What Does a Product Manager Do?


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Short deck summarizing role of Product Manager I created & delivered to my company in 2013.

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What Does a Product Manager Do?

  1. 1. What Does a Product Manager Do? Company Presentation July 1, 2013 linkedin.com/anthonymitc hell3
  2. 2. Agenda > What is Product Management? > What does a Product Manager do? > How do Product Managers succeed? > What does it take to be a Product Manager? > Bonus Question*
  3. 3. What is Product Management? The goal of Product Management is to avoid this scenario Managing: >Communication >Strategy >Objectives >Expectations >Requirements >Go-to Market >Profitability
  4. 4. What is Product Management? > Product Management is a strategic and business-oriented role, focused on delivering solutions to market needs. > Product Managers... > Identify profitable opportunities that meet market needs > Launch products into the market > Oversee products already in the market > Sunset products that longer meet market needs
  5. 5. What do Product Managers do? Risk Management Market Analysis Product Document ation Implementation & Project Mgmt Client Support Tools, Systems, Process Validation 510K Consulting Services Reporting/ Analytics Roadmap Planning Regulatory Strategy Release Planning Training Coding and Testing Sales Story Development /Backlog Must meet market demands + launch product + make profit Beta Clients Customers General Manager Clinical Analyst Input
  6. 6. What else does a Product Manager do?> Manages the brand > Generates sales leads > Responsible for the profit & loss of the product > Brings new products to life... maximizes profits in existing products...retires unsuccessful products > Champions the product, internally and externally Product Management is an art, not science
  7. 7. How do Product Managers succeed?
  8. 8. People Success Factors: >Communication >Trust >Accountability Product Managers are the glue that hold it all together…
  9. 9. Product Lifecycle Management Process
  10. 10. Key Tools for Product Managers
  11. 11. What does it take to be a Product Manager? Multitasking is in our DNA
  12. 12. Who wants to be a Product Manager?
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