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Using the free WooCommerce plugin, by WooThemes, this presentation steps through the process of installing & configuring the plugin, for first time eCommerce users. It shows how easy it is to add in …

Using the free WooCommerce plugin, by WooThemes, this presentation steps through the process of installing & configuring the plugin, for first time eCommerce users. It shows how easy it is to add in all of your product data along with viewing your orders and sales reports.

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  • Hi Michael,

    It doesn't handle this situation straight out of the box, but I'm sure there's something you could do.

    One solution, off the top of my head, is having a separate form whereby companies can request a reduced tax rate. On the form, you'd prompt them to upload a copy of their certificate. Once you've verified the certificate is valid, you could then email them a coupon code that they can use upon checkout that provides them the appropriate discount.

    Hope this helps.
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  • Hi, Thanks for the slides. I'm looking into woocommerce, but I can't find an answer to my special need. If I have a reduced tax rate (for film production companies in California) is there a way to restrict this to certified companies. For example, the company needs to be registered with the state.

    Therefore, to prevent just anyone from choosing the reduced rate, the company's certificate has to be checked first. Can this be done with woocommerce? Can a transaction (with a reduced tax rate) not be immediately processed until the company is verified?
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  • 1. #wcmelbAnthony Hortin@maddisondesignsGetting Started withWooCommerce
  • 2. #wcmelb @maddisondesignsA WordPress eCommerce toolkit thathelps you sell anything. Beautifully.“ ”
  • 3. #wcmelb @maddisondesigns✓ WooCommerce 2.0+ has been fully security audited bythe leading WordPress security firm Sucuri.✓ Use the reports to get a birds-eye view of your storesperformance.✓ Run complex coupon campaigns.✓ Setup Intricate tax & shipping options.✓ Customers can check out quickly and efficiently✓ Allow customers to leave reviews & ratings for products.FeaturesFeatures
  • 4. Installs like any other WordPress pluginDownload fromWordPress.orgInstall from yourWordPressdashboardDownload fromWooThemesInstalling
  • 5. #wcmelb @maddisondesignsActivate & automatically install the default pagesInstalling
  • 6. Dashboard modulesRight NowA statisticaloverview of yourstoreRecent OrdersLists your mostrecent ordersRecent ReviewsList your recentcustomer reviewsMonthly SalesShows salequantities &amounts p/mthWhere to find things
  • 7. Shop ManagementOrdersView & manageyour ordersReportsView sales,customer & stockreportsCouponsView & addcouponsWhere to find things
  • 8. Shop ManagementSettingsMain WooComerceconfigurationsettingsSystem StatusProvides usefulsystem stats onyour siteWhere to find things
  • 9. ProductsView & manageyour ProductsAdd ProductAdd a newproductCategoriesView & manageproduct categoriesProduct ManagementWhere to find things
  • 10. TagsView & manageproduct tagsShipping ClassesView & manageshipping classesAttributesView & manageproduct attributesProduct ManagementWhere to find things
  • 11. #wcmelb @maddisondesignsFirst up, configure your WooCommerce settingsConfiguring
  • 12. General tab✓ Define your store location, currency & allowed countries✓ Configure whether customers can register accounts✓ Enable/Disable Guest checkouts✓ Enable/Disable use of CouponsSettings
  • 13. Catalog tab✓ Default product sorting & shop contents(products and/or categories)✓ Define product data fields (SKU, Weight, Dimensions)✓ Define pricing format (Decimals, Seperators)✓ Define image sizes (Catalog, Single product, Thumbnails)Settings
  • 14. #wcmelb @maddisondesignsPages tab✓ Configure the core WooCommerce pagesMost can be left as default as they’re automatically setwhen you install the default WooCommerce pagesSettings
  • 15. #wcmelb @maddisondesignsInventory tab✓ Enable/Disable stock management✓ Enable low/out of stock notificationsSettings
  • 16. Tax tab✓ Enable/Disable taxes & tax calculations✓ Define whether shop prices are inclusive/exclusive of tax✓ Ability to define multiple tax classes (Std, Reduced, etc.)✓ Set tax rate based on country and/or stateSettings
  • 17. Shipping tab✓ Enable/Disable shipping calculations✓ Enable/Disable multiple shipping methods✓ Configure shipping rates based on CountriesSettings
  • 18. Payment Gateways tab✓ Enable/Disable payment gateways✓ Configure settings for each payment gatewaySettings
