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Dv project one a

  1. 1. FNBE0155 | Design Visualization |Project One Brief |DMZ October 2013 SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, BUILDING & DESIGN Research Unit for Modern Architecture Studies in Southeast Asia Foundation of Natural and Build Environment (FNBE) Design Visualization [FNBE 0155] Credit hours: 5 Prerequisite: None Lectu re rs : Ms D el l iya Z a i n & Mis s No rm a Su lai m a n Project One A Sketch! Like Your Life Depends On It! 15% (Individual Work) Pin Up Submission Date: 18th October 2013 (Friday) Introduction Francis DK Ching Project 1 will concentrate on application of different types of sketching, rendering technique and rendering media. Students will be exposed to different types of sketching and rendering skills through the production of sketches. 1
  2. 2. FNBE0155 | Design Visualization |Project One Brief |DMZ October 2013 Objectives of Project The objectives of this project are as follows:  To identify a personal and expressive response to visual simulation.  To apply basic principles and elements of design and drawing as a language to visualise and to communicate ideas. Learning Outcomes of this Project On successful completion of this assignment, students will be able to demonstrate the following: 1. Recognize their potential for creativity, self-expression and visual awareness. 2. Identify the fundamental principles, elements and techniques in sketching, drawing, design process and presentation skills. Tasks - Methodology Each student is then required to produce 8 number of sketches on suitable A5 size paper (landscape) Students are required to sketch the followings; (free hand sketches) A.Body Parts / Figure / Nature B. Object Projection C. Detail Charcoal on white drawing paper Charcoal on white drawing paper Pencils on white drawing paper D. Geometric Projection E. Tracing a picture (rendering) F. One point Perspective TUC Artline + white drawing paper Artline + Tracing paper Artline + white drawing paper G. Two point Perspective TUC H. Artistic Representation of a famous building (plan/elevation/section/ Pencil & white drawing paper perspective) on brown/black paper/white + mix media or just one type Submission Requirement Students are required to pin up their sketches on presentation day as the Diagram 01 below; A B C D A2 Size Black Mounting Board A2 Size Black Mounting Board E F G H Diagram 01 After the pin up presentation students are required to place these drawings in The Design Journal. All sketches must be drawn free hand. 2
  3. 3. FNBE0155 | Design Visualization |Project One Brief |DMZ October 2013 Assessment criteria The assessment for this assignment will be based on your      Demonstrate excellent observation, able to capture and illustrate what you see Quality of line, line weights, toning, renderings etc Clear and creative compositions, projection, proportion and framing of object Application of media (pencil, pen, water colour, charcoal etc) Skills and aesthetic application 3 Total: 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 100%