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Intern reception booklet aiesec burkina faso

  2. 2. ContentBurkina Faso Location Fun Facts Living in Burkina Faso Visa and Immigration Transportation within Burkina Faso Security Money HealthAIESEC Burkina Faso Presentation The National Team Contacts
  3. 3. LOCATIONFACTS • Located in the heart of West Africa, Burkina Faso is bordered by six countries which are: in north and west sides Mali, in the eastern north Niger and in the south Benin, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Togo. • Surface: 274 000 Km² Niger • Population : around 16. 000 .000 inhabitants • Capital: OuagadougouMali • Official Language: French • DIAL CODE : 226 • MONEY : F CFA (XOF) Côte d’Ivoire Ghana Togo Bénin • GOVERMENT : Unitary state, Presidential system, Constitutional republic Burkina Faso is the fourth tourism destination in West Africa after Nigeria, Senegal and Ghana. BURKINA FASO is the centre of the West Africa full, of centuries of histories; we are called upright people because of our human being’s principle, we always show our honesty and respect to people. A Burkinabe could welcome you even though he doesn’t have anything, and the first thing he will offer to welcome you is a wonderful SMILE and… If you like having a nice, shiny and smooth skin without any wrinkle come to BURKINA FASO and try our BIO SHEA BUTTER naturally produced by women.
  4. 4. FUn FACTS BURKINA FASO got its independence on 5th of August 1960 from France A lot of big International Organization and a many local NGOs BURKINA FASO is a country of big development projects Big annual TRAIDE FAIRs A land of FESPACO, which is the international and PAN AFRICAN MOVIES and CINEMA AWARD. A Land of Four (4) touristic areas: - The Sahel - The West - The East - The Centre The land of big Investors The land of Vegetables and FruitsLiving inBURKINA FASO Visa and Immigration All visitors to Burkina Faso (with the exception of some Countries), requires a visa to enter Burkina Faso. Before arrival, AIESEC Burkina Faso will provide you with a support letter that you should take to your embassy when applying for visa. Most visas given at the embassy last for 60 days, but upon arrival Burkina Faso Immigration Service will stamp the amount of days that the visa is valid; this is normally 30 or 60 days. This means that you might need to either extend your visa or request a residence permit depending on how long your stay in Burkina Faso will be.
  5. 5. TRANSPORTATION within Burkina FasoThere are many options for transportation in Burkina Faso.BURKINA FASO’s transportation and communications networks are centered in thesouthern regions, the northern and central areas are connected through a majorroad system; some areas, however, remain relatively isolated.The principal means of transportation in Burkina Faso is by motorbike. And thereare also shared green taxis everywhere in the capital. The cost of those taxis isgenerally affordable.But for travelling in Burkina Faso from one region to another there are big CARSand Buses with nice prices.These means of transportation all have different standards depending on the priceyou are willing to pay. In general, transportation is cheap and easily available inBURKINA FASO.SecurityBURKINA FASO is currently a very safe, stable country with relatively low crimelevels. Take sensible precautions but be assured it is quite safe!!!!!MoneyBefore you travel, organise a variety of ways to access your money overseas, suchas credit cards, traveller’s cheques, debit cards or cash cards. Consult with yourbank to find out which the most appropriate currency to carry is and whether yourATM card works in BURKINA FASO.The currency used in BURKINA FASO is F CFA (XOF).To check the current currency rate, you can check out:
  6. 6. Be aware that chloroquine-resistant malaria is widespread and you mustHEALTH!!! take sufficient malaria protection including mosquito avoidance, mosquito repellents, mosquito net and chemical prophylaxis. Yellow fever vaccination is required for entry into the country. It is strongly recommended that a traveler requests vaccinations against Hepatitis A & B, Cholera and Typhoid Fever if they are planned to travel within the country. For the latest traveler’s health information pertaining to BURKINA FASO, including advisories and recommendations, visit the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention destination BURKINA FASO website. In addition, you should consult a doctor or vaccination centre before travelling.
  8. 8. BRIEF PRESENTATIONCOUNTRY: BURKINA FASOAIESEC Burkina Faso is Full Membership status entity sinceIPM in Serbia 2013.We currently have a local committee based on the University ofOUAGADOUGOU. We have more than 60 active members workingto create a positive impact on their community.One of our wheels to achieve this positive impact is by creating achange around social issues through our projects. During the pastterm, we run 5 different projects which are LAC, SWITCH, MalariaProject and Awake It projects and we received around 15 internsform countries like GHANA, TOGO, JAPAN, SENEGAL and IVORYCOAST.For this new term based on the new AIESEC AFRICA projectsprogram YACP “ Youth Active Contribution Program”,AIESEC Burkina Faso will run different projects to enhance itsimpact on the society.
  9. 9. We are delivering high quality AIESEC leadership experiences and providingoutstanding internship experiences to our interns.OUR INTERSHIP PROGRAMGIP PROGRAM GIPGLO A Global Internship Program (GIP) experience is an opportunity for a young person to develop entrepreneurial and responsible leadership by living a cross-cultural professional development experience.GCDP PROGRAM GCDP: A Global Community Development Program (GCDP) experience is an opportunity for young people to develop entrepreneurial and responsible leadership by creating direct positive impact through an international volunteer experience.The NATIONAL TEAM
  10. 10. The National Team MCVP Outgoing ExchangeMCP Sayouba GUIRA Steven KOWOUVIMCVP AIESEC XP Josua MCVP ICX &PROJECTZABSONRE Meye ALOUMONMCVP FINANCE& AD MCVP Business DevelopmentAissata BIKIENGA Mario MOURAZ
  11. 11. OUR CONTACT:AIESEC BURKINA FASOOUGADOUGOU BURKINA FASOKILWIN secteur 20Join us on AIESEC Burkina Faso GROUPE: AIESEC BURKINATEL: 226 76460353 +226 70696944Email: www.aiesecburkina.webs.comEXCHaNGE CONTACTSALOUMON Meye Dodo MCVP ICX & Tel: +226 65140697 +226 68319013KOWOUVI E. Steven MCVP Tel: +226 66458326THIOMBIANO Annick LCVP Tel +22671893904