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The American Red Cross
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The American Red Cross






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The American Red Cross The American Red Cross Presentation Transcript

  • M A K E A N I M P A C T
  • The American Red Cross prevents andalleviates human suffering in the face ofemergencies by mobilizing the power ofvolunteers and the generosity of donors.
  • The American Red Cross, through its strong network ofvolunteers, donors and partners, is always there in times of need.We aspire to turn compassion into action so that…...all people affected by disaster across the country and aroundthe world receive care, shelter and hope;...our communities are ready and prepared for disasters;...everyone in our country has access to safe, lifesaving blood andblood products;...all members of our armed services and their families findsupport and comfort whenever needed; and...in an emergency, there are always trained individuals nearby,ready to use their Red Cross skills to save lives. View slide
  • It is stated within the mission statement that we accomplishour goals by mobilizing the power of volunteers and thegenerosity of donors. Volunteers and donors undergirdour goals and vision. Through the disaster reliefprogram, Red Cross responds to approximately 70,000disasters every year within the US alone. Theseincidents range from a single house fire that affects afamily, to a an earthquake that affects millions. Wehelp to provide food, shelter, health and mental healthservices. We also partner up with other agencies andorganizations that help propagate services for thevictims. View slide
  • • There were 206 million disaster-affected persons in 2011 globally• Globally, the economic cost of disasters in 2011 was $380 billion• Red Cross responded to nearly 63,000 fires, nearly 2,000 floods, more than 520 tornadoes, nearly 330 explosions or other hazardous materials accidents and more than 160 major snow storms. That’s roughly 1 every 8 minutes and that’s only within our country.
  • Thanks to our volunteers and donations, we are always ready torespond year round:• We rely heavily on volunteers and adept staff members to help lead the work on the field• We need to allocate enough supplies for our shelter residents, such as, cots, blankets and comfort kits.• To have enough food for the affected area and enough volunteers to serve• Have the proper emergency response vehicles be on site and ready to go• All this isnt possible without the proper funds provided through fundraisers and donations
  • • To access and determine the disasters full impact and whether the local national society in the Red Cross has the capacity to respond.• To decide who should take the lead role in coordinating response. Depending whether it is international or local.• American Red Cross staff members meet to determine how the organization will respond• Coordinate actions with departments within National Headquarters, such as, Regional Offices, Fundraising, and Restoring Family Links to name a few.• From here, each individual department plays it role. Whether administering healthcare, food services, providing shelters, and so on.
  • • More than 20,000 disaster workers deployed• Approximately 490 shelters opened• More than 4 million meals and snacks• 2 million cleanup, comfort and relief supplies• Nearly 95,000 health and mental health contacts• 32,000 staff members employed
  • • Thousands of victims are provided with shelter, hot meals, essential relief supplies, emotional support and health services• Families are directed to available resources to help aid recovery after the disaster by trained Red Cross workers• Families are much more capable of surviving the incident and to recover and move on.• The affected community or country is left with a more positive outlook for their future.• Families are reunited
  • Ways that our specific program relates to critical thinking:When a disaster strikes, we need to take an objective look atand analyze the situation in order to make a decision on whatsthe best course of action to take. We need to think about whatresources the affected will need in terms of healthcare, food,shelter and how much of it and coordinating staff members andvolunteers.
  • Ways that our specific program relates to critical action:Before we physically deploy our volunteers and workers out tothe field, we analyze the situation to take informed,knowledgeable action by assessing what kind of disaster it is andwhat protocols need to be taken. Through disaster relief, we areactively shaping individual lives in the world by providing muchneeded resources in terms of health and mental health, and wellbeing. And when we engage in a situation where we could havebeen better prepared, we learn and learn more to be preparedthe next time a similar disaster hits. To be able to reflect andtake from our mistakes to run more efficiently next time.
  • • Shuttleworth believes that it • Here at Red Cross, we make a is people who change the difference in this world world through the partnership of individuals willing to volunteer their time. They are the driving force behind our organization. They respond to a dire need within our world, and help life for many easier to cope with in their time of distress.
  • • Make use of conventional as • We have recently opened the well as social media Red Cross Digital Operation Center, which is the only social media monitoring center specifically devoted to humanitarian relief efforts. WE have also gone mobile by releasing our First Aid app, along with a handful of others, to help those looking for a shelter or general aid in everyday situations.
  • • They actively collaborate • One of the exciting growths with others and encourage experienced at Red Cross is the the same in their fellowships growth of partnerships. Our partners have helped us in countless ways: Our Holiday Mail Program has helped send millions of greetings around the world to military families; supporting efforts to increase blood donations; ensuring that we are better prepared for disasters; and providing volunteers who are trained and ready to go when disaster strikes.
  • I share a connection with this organization, like many others.At the beginning of this year, I had the opportunity to giveblood. When you do it, its something you want to proudly goaround and share with everyone. How amazing it is that youcan help save the life of another and do it nationally. Andwhat’s even greater, you’re a part of a huge volunteercommunity who has united together to make a difference inthe world. Donating leaves me with a sense ofaccomplishment. Knowing that you answered a call or need ofan individual and changing the disposition of someone’s life,who without our volunteers, would come to a differentresolution. I’m glad that Red Cross has provided me with theopportunity to give.
  • More Info, CLICK HERE  http://www.redcross.org/support/Here at Red Cross, we provide many options for those interestedin getting involved:• Donate• Fundraise• Give Blood or Host a Blood Drive• Taking, Teaching or Hosting a Class• Volunteering• Getting Involved with a Group or Program• Helping Internationally• Be an AdvocateFor More Info, click the above Link!
  • Thank You For Your Support!! M A K E A N I M P A C T Anthony Orozco