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Social Media Branding For REALTORS®
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Social Media Branding For REALTORS®


This was a presentation that I used to teach my class to my local Realtors. It includes a guidebook that I developed to help my students develop a consistent online brand which they can use on all …

This was a presentation that I used to teach my class to my local Realtors. It includes a guidebook that I developed to help my students develop a consistent online brand which they can use on all their social media sights.

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  • 1. Social Media Branding for Realtors by Anthony Ebright ® Copyright © 2010 Anthony Ebright
  • 2. AgendaWhy Bra nd Yourself?Define Y our Brand! our Social M edia Profile.Describe Y Your Uniqu e Qualities?What Are our Sphere of Influence. Identify Y Social Medi a Message. Es tablish Your Social M edia Tools.
  • 3. Why Brand Yourself ? You can generate more leads by establishing a strong and memorable image of who you are as a Realtor®, with your target audience. 64% of consumers have made a first purchase from a brand because of a digital experience... (Razorfish Digital Brand Experience Study, 2009) Image courtesy of mleak on Flickr
  • 4. Define Your Brand!Who are you?How do othersperceive you?What is niche?
  • 5. Describe Your Social Media Profile
  • 6. About You
  • 7. ContactInformation
  • 8. WorkExperience
  • 9. Education
  • 10. ProfessionalGoals
  • 11. Awards
  • 12. What Are Your Unique Qualities?
  • 13. Neighborhood
  • 14. Hobbies
  • 15. Life Experience
  • 16. PersonalInterests
  • 17. Talent
  • 18. Birth Place
  • 19. Culture
  • 20. Establish Your Social Media Message
  • 21. Connect
  • 22. Educate
  • 23. Share
  • 24. Interact
  • 25. Transparent
  • 26. Fun
  • 27. Passion
  • 28. Identify Your Spheres of Influence Image rights reserved by Fort Photo
  • 29. Friends and Family Image rights reserved by Fort Photo
  • 30. School
  • 31. Church
  • 32. Sports
  • 33. Social Media Tools Company Web Address Description Company Web Address Description99Designs www.99designs.com Logo Designs Involver www.involver.com/ Facebook Tabs gallery.htmlACT! 2010 www.sage.co.uk/act Database LinkedIn www.linkedin.com Social NetworkActiverain www.activerain.com Real Estate Network Merchant Circle www.merchantcircle.com Business ListingsAdMarketerTool www.admarketertool.com Craigs list Ads MySpace www.myspace.com Social NetworkAgentPress www.agentpress.com RE Blog Nearbytweets www.nearbytweets.com Twitter SearchArchtelecom www.archtelecom.com Lead Capture Netvibes www.netvibes.com Dashboard EverythingBannerFans www.bannerfans.com Banners PageLever www.pagelever.com Facebook WelcomeBebo www.bebo.com Social Network Picnik www.picnik.com Photo EditingBitly www.bitly.com URL Shortener Pipl www.pipl.com People SearchBlogger www.blogger.vom Google Blog Plaxo www.plaxo.com Professional NetworkBooshaka www.booshaka.com Search Engine Prezi www.prezi.com PowerpointBox www.box.net File Storage Postlets www.postlets.com Flyer CreatorConstant Contact www.constantcontact.com Email Templates SecondLife www.secondlife.com Virtual WorldCraigslisttraker www.craigslisttraker.com Traker Shutterfly www.shutterfly.com Photo StorageDiverseSolutions www.diversesolutions.com IDX Plug in Skitch www.skitch.com Screen CaptureEcademy www.ecademy.com Social Network Slideshare www.slideshare.com Slide ShowEmailMeForm www.emailmeform.com