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Epowerhost Website Builder july2012

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Epowerhost Website Builder

  1. 1. ePowerHost SiteBuilderNo Task Check 15th July 2012, Sunday1 Create New Web Site  Project Name: Must be a unique name.  My Web Builder  Web Site Language: Must determine at the beginning of  English web project as changing later may cause web page displays incorrectly.  ## MY WEB  Web Site Title: Enter your website keywords on it because BUILDER ## BUILD Google gives high weight on this data resulting to higher AND MANAGE>> ranking. To make your website outstanding, use “ ## ”, “ >> “ ONLINE BUSINESS and Capital letter.  MY WEB BUILDER  Company Name : Default Font & Size  Build and Manage  Slogan : Default Font & Size, Italic Online Business  Upload  Logo : Size (120pixel x 70 pixel) & not more than 30KB logo_only.gif  Click Save and continue to Step22 Select Template Style Template Catalogue Tab  Template  Template Categories Categories: o DIY Template: Templates created from Create DIY o Internet Template tab Services: Page o Import Template: Templates imported from Export and 2, 18-749, Import tab. white o All Categories o Art & Gallery: o Individual Categories (Books, Family, Business, etc.) Page 3, 1-515  Template Style o Art & Gallery: o All Styles Page 5, 1-761 o Individual Styles (Flash, Two-Tone, Vector, etc.) o Business: Page 2, 4-329, Red  Select your website design by clicking directly on the preview o Business: Page button ( magnifying glass). You can also click on the colors 4, 17-436, on the lower right of the template thumbnail before preview Yellow the template.  Once you have found the design that you like, click on the  Template Style: template thumbnail to select. All Styles
  2. 2. ePowerHost SiteBuilderExport and Import Tab Browsing for templates to download is similar in Template  Template Catalogue tab. Categories: Please note the download button beside the o Beauty and magnifying glass button. Fashion: Page 1, 2-463 Click on the download button to download the template. Please Download Template window will appear o Click on the Preview button to view which template  Select: to download. o Picture name: o Click on Download button of the template you want to Girl download. o Color: Yellow o You can close the Please Download Template window after you have downloaded the template. gold_Girl_2.tar.gz will be downloaded. Right-click on gold_Girl_2.tar.gz file and click Extract Here. You will see a folder named gold_Girl_2 Next, look for the image file that you want to change or edit. Note: Please do not rename the file and image size. When you are done with image editing, right-click on the folder gold_Girl_2 and click on Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder . gold_Girl_2 zip file will appear. To import the template that you have edited, click on the Choose File button. Select the gold_Girl_2 zipped file and click Open to import your edited template. Now you will notice the zip file of gold_Girl_2.zip is beside the Choose File button. Next, click on Import and go to template catalogue button.  The imported If your import is successful, you will see the message template will be “Template has been successfully imported. Please click here assigned a to edit or create new project. In step2, you should find your Template ID. imported template.” E.g.: # 23-167101 You can Preview, Re-upload or Delete the template that you have imported.
  3. 3. ePowerHost SiteBuilder3 Select Your Web Site Style  You can change the color scheme, picture style, navigator style, navigator color, and default font family.  Color: Click to change available colors  Picture: Options of Click or Off  Position and Resolution  Font  Navigator: Choose the type design that you like  Move: Click and drag to move the Logo, Company Name & Slogan. You can also Auto Positions.  Site Wide: Edit top, Edit bottom, Edit side1, Edit Side2. Here,  Section 1: Picture you can embed code for example Add Picture, insert Youtube  Section 2: Insert movie, Google Adsense code, insert flash banner & etc. Media/Video >>  Note: When you have edited any of the Site Wide section, it In Youtube, will turn into green. search gratitude  When you are done, click “Save” to proceed to Step 4. dance - http://www.youtube.c om/watch?v=QeLbrGs pigg  Then, click Share, click Embed & copy the iframe code.  Section 3: HitCounter code- http://freehitcou ntercode.com/  Section 4: Flash Banner4 Page Structure  Select suggested page structure & click the Move button.  Move: About Us,  Then arrange your page structure by clicking on the Move Products, Order Up or Move Down button. (set as sub- menu), Portfolio,  You can add extra Components. Extra components have a Contact Us pre-built script for its own specific task.  Component:  Click Save and proceed to Step 5. Photo Album  Note: If you see Warning message in Step 5, please follow the on screen instructions.
  4. 4. ePowerHost SiteBuilder5 Site Content  Click "WYSIWYG Editor" to add or edit the content on your  Photo Album: web page. o Upload  In Page List Navigator, you will see your created pages. Image>Create Directory:  Click to edit the page. Showcase  Click "Delete" to delete the web page. Be careful, the o Click Choose deleted page cannot be restored. File to upload  Click "Manage" to manage the extra component. Photos  Manage Image: o Click on Showcase folder o Change Image Description o Click Save  Header & Footer: o Header> Web Builder Header o Footer> Web Builder Footer6 Extras – Custom Web Page Title  Click "Edit" to edit web page title or click "Reset" to get a  Meta Keyword: default value. Web Builder,  Meta Tags: Enter keywords and description Website Builder, Easy Web Builder  Meta Description: Easy 7 steps website builder  Page Effect: It can only perform in IE browser.  Page Name
  5. 5. ePowerHost SiteBuilder7 Publish  Every time you edit the web pages, you need to publish  Text box: them. The actual web site will not reflect the change until sitebuilder you do this step.  Leave blank if this site is to appear when you visit YourDomainName.com  If you want to publish to YourDomainName.com/test/ enter test on the text box  When you are done, click Publish Button to publish your site.  Note: Please wait for few minutes until the whole process of building your website is done.  http://epowerhost.net/sitebuilder/tryout/users/rvstryoutant honywee19/sitebuilder/index.php  http://bit.ly/MyWebBuilder