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+SEO: Reframing SEO as Social Engine Optimization
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+SEO: Reframing SEO as Social Engine Optimization


Published on

Table of contents: …

Table of contents:
> Surfing by Self-tracking
> Social Content Items
> +SEO Rules

SEO is no longer about keywords and code stuff, but it’s something about Social Interaction.
Search Engine is not the only one place in which the Information Retrieval starts.
Considering that the mobile nature of the web interaction is dramatically increasing, "Surfing by Self-tracking" can be considered as new paradigm of web surfing.
Most of the mobile devices know your "story", your preferences and some pieces of information about where you are. It’s good enough to tell you what you need/want. So the paradigm of classic search is totally inverted: the information is finding us.

A content is no longer a monolithic block, but it needs to be composed by "atoms". Each "atom" is a Social Content Item able to be aggregated in a "place" . In the same time any Social Content Items is able to be re-aggregated in another place, by using social interactions.
It’s simple to imagine that the classic SEO (made up of keywords, code, etc.) is not enough.

+SEO is a way of designing contents and interactions in order to be easily reachable along different "places". This "shift" means that SEO is now intersecting UX, because Social Experience Design, Emotional Design, Gamification (and a lot of other UX stuff) help "atoms" of content to be "liquid" through different "places" and consequently reachable by us.



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Published in: Design, Technology

  • Social sings are a dominant factor on 2014 for the search engine optimization because getting social shares means attract search engine marking your contents relevant and search related . Power of social media is getting increase day by day. Google gives a lot of importance to daily social activities to better recognize valuable sources: I use youtube videos to boost my social presence and rank contents in top google:
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  • An interesting and visual presentation. Thought to let you know about the Creative Diagram Contest to makeover a boring slide into a visual one. Find details about prizes and participate at
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  • 1. + SEO reframing SEO as Social Engine Optimization Antonio Grillo - UX Manager & “+SEO Friend” @ Publicis Healthware International - @antonio_grillo | Italian IA Summit 2012lunedì 14 maggio 12
  • 2. @antonio_grillo UX Manager @PHI_Global eHealth mHealth Communication Self Tracking Internet Of Thingslunedì 14 maggio 12
  • 3. + SEO @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEO Surfing by Self-Tracking Atoms of Content + Reframing SEOlunedì 14 maggio 12
  • 4. SEO has been a Story of... contents librarians classification The Librarian, a 1556 painting by Giuseppe Arcimboldo @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOlunedì 14 maggio 12
  • 5. Search Engine as Starting Point of Information Findability @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOì 14 maggio 12
  • 6. But... Something is changed @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOlunedì 14 maggio 12
  • 7. The Search Engine is no longer the only way to “HEAR” the web @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOlunedì 14 maggio 12
  • 8. There are new ways to HEAR what’s going on in the Web ...according to the evolution of users behavior @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOlunedì 14 maggio 12
  • 9. Users love SOCIAL interaction Users love Social Media TOOLS @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOì 14 maggio 12
  • 10. Users HEAR through the SOCIAL world Users LEARN through the SOCIAL world @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOlunedì 14 maggio 12
  • 11. ...using MOBILE devices anytime anywhere @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEO lunedì 14 maggio 12
  • 12. ...anybody @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOì 14 maggio 12
  • 13. ...across DIFFERENT contexts Nielsen Q1 2011 Mobile Connection Devices Report @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOlunedì 14 maggio 12
  • 14. The physical world is completely covered by the digital layer the just in time research do not go through Google anymore @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOlunedì 14 maggio 12
  • 15. Surfing by Self-tracking shift from Search to Discovery @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOì 14 maggio 12
  • 16. Devices that know some of our history, our preferences... ...and what’s going around us @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOì 14 maggio 12
  • 17. In any “Place” @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOlunedì 14 maggio 12
  • 18. Temporary Social Networks “Nothing affects our happiness more than the people in our lives, but the way we find these people and bring them into our lives always has been completely random and inefficient.” Paul Davidson @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOlunedì 14 maggio 12
  • 19. Surfing by transportation in Social Interaction @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOì 14 maggio 12
  • 20. Information has now become a part of the social dynamics @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOlunedì 14 maggio 12
  • 21. A content is no longer a monolithic block, but it needs to be composed of "atoms" @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOlunedì 14 maggio 12
  • 22. Social Content Item Atoms of content @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEO Photo © Justine Lera. Taken at TESLA-Berlin September 19 2007 -ì 14 maggio 12
  • 23. A content is no longer a monolithic block it needs to be composed of "atoms" @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEO Photo © Justine Lera. Taken at Centre Pompidou, Paris April 4 2008 -ì 14 maggio 12
  • 24. Each "atom" is a Social Content Item able to be aggregated in a "place" @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEO Photo © Justine Lera. Taken at Centre Pompidou, Paris April 4 2008 -ì 14 maggio 12
  • 25. Any SCI is able to be re-aggregated in another place... @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEO Photo © Justine Lera. Taken at Centre Pompidou, Paris April 4 2008 -ì 14 maggio 12
  • 26. using Social Interaction... @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOì 14 maggio 12
  • 27. Yes, Yes, Yes... ...but in practice? @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOlunedì 14 maggio 12
  • 28. We need to extend the Concept of SEO including SOCIAL aspects @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOlunedì 14 maggio 12
  • 29. + SEO @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOlunedì 14 maggio 12
  • 30. + Not only ONE engine ...but everybody works like an ENGINE @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOì 14 maggio 12
  • 31. Share before download Everybody works like an ENGINE @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOlunedì 14 maggio 12
  • 32. Conventional Landing Page Optimized Page Content for Search Engines - Meta tag Definition - Keyword Definition - Text/images optimization - Layout definition - Architecture definition - ... in order to be reachable by using Search Engine @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOlunedì 14 maggio 12
  • 33. Accessibility Only ONE door is opened for the USERS @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOlunedì 14 maggio 12
  • 34. Social Landing Page Main content is “Socializable” - Social tools are provided - Social content are used in order to be “Spread” using social tools @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOlunedì 14 maggio 12
  • 35. ...and The product experience CONTINUES on Social World @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOlunedì 14 maggio 12
  • 36. Accessibility MANY doors are opened for the USERS @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOì 14 maggio 12
  • 37. SEO vs +SEO 1st W 2nd W 3d W 4th W 1st h 2nd h 3d h 4th h GROWTH GROWTH Weeks vs Hours @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOlunedì 14 maggio 12
  • 38. 5mins to index the world... too much to wait for it @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOlunedì 14 maggio 12
  • 39. Why ‘The Atlantic’ “Sixteen months ago we received the same number No Longer Cares of monthly referrals from search as social. Now 40% of traffic comes from social media,”... “Truly [our writers] are not really thinking about about SEO SEO anymore” Scott Havens, senior vice president of finance and digital operations at The Atlantic Media Company ”We’re no longer writing to get the attention of Google algorithms. We’re writing to get you to share it, to digg it.”... ”We’re not writing for machines. We’re writing for humans.” Bob Cohn, editor of The Atlantic Digital Mashable Business - @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOlunedì 14 maggio 12
  • 40. SEO and UX What’s New? @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOlunedì 14 maggio 12
  • 41. SEO and UX SEO UX @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOlunedì 14 maggio 12
  • 42. + SEO and UX SxD ED +SEO UX MoDe Gam. ... @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOlunedì 14 maggio 12
  • 43. + SEO rules 1 Atomize 2 Think Fluid 3 Motivate @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOlunedì 14 maggio 12
  • 44. + People are more interesting than algorithms @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOlunedì 14 maggio 12
  • 45. + That’s all folks! @antonio_grillo, PHI | +SEOlunedì 14 maggio 12
  • 46. @antonio_grillo UX manager @PHI_Global THX @leeander | SCI-FI contribution this pic is KINDLY provided by @leeanderlunedì 14 maggio 12