Major record labels


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Major record labels

  1. 1. Major Record LabelsMajor record labels are large companies within the music industry that may alsoown smaller record labels. Record labels manage brands and trademarks theyalso control the production, manufacture, distribution, marketing and promotion,and enforcement of copyright protection of sound recordings and music videos.Record labels are known for watching upcoming talent and signing them to theirmajor record label due to normally their image or mixtape success, once this iscompleted the record label develop the new artist through the mainstream.The record labels control most of their artists when making their music videosand albums which are seen commonly as some artists have no choice but tochange their original lyrical content and image to expand their audience. This isdone to mostly so that the artist can be promoted better and heard on radio andtelevision more often this gains the artist positive media coverage which helpsmarket their merchandise to increase more sales for the artist and record label.Four Major record labels:Universal Music Group Owns or has joint shares in thousands of record labels Covers the widest range of genresSony Music Entertainment 11 subtypes of labels, specialising in different genres Wide range of independent labelsWarner Music Group More than 20,000 record label subtypes under the „Warner Music Group‟ Extensive record labels/Large range of genres Wide range of independent record labelsEMI 6 subtypes of labels, specialising in different genre Wide range of international labelsRecord Label actsSolo image:Cam‟ron
  2. 2. This mixtape cover by hip-hop artist Cam‟ron is an old style of mix tape covers asit doesn‟t use many bright outstanding colours although references back to thetext in the bubble of the left corner “The purple mixtape” because the artist andhis surroundings are in grey while objects and clothing in purple are shown.Audiences can tell that this artist is not commercial because the cover shows the„Life entertainment‟ a well known recording studio for artists who are not signed;it is also unprofessional for record labels to show their branding on front covers.Mixtape covers like all mosthavenarratives. These ideas are sprung up from thetitle of the mixtape. The title means everything while creating mixtape covers. Itallowsthe artist to find several of objects that would convoy the art of themixtape, the typographic style, and the general feel of the design these are theconventions of mixtapes which stand above album covers.Signed image:
  3. 3. This album cover of Cam‟ron‟s album „Purple Haze‟ is shown to be moreprofessional than his first mixtape cover „The Purple Mixtape‟ as he shows moredepth and appeal towards his audience as the album cover shows more detail andstyle as effects are used throughout the album cover to relate to his title. Analbum cover is the first thing that audiences look at when they decide topurchase a music album; this is why its design is very important for the recordlabel as it creates sales. It takes a certain amount of time and skills to create aremarkable album cover as the record labels have the funds to pay qualifieddesigners unlike signed artists. Some designers use typography, some useillustrations and other use photography to produce the album‟s artwork thisfeatures make it noticeable in such stores as HMV of unsigned and signed artists.Mixtapesnormally include the unsigned artist „mcing‟ over anotherartist‟sinstrumental who is generally known throughout the public. Mixtapes aremade or hosted by a DJs, combining new beats and vocals mixed and puttogether forming their own musical content to appeal to major record labels bygetting the best tracks played on radio.Albums areusually what audiences can find in the stores as they are official as itis studio based. Albums are quality based due to studio based productions,organised collaborations with other artists, label decided music, marketing, andcommercial viewing throughout television and social networking sites.I will now show an example of a successful major record label umbrella who ownsother successful companies:
  4. 4. Warner Bros. Recordings 1017 Brick Squad Records Asylum Records Black Wall Street Records Blacksmith Records BME Recordings Doghouse Records Decaydance Records Festival Mushroom Records Maybach Music Group Maverick Records No Limit Forever Records Word Records
  5. 5. Warner Bros distribute all their record labels such as the Hip-Hop record labelMaybach Music Group. The record label was taken over by Warner Bros followingthe expiration of a deal with Def Jam Records.Maybach Music Group is a label that relates to my artist as they constantlyrelease new videos that relate to their genre and audience for example MeekMill‟s video Ima Boss ft Rick Ross contains the values and content of the genre byshowing voyeurism, high status and hip-hop fashion. Music Group market their artists by magazine advertising, internetarticles, interviews and social networks in all to appeal to their target audienceand to generate album and single sales for their artist.