Email Templates Steprep www.steprep.com Brand MonitoringFacebook Ads www.facebook.com/ads Targeted Ads Technorati www.technorati.com Blogging IndexFacebook www.facebook.com Social Network TechSmith www.techsmith.com/jing Desktop RecorderFlowTown www.flowtown.com Client Search Trulia www.trulia.com Real Estate ResourceFlickr www.flickr.com Photo Storage TweetBeep www.tweetbeep.com Twitter SearchGeoChirp www.geochip.com Client Search TweetDeck www.tweetdeck.com Social BrowserGoo www.goo.gl Trackable URL Twitter www.twitter.com Micro BloggingGoogle Alerts www.google.com/alerts Online Tracker Wikipedia www.wikipedia.com Informal EncyclopediaGoogle Analytic www.google.com/analytics Website Statistics WordPress www.wordpress.com Blogging SiteGoogle Docs www.google.com/ File Storage Yelp www.yelp.com Business Review documentsGoogleVoice www.google.com/voice Free Internet Phone YouTube www.youtube.com VideoHittail www.hittail.com Key Word Search Zillow www.zillow.com Real Estate ResourceHootsuite www.hootsuite.com Automated Postings
  • 34. Anyone who has never made a mistakehas never tried anything new.Albert Einstein
  • 35. Q&A
  • 36. Connect with me: er le s Ma n a g b right, Sa ortgageA nthony E o Home M argWells F707-521-4033Office: 707-548-0752 Mobile: t.com t ny ebrigh m/anthonyebrigh ww.anthoacebook.co ork: w www.f onyebrig ht W nth Face book: edin .com/in/ayebright : www.link r.com/anthon Linkedin ww.twitte ellsfargo.co m Tw itter: w ony.d.ebright@w th Email: an
  • 37. Thank You!
  • 38. AttributionsSlide 1 - Bring Me to Life by ReyesSlide 2 - 5 vor 12 by AdesignaSlide 3 - Brands by mleadSlide 4 - Fruits and Vegetables by marcp_dmozSlide 5 - Peacock - by ecstaticistSlide 6 - Who dressed YOU? by juhansoninSlide 7 - Talking on the Jeejah by Stuck in CustomsSlide 8 - James, I think your covers blown! by laverrueSlide 9 - Class of 2007, USAF Academy Graduation… Thunderbird Fly Over by Beverly & PackSlide 10 - Ya-TAAHHHH!!! by Josh LibaSlide 11 - Front Side of Six Vince Lombardi Trophies by daveyninSlide 12 - Colored spices, paint… by Matthieu AubrySlide 13 - Neighbours say Goodbye by jonathanjonlSlide 14 - Dogs by esp22Slide 15 - Life: Its all about love by Candida.Performa (on vacation)Slide 16 - Samaasaa vihavumah by notsogoodphotographySlide 17 - [Paper]tiger Jams {Explored} by Cameron CassanSlide 18 - ‫ه‬￿‫ن‬￿‫ي‬￿‫ب‬￿‫ج‬￿ ‫ن‬￿‫م‬￿ ‫ى‬￿‫ج‬￿‫د‬￿‫ل‬￿‫ا‬￿ ‫ر‬￿‫د‬￿‫ب‬￿ ‫ا‬￿‫ن‬￿‫س‬￿ ‫ف‬￿‫س‬￿‫ك‬￿‫ي‬￿ .. ‫ي‬￿‫ض‬￿‫ل‬￿‫ا‬￿ ‫ل‬￿‫ج‬￿‫خ‬￿‫ت‬￿ ‫ه‬￿‫ت‬￿‫م‬￿‫س‬￿‫ب‬￿ ‫ي‬￿‫ب‬￿‫ي‬￿‫ب‬￿‫ح‬￿ ‫ا‬￿‫ن‬￿‫أ‬￿ by Sanctuary photography → AwaySlide 19 - Muchilottu Bhagavathy Theyyam by freebird (bobinson|!!!!!!‍!!!)Slide 20 - Message in a Bottle by rishibandoSlide 21 - Kids on beach by ^riza^Slide 22 - Boy, Grandpa, Dog by Dustin C OliverSlide 23 - Buddha School by Stuck in CustomsSlide 24 - Flamingos Partying by szekeSlide 25 - Working Late by Thomas RockstarSlide 26 - Tóm được rồi >:) by X.u.k.iSlide 27 - Passion v.1.0 by fher_citoxSlide 28 - Perseid Meteors Penetrating Circumpolar Star Trails by Fort PhotoSlide 29 - Ethiopia, bull jumping ceremony by * hiro008Slide 30 - Mac for every student ? by luc legaySlide 31 - The Glorious Church at Stanford by Stuck in CustomsSlide 32 - Andy Schleck - 2009 Tour of California by puliarfSlide 33 - Colour Pencils by Michael Scott | scottphotographics.comSlide 34 - Lego Einstien by cobaltfishSlide 35 - Question Mark Squircle by XurbleSlide 36 - Anthony Ebright by Anthony EbrightSlide 37 - Guster at Radio City by smackfuSlide 38 - Camera by JKönig