platforms are you leveraging and do you encourage engagement. Who are your competitors? What is their online presence. Is there a competitive advantage available to gain through development of successful strategy. Who are you customers? Where are your customers spending their time online, Facebook, Pandora, Google Search, etc. Analyze sales data and then build targeted promotions strategy from there.
  • After analyzing the market to see what is currently there one must now build a strategy that encompasses tactics to achieve a competitive advantage. This will include hiring a web-developer/SEO Juice Man or doing it yourself.
  • Example: I want to make sales from online customers 30% of my total monthly sales revenue within three months of launching our new website. Think about how you would justify this purchase to yourself or the decision maker at your organization/business. Change dollars spent from outside the local market to a national market, Nesting Necessities. Remove limitations to buying products/services!!!
  • Just because we decide to hire someone doesn’t mean that the journey is over and we will immediately be raised to the top of the mountain in our market because we hired someone. No, most of the time it can be the exact opposite. You must be willing to work and push the developer or SEO Juice Man along. They don’t know your industry (most likely) and they don’t know your business. You must paint a picture for them of the industry, your business, and your targeted customers. This will be accomplished with the development of the situational analysis. You must have tangible data with you as you meet with this individual.
  • Discuss in detail the specifics one must analyze when hiring a web developer. Discuss the differences between a web developer and an SEO Juice Man or a web manager/web master.Show the audience the ISSUU platform as a teaser for tools that can be leveraged to differentiate the company from its competitors.
  • Must know the difference between web developer and web master. Make sure there is a solid contingency plan in place for moving your website’s hosting service away from developer. At the end of the day there could be a bus that runs over the web developer ensure that you own your company’s domain name. Will discuss platforms in more detail later.
  • Discuss the different monthly plans for web hosting, search engine optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, non-organic search engine marketing, etc.
  • Discuss the platforms that a small business owner has when building a website and a successful online presence for their company/organization.
  • Ask if they know what platform their current website was built in? Can you log-in to the backside of the site?
  • App markets available for WordPress and Wix. E-commerce easy to setup on Wix and Weebly. SEO is manual on all platforms except for WordPress can leverage apps for guidance in SEO.What platform does your business currently leverage? What benefits do you see from the platform? If you don’t know what are your thoughts on the platforms available? Benefits and disadvantages…
  • Ask participants to sign in to their Google accounts. If they don’t have a Google account then we will spend the time to setup a Google account with participants.Objective is to have participants become familiar with Google AdWords Tool.
  • Must have a strategy in place to focus on geographic area depending on where you sell your product, local, regional, nationally, or internationally. Also speak on the topic of SEO for local searches for franchises and local entities. Example: Tiny Cakes and Truffles Owasso/Claremore locations & Atwoods.
  • Discuss what comes with the monthly package. Next slide will focus on organic versus non-organic search engine marketing. Outbound links and inbound links. Link building strategies.
  • Really hit home with participants about the importance of getting the right traffic to your website and getting the traffic to the desired take action page. For instance if you have a quote form online for your product and that is the method the user can take without picking up the phone to request a quote then you want to make sure it is easy for the user to get to that page.Show how to leverage
  • Show how using key terms for titles on videos and images pertaining to your company’s target market based on Google AdWords Tools research will benefit rankings.
  • Discuss with participants that there will be resources online both videos and pdf white papers regarding the homework assignments and topics discussed on day 1.

Online Presence Development-Part 1 Online Presence Development-Part 1 Presentation Transcript

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  • What We’re Going to Cover0 Two-Session workshop featuring practical hands-on application of webprinciples and web secrets.0 Topics include:0 Solid Branding Foundation0 Voice0 Visual0 Physical0 Attitude0 Website Development0 Hiring a Developer or Doing it Yourself0 Search Engine Optimization0 Pay-Per-Click Search Engine & Social Media Promotion0 E-Commerce0 How to build an e-commerce website that is visually appealing, easy to function, andhas multiple payment portals/platforms (PayPal, Visa, etc.)0 Social Media Development0 Google0 Leveraging for small business0 Google industry secretsView this Presentation on
