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Sofia bears presentation site


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  • 1. SOFIA BEARS american football club season 2010/2011
  • 2. KICKOFF
  • 3. About us Sofia Bears (ex. Team Sofia) is the first fully equipped American football team in Bulgaria. Founded on May 3rd ,Това е проба made great improvement ever 2007, the team has since. Това е проба Three years later, the team is the backbone for the development of American football in Bulgaria. Thus helping the newly formedпроба various cities to build a solid sports Това е teams in structure. This dynamic and challenging new sport is attracting more and more kids and students because of the opportunities for development and success it gives.
  • 4. The team We like to see our team as an efficient sport and social structure. Our training programme is copied from the most succesfull American football teams. Every individual that joins us goes through a very tough development process and selection. Our players are not only top athletes but most of all great individuals. Our motto: No Excuses refers to the fact that nothing is impossible and the path to victory always comes if you work hard to achieve it.
  • 5. Coaching staff Hristo Gurkovsky (BG) - Founder and ex Head Coach of Team Sofia. Former player of the French 1st Div FFFA ( 1983 – 93) Jason George (US) - 37 years old Played from age 13-15 for the Brandywine Warriors - Safety and ages 16-18 for the Garnet Valley High School Jaguars. - Defensive End. Nikolai Angelov (BG) - Physical Trainer of Team Sofia ,11 times Bulgarian Squash Champion and 2003 World Racketlon Champion. Niki is currently playing QB,WR,DB. Ivo Ikonomov (BG) - Founder and Assistant Coach, Offensive and Defensive Line player. Thomas Sadowski,(US) – Ex Defensive Coach of Team Sofia (2007 - 2009) Played football as a student at ND (TE, DE) and has been a fan of the game his whole life, Tom graduated from the University of Notre Dame in the U.S. Bojidar Prodanov,(BG) – Practiced 7 years Ice Hokey, 17 years Aikido (8 of which as a coach) , 3 years Grapling. Playing american football since June 2007 in Team Sofia.
  • 6. History 2007 - 2008 • May 3, 2007 – First practice and organizational meeting (90+ players !) • May-June, 2007 – Beginning of Training Sessions • September, 2007 – Official Start of Team Sofia’s First Season • January, 2008 – Highlighted on Bulgarian Television Sports Show • February, 2008 – First “friendly” game of flag football with Sofia Strays (organized American expat team) • February, 2008 – Team Sofia featured in “Maxim” magazine article • March, 2008 – Second “friendly” game of flag football with Strays • May 18, 2008 – Istanbul Cavaliers – Team Sofia – Istanbul, Turkey – 20:16 (first International friendly game ) • June 14, 2008 – Third “friendly” game of flag football with Strays • June 15, 2008 – End of official season. Time to hit the weight room!
  • 7. History 2008 - 2009 • September 1, 2008 – Start of 2008/2009 season • October 19, 2008 - Team Sofia – Istanbul Cavaliers – 0:26 - Razlog, Bulgaria • November 23, 2008 – Team Sofia – Bucharest Warriors – 2:6 - Sofia, Bulgaria • April 4-5 – Flag football tournament in Blagoevgrad • May 15, 2009 – Bucharest Warriors – Team Sofia - 12:20 – Bucharest, Romania - first international victory • June 20, 2009 – Team Sofia – Bucharest predators – 54:0 - Sofia, Bulgaria • June, 2009 - End of regular season
  • 8. History 2009 - 2010 • September 1, 2009 – Start of 2009/2010 winter season • October 1-18 – Hell camp • October 16-18 – International Training camp in Sofia – 3 IFAF coaches and 2 coaches from France • October 24 – December 5 – Bulgarian flag football championship – winter season • November 15 – Bucharest Warriors 12:6 Team Sofia – Bucharest, Romania • November 16 – Bucharest Predators 0:36 Team Sofia – Bucharest, Romania • Winter pause
  • 9. History 2009 - 2010 • March 1, 2010 – Start of 2009/2010 summer season • The team changes its name from Team Sofia to Sofia Bears • May 9 – Sofia Bears 26:6 Bucharest Warriors – Sofia, Bulgaria • May 29 – June 26 – Bulgarian National Flag Football Championship – winners Sofia Hawks, runners up Sofia Bears, 3rd place - Blagoevgrad Griffins, 4th place - Lom Spears • June 20 – Sofia Bears 26:0 Indija Indians – Sofia, Bulgaria • Summer pause
  • 10. FAFB Federation of American Football – Bulgaria Chairman: Hristo Gurkovski – founder and coach of Team Sofia Mission: Promoting American football in Bulgaria Objectives: • To help and protect the development of the American football teams - present and future members of the federation • To assist the teams with their advertisement and sponsorship programes • To organize foreign and domestic tournaments • To popularize American football in Bulgaria June 2008 - Federation of American Football – Bulgaria is registered July 2008 - Member of IFAF (International Federation of American Football) since August 2009 – FAFB was accepted as a full member of IFAF with the right to vote.
