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Anthony johnson portfolio

  1. 1. Portfolio Anthony J. Johnson
  2. 2. SpiralOut Consulting is a company I founded to help startups and small businesses with marketing and social media. I provide a full variety of marketing and web services such as business planning, strategy, integrated marketing, market research, business development, online advertising, and more. ! > Since it is my own business, I handle all project management, sales, business development, account management, and client marketing management activities. These are some online publications I’ve been quoted in. These are some organizations I belong to. I built this website myself using Wordpress, and created the company logo in Adobe Illustrator.
  3. 3. Turke’s Omega-3 Gourmet Foods is a startup food company I’ve been working with since 2010. They have been trying to establish a presence in the very tough Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) market. During that time, I’ve helped them in a variety of areas, including: • Created company's marketing plan, which included an analysis of the marketing mix, identified their ideal customer, and determined key geographic target markets. • Built company website using Wordpress (they supplied the colors and logo). • Created business development materials. • Designed product brochures. • Assisted with product label design. • Planned and implemented social media. • Created YouTube video. Key Accomplishment: Helped company secure its first wholesale order.
  4. 4. Created company Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages. Created YouTube video of in-store product demo, and used the video to educate customers about the company’s products and the heath benefits of omega-3’s.
  5. 5. This was a Facebook cover photo I had a graphic designer make for one of my clients. ! I didn’t like it, so I redesigned it myself using Photoshop: Improved: • Value proposition • Background image • Product image • Fonts and font colors • Overall feel of ad
  6. 6. Driving Engagement: Handling sensitive situations: Used a targeted local ad campaign to achieve results unheard of in this client’s industry.
  7. 7. Client Facebook Page Pleasant imagery Personal feel Lead capture form
  8. 8. Client Facebook Page Value Proposition Lead capture forms Free download
  9. 9. Client Facebook Cover Image Value proposition I hired and managed a graphic designer to create this ad for my client. I provided instruction on the color scheme and images to be used, and worked with client to determine the value proposition.
  10. 10. ! Amano Music has been creating large scale music projects and 30-second spots for the likes of Coca-Cola, GE, McDonald’s, Porsche, Samsung, and Volkswagen (to name drop a few). We were excited when Ben Amano himself asked us to partner in a social media initiative – get him online! We created a custom Facebook banner and timeline, and linked his Spotify account that currently houses all of his greatest hits. We also created a Twitter page and YouTube channel for additional cross-promotion and web presence. Tabs to promote Spotify playlists, Twitter, and YouTube content.
  11. 11. E-commerce Management ! BeyondTheVineyard was an e-commerce website I created to sell wine accessories online. • Generated over $3,600 in monthly sales by second month of operation. • Sourced over 1,000 products by attending trade shows and networking with suppliers via social media. I conceptualized the brand and website layout, and designed the user experience based on e- commerce best practices. Then, I hired a web developer and web designer to build the site on the Magento CMS platform, and managed the project to completion. I offered both dropshipped and inventoried products, and also sold on Amazon and eBay. !
  12. 12. Pulse Ventures, Inc was holding company I established to create and develop a family of niche e-commerce and informational websites to provide customers with anything that might enhance their lives in some way. • Sourced and sold a variety of products online, from picnic baskets to rare European CD's. • Conducted market research, identified opportunities, and created branded niche websites. • Hired / managed freelance professionals for graphic design and web development projects.
  13. 13. HobokenFoodCritic was a blog I created to tell the story of the Hoboken, NJ lifestyle through experiences at local food establishments.  • Earned backlinks and recognition on several local websites, including, was approached several times by reality TV scouts, and received many private invitiations from restaurant owners. • Consistently averaged 3,000 visitors per month.
  14. 14. Thought Leadership ! This is my personal blog / website which I created to share my experiences and thoughts about business success and personal success. ! Since I read a lot of books, I also offer recommendations on some of my favorite books. ! I hope to continue creating content for the site as I grow and learn in the future, and hope to serve as an inspiration to help people achieve great things.
  15. 15. SnackBuilder is a startup food company that creates healthy, engaging snacks that kids build before they eat. I was a co-founder of this company, and handled all the digital marketing and technology strategy/implentation. • Won 2013 Lean Startup Machine startup competition. • Developed/implemented online marketing strategy. • Managed Google Adwords campaign. • Generated interest in products through landing page. • Interviewed prospective customers. • Secured press feature in NJ Tech Weekly.
  16. 16. This was a mind map I created for a startup digital signage company to help them visualize a go-to-market strategy. Strategic Mind Mapping
  17. 17. Market Research The below slide is from a market research project I lead on behalf of an activity tracking device startup. We created a survey for over 9,000 customers, utilized SPSS for cluster analysis, and provided insights on customer segmentation, key geographic target markets, and customer demographic profiles.
  18. 18. Feedback
  19. 19. Feedback