  • 19. Emails tab✓ Define the name & email accounts to use for shop emails✓ Upload an optional header image for your emails✓ Enable/Disable when to send notificationsSettings
  • 20. Integration tab✓ Add your Google Analytics ID for tracking visitors✓ Enable/Disable ShareThis social media sharing widget✓ Enable/Disable ShareYourCart affiliate marketing toolSettings
  • 21. #wcmelb @maddisondesignsManage your products usingthe Products menuManaging Products
  • 22. #wcmelb @maddisondesignsJust like Post Categories, Product Categoriesallow you to group all your products.✓ Drag ‘n drop to change their display order✓ Add an image for each category✓ Hierarchical, just like Post Categories✓ Can also be added when adding a new productProduct Categories
  • 23. Product Categories
  • 24. #wcmelb @maddisondesignsProduct Tags are similar to Post Tags. They act asad-hoc keywords for your products.✓ Can be added when adding each productProduct Tags
  • 25. #wcmelb @maddisondesignsShipping classes can be used to group productsof similar type.✓ Used by certain shipping methods to provide differentrates to different productsShipping Classes
  • 26. #wcmelb @maddisondesignsAttributes are used to define extra product data✓ Commonly used with Variable Products for offeringvariations of a product. (eg. Small, Medium, Large)✓ Drag ‘n drop terms to change their display orderAttributes
  • 27. Attributes
  • 28. SimpleCovers the vastmajority of anyproductsGroupedA collection ofrelated productsExternal/AffiliateA product you listbut is soldelsewhereVariableA product which hasseveral differentvariationsThere are four types of ProductsProducts
  • 29. Just like adding a Page or Post,you enter the product name & descriptionAdding Products
  • 30. Product Data fields will change dependingon the type of product addedAdding Products
  • 31. General Tab✓ SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) to track products✓ Regular & Sales price✓ Tax Status and Tax ClassAdding Products
  • 32. Inventory Tab✓ Manage stock✓ Allow/Disallow backordersAdding Products
  • 33. Shipping Tab✓ Specify weight of product✓ Specify dimensions✓ Specify Shipping Class to group with other productsAdding Products
  • 34. Linked Products Tab✓ Manage Up-Sells — Products you recommend insteadof the currently viewed product✓ Manage Cross-Sells — Products you promote in thecart, based on the current product✓ Make this product part of a Grouped productAdding Products
  • 35. Attributes Tab✓ Assign an Attribute to give your product further information✓ Attributes are a key component of Variable ProductsAdding Products
  • 36. Advanced Tab✓ Enter optional notes to supply your customers✓ Specify a custom ordering position for this item✓ Enable/Disable customer reviewsAdding Products
  • 37. #wcmelb @maddisondesignsVariations Tab✓ Used for managing data for Variable Products✓ Create variations based on product attributes✓ Variations can have their own SKU, Stock Quantity,Price, Weight, Dimensions, Shipping Class & Tax Class✓ Individual product image can be selected for eachAdding Products
  • 38. Adding Products
  • 39. Short DescriptionEnter a shortdescription ofthe productCategoriesSpecify aCategory foryour productGalleryAdd productimages to createa galleryFeatured ImageSelect a FeaturedImage for theproductOther important content you need to addAdding Products
  • 40. #wcmelb @maddisondesignsOrders are created when a customer completesthe checkout process✓ Only visible to Administrators and Shop Managers✓ Orders have a status (Pending, Failed, Completed etc.)✓ Orders can be added manually, if need beOrders
  • 41. #wcmelb @maddisondesignsUse coupons to provide customers with discounts✓ Discounts can be cart or product amounts/percentages✓ Can include/exclude certain products or categories✓ Specify an expiry date for limited use couponsCoupons
  • 42. SalesView sales by day,month, product& othersCouponsList coupons usedfor purchases &total discountsCustomersView signups,customers &guest salesStockList your lowstock & out ofstock itemsViewing your stores performanceReports
  • 43. #wcmelb @maddisondesignsWooCommerce Extensions allow you to addextra functionality to your storeExtending WooCommerce
  • 44. Payment GatewaysTake paymentsdirectly on yourstore using eWay,ANZ, NAB & othersTable RateShippingSetup highlycustomisableshipping optionsProduct FinderAn advancedsearch for helpingfind products onyour siteCatalog VisibilityOptionsTurn your onlineshop into anonline catalogSome common extensionsExtending WooCommerce
  • 45. #wcmelb @maddisondesignsWordPress Plugin Directory WooCommerce site Documentation Extensions to remember
  • 46. #wcmelb @maddisondesignsThat’s all folks!☺Thanks! Questions?You can find me