  • Objectives of Workshop0 Create consistent brand image and value message on both onlineand offline touch points with customers.0 Know what questions to ask when hiring website developers.0 Know where to start to build your website if you chose to do it byyourself.0 Have an organic and non-organic search engine marketingstrategy.0 Understand the importance of social media and apply it.0 Know how to make Google your friend not foe.0 Give your customers the voice to build your brand.0 Analyze ROI of time spent on web/social media development.View this Presentation on
  • Tell Me About Your Business
  • Make Google Your FriendExercise
  • Skyscrapers Aren’tBuilt Overnight0 This is going to take work no matter if you hiresomeone or do it yourself.0 Be committed to making online presence acompetitive advantage for your business.0 You must build a solid foundation before the firstpillar can be installed.0 Find the optimal time to spend on online presencedevelopment. Think ROI!0 Before/AfterView this Presentation on
  • My Lucky 7 Tips toMarket Dominance1. Building the Brand2. Situational Analysis3. Build a Strategy for your Website Development4. Build Your SEO Strategy5. Analyze Your Website Performance6. Become Socially Responsible7. Make Google Your FriendView this Presentation on
  • Step 1: Building Your Brand0 Think about spreading peanut butter on a sandwich.0 The foundation of a successful brand starts with aconsistent image and value message.0 Image and value message must be transparent inonline and offline marketing communications.0 Brand must be analyzed during online development.0 Why your brand over others?0 What differentiates you from your competitors?0Bigger, stronger, faster, etc.0Communicate this value to targeted customers.View this Presentation on
  • Step 2:Situational Analysis0 Analyze current online presence of company.0 Analyze competitor’s online presence.0 Website0 Social Media0 Search Engine Marketing0 Analyze who your customers are and how you canreach them online.0 Is a competitor already accomplishing this? (b2c or b2b)0 Where are they spending their time? Listening to music(Pandora) or playing games on their smartphone.View this Presentation on
  • Example:Boutiques0 Market share is earned through providing a consistent means ofcommunication with customers at every touch point possible. Leverage yourresources.0 Nesting Necessities-Claremore Main Street(Just Starting Campaign)0 http://www.nestingnecessities.com0 Hillary’s Boutique-Claremore Main Street0 Impressions-Northwest Arkansas (88K Followers)0 The Blue Door Boutique-Georgia (227K Followers)0 this Presentation on
  • Step 3:Build a Strategy0 Now that we know what the market looks like it istime to build a strategy for your brand.0 Are you going to hire someone or do it yourself?0 Have SMART goals for your website development andsocial media strategies.0 Increase traffic from northeastern Oklahoma by 200%in first three months of new site.0 Increase engagement on Facebook by 500 fans in thefirst three weeks of the optimized Facebook page.0 Be on the first page for local results for specific industryin first six months.View this Presentation on
  • SMART Goals0 Specific0 Measurable0 Attainable0 Realistic0 TimelyView this Presentation on
  • Option 1: Hire a Professional0 Still need to have SMART goals for the site that willprovide the professional with metrics to be measuredagainst.0 You will play a major role in the development of yourwebsite.0 Browse the internet for websites in your industry thatappeal to you.0 Study the top ranked websites in your industry viaGoogle or Bing and make notes of what functionality,aesthetics, and features you like.View this Presentation on
  • What to Look for in aWeb Developer0 Analyze developer’s portfolio.0 Do the websites have a similar characteristic or look?0 Is it easy to find your way around without getting lost?0 Does the site tempt you to become a customer or subscriberof the company/product?0 Does it load fast and is it professional looking?0 Is the site optimized for social media, SEO, and multipleviewing formats?0 Know the policy on who updates the site and what thesupport system is for web hosting, edits, etc.0 Full Version of Online ResourceView this Presentation on
  • Key Questions for Developer0 Do you submit site to major search engines?0 Will I have 24/7 access to the site to make edits?0 If there is an issue with the site do you charge per hour oris that included in the price you have quoted me fordevelopment?0 Do you have monthly plans for search engineoptimization, web hosting, & web maintenance?0 Are you building custom template or modifying a stocktemplate for my brand?0 What platform are you using to build my website?0 Online versus software based.View this Presentation on
  • Example of Developerhttp://www.TheDrivenDesign.comView this Presentation on
  • Option 2: Do it Yourself0 Bootstrapping the process. It is going to be wild ride but it mustbe strategically planned and organized.0 Be a guerrilla marketer!0 Not always money but creativity and time.0 Don’t be afraid to ask for help!0 Know your limitations and don’t set objectives that are notrealistic in the means of design or execution.0 Development Platform Knowledge0 Search Engine Optimization0 Integrating Social Media0 Writing Relevant Content-CONTENT IS KING0 Engagement0 Conversion of Leads to SalesView this Presentation on
  • Picking a Platform toBuild Your Website0 Does the platform offer responsivethemes/designs/layouts?0 Does the site offer social media integration organically ornon-organically?0 Is there an application/plug-in market available?0 Like Apple’s iOS application markets.0 Are you looking to sell products on your site?0 Content Management System0 Where can you edit your website’s content?0 Desktop0 Tablet0 Mobile Phone ApplicationView this Presentation on
