Tr+íi c+óy miß+ün nam


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Tr+íi c+óy miß+ün nam

  1. 1. The Southern Fruits Sinh viên: Phạm Thị Thanh Hòa
  2. 2. The Southern FruitsFormerly, the species of fruit in the Southern has becomefamous not only in the region but also across in the country.
  3. 3. The Southern FruitsThe five fruits often put custard apple that is wished forevery thing is done; Have coconuts because "coconut" likeas "moderate" in the pronunciation of the Vietnamese Which means they wish for a new year is always full; “Sung” desire to bring prosperity results in health and money; papaws meant a new year prosperous
  4. 4. The Southern FruitsI, DurianDurian is known as the king of fruits, Durian smells verystrong.Particle size as jackfruit (mít) seeds, is edible if cooked, friedor boiled.
  5. 5. The Southern FruitsI, DurianFairy tale about durian: Formerly, with couples in love, butcan not marry because of family, society disagrees. Theycommitted suicide. The story passed from this life after life,compassionate people and they named best local fruit isdurian.
  6. 6. The Southern FruitsI, DurianFor many people, the scent of durian symbolizes deep loveof ancient girl with the boy. Perhaps so many people aftereating the fruit has become addicted to this like a crush onsomeone.
  7. 7. The Southern FruitsII, Coconut Coconut is one of the fruits featured in the Southern. This is a perennial (lâu năm) fruit and have a relationship tied to its people.
  8. 8. The Southern FruitsII, Coconut Even the opinion also said that the coconut tree plays an important role in the cultural life of the people here.
  9. 9. The Southern FruitsII, Coconut Ben Tre Province has the largest area under coconut is known as the "coconut place". Coconut trees have become icons of Ben Tre.
  10. 10. The Southern FruitsII, Coconut Dừa sáp Dừa ẺoCoconut has many types such as coconut fire “Dừa lửa”(yellow fruit), “xiêm” coconut (small fruit, soft drinks), “sáp”coconut (which is mostly coconut specialty of land Tra Vinh)“Dâu” coconut, special “Ba Đọt” coconut,…. Dừa lửa
  11. 11. The Southern FruitsAll provinces in the Southern Westcoconut trees are planted everywhere,where there are people there coconut trees
  12. 12. The Southern FruitsII, Coconut Coconut water is drinks good for health
  13. 13. The Southern FruitsII, Coconut Coconut pulp used to store meat in day festival features food making the Southern cuisine. In addition, Coconut pulp making jam, candy ... Coconut meat stock
  14. 14. The Southern FruitsIII, Rambutan Rambutan is a species of tropical fruit trees. The name rambutan for the state of the coat of the fruit trees.
  15. 15. The Southern FruitsIII, Rambutan Rambutan is very common in the life in Southern. Rambutan, sweet, fragrant like litchi in the Northern, but sometimes there are slightly acidic and do not filter particles from the pulp particles to stick.
  16. 16. The Southern FruitsIII, Rambutan Rambutan is a fruit tree or to eat fresh or canned for storage or export. Rambutan seeds with a high oil should also be used to produce cooking oil or soap.
  17. 17. The Southern FruitsIV, Custard apple The five fruits often put custard apple that is wished for every thing is done of Sourthern.
  18. 18. The Southern FruitsIV, Custard apple Custard apple is mostly cooked or eaten raw meat, fruit and sugar and add water and then processed into a beverage to drink milk.
  19. 19. The Southern FruitsIV, Custard apple Candy In addition, also be used as a custard cream smoothie with some other fruit or cake, candy and jam.
  20. 20. The Southern FruitsIV, Custard apple Besides the value of eating more fruit and custard apple tree parts such as leaves, roots and bark, seeds ... also used as medicines
  21. 21. The Southern FruitsV, Floating market A floating market is a market where merchandise is sold from boats. Originating in times and places where water transport played an important role in daily life, most floating markets operating today mainly serve as tourist attractions.
  22. 22. The Southern FruitsV, Floating market Floating Market is a unique (đặc thù) culture in the West. Market meeting on the river, between a vast wetland of hundreds boats, and boats. Floating market meetings all day, but usually the busiest in the morning.
  23. 23. The Southern FruitsV, Floating market On the boat laden with merchandise, most fruits. Characteristics of the boat is a boat with a few pole, hanging on the types of products they sell. So customers need only look at the pole that may know the boat, second boat which you need.
  24. 24. The Southern FruitsV, Floating market Cai Rang floating market is one of the most unique attractions in Can Tho in particular and the South in general. Attract many visitors, especially foreigners.
  25. 25. The Southern FruitsFruits is the gift of God forpeople so we use them toprovide ancestors in theearly days of Lunar NewYear.This is magnificentculture and indispensable inthe habits of Vietnamese
  26. 26. The The Southern Fruits Southern Fruitshanks for your listening!