The Guide to SEO Success


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A handy step-by-step guide to successfully understanding and implementing SEO marketing and strategies.

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The Guide to SEO Success

  1. 1. INSIGHTS FOR SUCCESSFUL SEO Mastering the basics Researched & created by IQPC for The Online & Digital Marketing Summit
  2. 2. “SEO is only not seen as rocket science BY THOSE WHO ALREADY KNOW IT” Danny Sullivan Search Engine Land
  3. 3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization):Tweaking your website’s text, images andlinks so:1. People can find it faster on Google2. It gets higher search engine ranking
  5. 5. KEYWORD RESEARCHKeyword research is when you discover what words people use to search for products like yours.
  6. 6. KEYWORD RESEARCH Tips:1. On a notepad (a real one or on your PC), list all the words associated with your product or company2. Add specifics (e.g. if you’re a real estate company selling condos in Cairo, write ‘Cairo Condominiums’ instead of ‘condominiums’ 3. Prioritise: If you could use only 5 keywords out of all you’ve listed, which would they be? 4. Use these 5 keywords on your home page 5. Look at keywords similar to yours being used by your competitors (more on Slide 9) 6. Use Yahoo’s Site Explorer service to check what external sites link to you
  7. 7. KEYWORD RESEARCH INSIGHT 1:Go to Google, and search for your product as if you were buying it for the first time. Notice the keywords you used? Add THOSE keywords to your list!
  8. 8. KEYWORD RESEARCH INSIGHT 2: Sign up for Google Analytics (it’s free!)It allows you to see which keywords are most effective at driving traffic to your website
  9. 9. SIDE NOTE:If you’re enjoying these tips on successful SEO, you may want to gain live adviceand knowledge from the experts who will present Click Egypt in November. Click here to join Egyptian marketers atthe biggest marketing event in the region.
  10. 10. Remember your competition Optimising your website involves more than just your Google ranking: it helps you be more prominent than your competition TIPS: 1. List the main common keywords used by your competitor 2. Look at links to other sites shared on their own website3. Search which websites their own site is listed on (you can use Yahoo’s Site Explorer to check competitors as well)
  11. 11. Remember your competition INSIGHT 3:Try listing your site on the same websites your competitor is listed on. More on this in the next slide!
  12. 12. Building good links “Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first” Wendy Piersall (New Media & Web Tech Guru) When you link your website on other sites and vice versa, itbuilds a network of trust i.e. the more your site is networked, the more it is trusted by search engines!
  13. 13. Building good links TIPS: 1. Search for directories featured about your industry 2. Buy or free-list your website on it 3. Ensure you have strong keywords in your link description 4. Try adding a geographical element e.g. ‘IP Phone solutions in Cairo, Egypt’5. Try choosing directory sites which rank higher on search engines over those ranked lower. 6. Remember to link back to those sites from your own
  14. 14. Building good links INSIGHT 4: Look up the highest ranked non-competitive site.Try getting a link on that as it indicates your site as a preferred one by them!
  15. 15. PRESS RELEASE OPTIMISATION What you should know Optimized press releases show up in search engines anytime someone searches for those keywordsUnlike the past, today journalists look for press releases online to save time A press release that is optimised can be picked up by industry bloggers & researchers
  16. 16. PRESS RELEASE OPTIMISATION Tips: 1. Remember who you’re writing the press release for: the reader, not the news media. This is exactly what news editors look for in releases: ‘would readers want to read this’2. Make sure your press release is something they really want to know about, something relevant but timely 3. Research the trending news in the industry to get a pulse of what may interest the reader 4. Try adding an image to your press release. Be sure to name your image with a keyword. These images show up on search engines, giving your press release added exposure 5. You CAN hyperlink words in your press release. Most people today read news on their browser or phone, meaning they can click your link! Use just one link to your home page to avoid clutter 6. Use keywords in your headline
  17. 17. VIDEO SEO Did you know is considered the 3rd biggest search engine in the world?Millions of people now search for products & services on video sharing sites as they expect to see tutorials and hands-on experience being shared
  18. 18. VIDEO SEO Tips:1. Ensure the title of your corporate or product video contains at least one keyword2. Ensure your description for the video contains at least 3 major keywords 3. Ensure you have added your URL to the description and embedded it in your video 4. After optimising it, share your video on social media sites. Search engines pick up on content which generates activity
  19. 19. ANALYSING YOUR SEO RESULTSOnce you’ve invested all this time and effort into SEO, it’s equally important to know how to monitor your success Tips: 1. Sign up for Google Analytics (it’s free) 2. Once you’ve added your website(s) to be monitored you can now start to see: a) Which keywords drive the most traffic to your site b) Which country & city visits you most c) How long people spend on pages on your site d) Which content they liked most on your site Tutorial on setting up a Google Analytics account Tutorial to navigate Google Analytics
  20. 20. EXPERT OPINION“Never expect guaranteed results, or believe those whopromise you that. SEO is not a definitive science, and it is an on-going, ever changing process” Mazen Abou Hatab Head of Marketing Joob.comMazen – one of the top-rated speakers at Click 5.0 in June this year – will be leading a keysession and workshop at Click Egypt on SEO best practice with a focus on the Middle East. Learn from Mazen in person by clicking here to confirm your attendance!
  21. 21. Congratulations! These are the basics you need for successfully optimising your website.SEO is on-going and is not a one-time thing. Over the coming months we will share with you many other tools to master the digital marketing field, including social media, email marketing, copywriting and mobile marketing.What’s more, in October, we will share with you a detailed Digital Marketing Guidebook, which will include insights into better SEO management! The Online & Digital Marketing Summit 21-23 November 2011 Sofitel Cairo, El Gezirah, Cairo, Egypt