  • Available Platforms0 Wix (Drag and Drop)0 App market is available0 SquareSpace (Drag and Drop)0 Example: Ontario PC0 Weebly (Drag and Drop)0 Example: Build Bartlesville0 Shopify (E-Commerce)0 Example: Nesting Necessities0 WordPress0 Example: bugRIGHT0 Plug-in market is availableView this Presentation on
  • WordPress Musts0 Must have a responsive theme.0 Must have a theme that meets your brand image and message.0 Have custom theme built0 Try to customize theme in a box0 Must leverage plug-ins to build engagement and competitive advantage.0 Events Calendar0 Yoast SEO Assistance0 Yoast Local SEO Application0 ShareThis0 ShareaHolic0 Google Analytics0 Bing Site Verification0 Store Locator Plus0 Form Builder-Different Plug-ins AvailableView this Presentation on
  • Step 4:Build Your SEO Strategy0 Leverage the situational analysis conducted for the webdevelopment strategy to analyze the following:0 Keywords competitors are using0 SEO tactics that competitors are using0 Strong Tagging0 Bolded text mean, STRONG TAGGED.0 Google/Bing focuses on those key terms.0 Micro-Tagging: Local SEO Focus0 Way of the future that will tell search engines exactly what the page represents.Example: Murphy’s Steakhouse in Bartlesville, Okla. would have Micro-Tags for localrestaurant with location featuring Bartlesville, Okla. or near Tulsa, Okla.0 Leverage Google AdWords Keyword Tool to analyze keywordsper industry0 Organic vs. Non-Organic Search Engine Marketing.0 Understand the importance of SEO dominance on all content.0 Google/Bing can’t read or properly index Flash/Java or imageswithout a proper ALT Tag and file name.0 Continue to modifying strategy to continue to increase traffic andconversion rates.View this Presentation on
  • Option 1: Hire a SEO Juice Man0 Much like scenario when hiring a web developer, must have a strategy inplace before meeting with potential SEO Juice Men.0 Have list of competitors readily available, geographic target market, andtargeted audience.0 Be ready to pay monthly fee and expect to receive updates including:0 Monthly Google Analytics Report0 Google AdWords Reports0 Tell them you want a SEO strategy for planned and unplannedpurchases.0 Planned0 Someone Googles the keywords, Arena Tools for Tractor, your businessshould be on the first page if you sell arena tools.0 Unplanned0 Someone who has known history of looking at arena tools for tractors onthe internet or social media sees ad on a website relating to arena tools fortractors.0 Think impulse buying at a grocery store with end caps and products at thecheck out.View this Presentation on
  • Example of SEO Juice ManView this Presentation on
  • Option 2: Do it Yourself0 Leverage SEO assistance apps or plug-ins if available for yourwebsite development platform.0 Register with Google Analytics to analyze traffic.0 Are visitors bouncing (exiting) from you site to soon?0 Are visitors getting to the desired take action page on your website?0 Just because you have traffic does not mean you have the right traffic!0 Conversion rates and ROI!0 Have a strategy for both:0 Organic SEO0 How do you make your site seem more credible and relevant to searchengines?0 Build back links and continually add new content that is engaging and contains keywords.0 Non-Organic SEO0 In the beginning of launching a website or new SEO strategy it is highlyrecommended to leverage non-organic paid placement to earn more trafficand higher rankings.0 Google AdWords0 Facebook Ads0 Display Ad placement on targeted websites0 ESPN0 High Plains JournalView this Presentation on
  • SEO Tactics That WillEarn You Google Cred0 Have a domain name with specific keywords in the actualdomain name.0 Example: TulsaMetalRoofing.com0 You can make this domain name your main domain name andthen have multiple other domain names that point back toyour website.0 If you post videos to YouTube/Vimeo ensure that you usekey terms in the title of the video and keyword section.0 Have internal links on each page of your website.0 Update your content regularly.0 Save every image that is placed on your website withkeywords.0 Example: WeddingCakeBakersTulsa.jpegView this Presentation on
  • SEO Industry Secrets0 You can submit your website and subsequent webpages to beindexed by Google and Bing by registering for webmaster toolson both search engines.0 You must verify your website with both Google and Bing byplacing code on your website.0 Strong Tag the products you offer and the markets you competein on the homepage of your website.0 Example: bugRIGHT0 Get social and leverage social media!0 Earn and encourage reviews on sites likeGoogle, Facebook, Angie’s List, etc.0 Submit articles to targeted media contacts for publishing both inprint and online. Increases traffic to website and buildscredibility in the eyes of consumers and search engines.0 PR WebView this Presentation on
  • Homework0 Create a Google AdWords Keyword research file onkeywords for your business’ specific industry.0 Create one SMART goal that you have for the creationor update of your company’s website.0 Example: increase sales of real estate in the Bixby, OKmarkets0 Create a list of five websites and five Facebookbusiness pages that you like the look, thefunctionality, or the engagement of the site.0 Be as specific as you can.View this Presentation on
  • Got Questions?Contact:Anthony W. TuckerPhone: 918-343-7509Email: atucker@rsu.eduTwitter: Tweet questions to @Brand_Tuck with#BuildMyOnlinePresenceReview Day 1 Presentation: Online Resource Center:http://www.GetMeFoundOnline.comSee you back here next Thursday, May 16, 2013. Same room, 310. Sametime, 2:00 pm-4:30 pm.