  • 11. TS players abroad Playing for “Kebap” or how 4 Bulgarian American football players ended up playing in the 2009 final of the Turkish League The two teams - Team Sofia and Istanbul Cavaliers had played 2 friendly games and kept close relations. The Cavaliers, after playing 10 games of the very competitive Turkish league were at the verge of qualifying for the semi finals, but also had 10 injured senior players. That is why their team contacted Team Sofia. The Bulgarian team, sent 3 of the best athletes of the team to practice and play for the Cavaliers. Nikolay Angelov, Alexander Kenanov, Anton Doykov and Lachezar Zahariev joined the Cavaliers.Totally the Bulgarian players played 3 games for the Cavaliers including in the final of the Turkish league. Having the chance to practice and play for the Cavaliers was a great opportunity for the Bulgarian players. This was also a chance for them to test themselves and show that their level of preparation is good enough in order to play in such a strong league as the Turkish league.
  • 12. National Team and SELAF The growing number of Bulgarians playing American football abroad (Germany, Spain, France, America) and the fast development of Team Sofia are the two factors that will soon lead to the creation of a Bulgarian National American football team. Bulgaria is also already a member of IFAF (International Federation of American Football). If the idea of creating a national team gets financial support we might soon see the first National Bulgarian American Football Team play its first game. The situation is the same with Sofia Bears’ wish to play in the nearest European american football league. Hopefully after gaining some more experience, the players will be ready and will get the support to play on an international level and compete with the best teams in Eastern Europe.
  • 13. Facilities & Equipment The team’s official field for practice and games is the old Akademika stadium. In 2007 the team invested in the field and financed the install of electricity and projectors, so that the training sessions can be held even in the dark late winter hours. The team has 3 official training sessions during the week – Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Every practice starts at 19:00 and lasts 2 hours. The season starts in September and ends at the end of June. Everyone interested in playing American football can try to enter the team. He will first have to pass a basic test of his general physical condition and then if approved will start a 2 month probation period in the development team. The team is further divided into two age categories - Junior (under 17) and Senior. All Team Sofia players have medical insurance.
  • 14. Social Commitment Sofia Bears spreading American football: During the 3 years of its existence Sofia Bears has helped various cities and enthusiasts to build their American football teams. This led to the creation of another full pads team in Pleven – Pleven Bravehearts and a couple of flag football teams – Blagoevgrad Griffins, Sofia Hawks, Sofia Tigers, Lom Spears. Sofia Bears social commitment: The team’s philosophy differs it from the other sport organizations – our purpose is to build not only players but also great individuals. We emphasize on elements like discipline and self-commitment. We want our players to win not only on the field but also in the real life. Team Sofia is open for collaboration with Universities, Schools and Orphanages.
  • 15. Our fans Our fans
  • 16. The media about us Dnevnik newspaper – (April 19th, 2007) “” – (May 26th, 2008) “Официален дебют на Team Sofia” - Express newspaper (April 21st, 2007) – “Американски футбол – скорост, удари и зрелище” Maxim magazine (April, 2008) – “Български американски футбол” (March 12th 2008 ) -“Team Sofia отбеляза първият български Touch Down” - (May 26th, 2008) – “Български тим изигра първия си мач в американския футбол” - Vagabond magazine (September, 2008) – “American football in BG” - Published as a cover story for September’s issue (June, 2009) - Тийм София прeмаза "хищниците“ - (May 11 2009) – “Първа победа на български отбор по американси футбол отбелязахме в Букурещ -
  • 17. Sponsorships What can we offer you: Regular participation in events organized by our sponsors and partners: • handing out company flyers • taking part in company advertisement campaigns • taking part in company anniversaries and team buildings
  • 18. #1 Number One Advertisement Agency renting Team Sofia equipment for their new company vision and commercials
  • 19. How can you promote your brand
  • 20. How can you promote your brand
  • 21. Why choose us? • American football is a new sport in Bulgaria, thus very attractive and fascinating • Every game we have an average attendance of 500 people and growing • A chance to differ your brand from the others • A way to be socially involved and help the development of a new and perspective sport in Bulgaria • Benefit from our partnerships with: – Media: BNT, Ring TV,, Sofia Echo, Vagabond etc., – Partners: FOX, Shark, Eurosteel, Metropolis Outdoor Media, National Sports Academy, American Embassy in Bulgaria
  • 22. Our mission As the only fully equipped team capable of playing American football on an international level, we, the Team Sofia players consider ourselves lucky to be a part of this team and this generation which is building the cornerstones of the future of American football in Bulgaria. Our mission is to show our society the full benefits of this sport for the youngsters – both physical and mental and to attract as many fans as possible into this spectacle full of hits, fast runs, determination, toughness and competition called American Football BG.
  • 23. Our objectives • To promote American football in Bulgaria by helping create other teams all around Bulgaria and attracting many young talents • To start American football programs in schools and universities all around Bulgaria • To create a working American football academy • To help the best young players get scholarships for colleges in USA and other countries through American football • To become competitive enough to join one of the European competitions • Put the first stones for a future National American football team • To start a full pads American football championship in Bulgaria
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  • 26. Contacts: GSM: 0898 596 934 E-mail: