Facebook policy primer - Anthony Geisl


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assessment for NET303 by anthony geisler

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Facebook policy primer - Anthony Geisl

  1. 1. The nice simple version for the average joe. By Anthony Geisler
  2. 2.  Wellfirst of all it all depends on what kind of content you’ve uploaded
  3. 3.  Starting with images and videos you have created yourself Its fairly obvious at this point. If you have taken a picture of say, you and your friends, you would completely own it. This also counts towards videos and other electronic media you upload. There is a catch to this though. If you take a picture that contains an image of maybe a companies logo, there are certain copyright issues with that. You may use the image as you please. However if you start saying you own the company’s image, they may not take it lightly.
  4. 4.  Lets not kid ourselves, Facebook is all about sharing what interests you, and the best way to share it is with digital media. People can love all kinds of things that are owned by others on the internet. Youtube videos, google images and recent news about their favourite video game. These all of things that people like to upload and show there friends and colleagues. But if YOU are the one to upload the material, then who is the rightful owner?
  5. 5.  It may be a little obvious to some, but others might not quite understand. Do not fret however. If a user is uploads content that was originally posted by someone else online, the user rights belong to them. Unless they do not own the material themselves. So in the end, it will be the party that owns copyright on the media who owns it completely. It will be up to them what they allow to be used by others. However it will be accepted to upload copy written material provided it Is not illegal or being used to gain profit.
  6. 6.  On facebook there is a between lot of conversations and topics taking place everyday on facebook. So what ISN’T allowed in these conversations?
  7. 7.  Looking at course language first Any kind of course language is allowed on facebook. It will not be censored out because expression is a wonderful thing. This gives the user more freedom in their speech and allows them to make the choices they want. It will be up to the used to decide what language is appropriate within their group of facebook friends.
  8. 8.  Pirated material is becoming more and more popular on the internet in our modern day and age, however it is very, very illegal. Facebook will under no circumstances tolerate pirated material or methods of obtaining it. If any pirated material is found in posts by a user, the necessary actions will be used, including contact with the authorities.
  9. 9.  Facebook takes mature images very seriously. Images that require ages of 18+ and 21+ in some countries are not tolerated on facebook. If any of this mature content is found uploaded by a user, action will be taken including but not limited to account deletion. Regrettably in some places of the internet, people upload child pornography for reasons unknown. If any content that fits the description of child pornography is uploaded by a user, serious consequences will follow these actions.
  10. 10.  Facebook is not limited to any age groups, race, culture or sex. It is a social networking community for all to use and enjoy. However there are some things you need to know if your child is going to use Facebook.
  11. 11.  Facebook has millions of people above the age of 18 years joined in the members bank. If a child was to join the community, it should be made aware that the possibility of adult content can be accessed. The worst of this is course language and perhaps suggestive images.
  12. 12.  On the internet there are many people, some of these unfortunately include internet predators. Children should be made aware of the risks they face by speaking with people they don’t know personally. If there are any concerns please contact facebook admin with details of your concerns.
  13. 13.  There are a few reasons why an account may be suspended or terminated. Some are fairly self explanatory, however others are not and will be explained.
  14. 14.  Manyof the topics that have been listed before this can be the result of account suspension or deletion. Some of them are minor offenses. But the others can be quite severe and will result in more action than account modification.
  15. 15.  a minor offense would be, for example, the mature content uploading. Your account will be voided if you upload explicit material to Facebook. Depending on how bad the offense is, depends on how serious the consequence.
  16. 16.  Some of the major offences that will involve contact with the authorities involve, piracy and child pornography. If any content involving these topics are uploaded by the user, the account will be under the control of the authorities.
  17. 17.  Thankyou for reading the following presentation. You are now up to speed on what not to do on Facebook and what you’re allowed to do. Heres hoping you enjoy the Facebook experience.
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