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Published in: Education, Business

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  • 1. You cannot direct the wind . . . but we can adjust your sail ! Evolving Elements We offer comprehensive training solutions !
  • 2. Evolving Elements We offer comprehensive training solutions !
    • I n today’s highly competitive, global market first- class quality and keen pricing are not enough to ensure survival. Every member of your team must have the right mindset so that your organisation can anticipate the needs of the customer.
    • W hatever results you are aiming for: to enhance your market position, develop new products or improve productivity, there’s one key to success… highly motivated and focussed people.
    • “ At the end of the day you bet on people not strategies”
    • - Larry Bossidy
  • 3.
    • W e have developed proven ways to improve your business & personal performance through a range of 1-3 day courses. These programmes help your managers and employees in a wide range of industries to become profit-focussed and performance-driven. Our expertise is in developing your business skills. We facilitate change ! We translate results into profits. The three focus areas… build skills ! Improve knowledge ! Marry it with positive attitude !
    • W e work closely with the client to offer tailor-made solutions. We identify the gaps between current and best practice. We recommend processes led solutions.
    • O ur programmes are always interactive and through a carefully structured process we motivate participants to apply what they have learnt to the workplace.
    Evolving Elements We offer comprehensive training solutions !
  • 4. TRAINING PROCESS Evolving Elements We offer comprehensive training solutions !
    • Interview key personnel
    • Establish objectives
    • Identify gaps
    • Design programs for target groups
    Business simulation Coaching and feedback Know how and application sessions
    • Identify actions
    • Communicate
    • Implement
    • Review
    I Development II Workshops III Follow-up
  • 5.
    • B y interacting with you to review your company’s business issues and market place, we develop a programme which can transform employees into decision makers. We enable them to fully understand profitability levers, gain new insights and build cross- functional relationships. The teams are given continuous feedback enabling them to share insights,pinpoint opportunities and promote best practices. By using real-world examples and benchmarking, participants are motivated to develop action plans which form the foundation of the measurement phase.
    • I ndus trainers continue to support managers in the post- workshop phase by reviewing status reports and refreshing learning points as required.
    Evolving Elements We offer comprehensive training solutions !
  • 6. REVIEW PROCESS IV Results measurement TRACK * Learnings *Changes in decision making behaviour *Measurable profit improvements Evolving Elements We offer comprehensive training solutions !
  • 7.
    • W hat gets measured gets done ! Post training we help you to track the benefits, measure the improvements and encourage the decision-making behaviours.
    • W e are committed to ensuring client satisfaction and giving you a significant return on your investment.
    Evolving Elements We offer comprehensive training solutions !
  • 8.
    • A ll our programmes are tailored to your needs . They address key issues: the readiness of your organisation and your people to meet the challenges which lie ahead.
    • What is your state of preparedness ? We have identified particular areas where many leading companies have sought and benefited from our help and advice. Here are four categories you should consider.
    A Your Organisation Within Its Market Place B Your Management Fibre C Your Human Capital D Your Skills Set Evolving Elements We offer comprehensive training solutions !
  • 9.
    • Corporate Re-engineering
    • Many of the business principles which we have grown up and lived are now obsolete . How do we reinvent ourselves to meet tomorrow’s challenges?
    • Strategic Planning
      • Competitive Analysis
      • Financial Modelling
    An organisation is unlikely to succeed without a articulated strategy. Do you have clear vision for the future and do all members of your organisation ‘buy in’ to the strategy for attaining your goals? Where do you stand in the market place and how can you become the best? Accept the challenge of competition and use the learning experience to your advantage.
      • Let your managers be decision makers in a role playing game which everyone gets the chance make mistakes without expecting a call from your bankers! An important learning experience.
    Evolving Elements We offer comprehensive training solutions !
  • 10.
    • Leadership & Team Building
    • ‘ Its easy to get the players. Getting them to play together is the hard part’. How to develop and maintain cohesive teams where even new members can fit in easily. The training modules can include inspiring outward bound activities .
    • Creative Problem Solving
    • How to develop a culture of creative thinking and discover that in your organisation the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.
    • Human Capital
    • Your most important assets – people. Are you acquiring assets that will appreciate and are you adding to their value without the constant fear of loosing them to your competitors? Programmes for developing best practices in staff recruitment and retention .
    • Sales Force Development & Motivation
    • Ensuring the right organisation and skill set for your business !
    Evolving Elements We offer comprehensive training solutions !
  • 11.
    • Managerial Excellence
    • A case study oriented programme where managers get the chance to hone their skills and learn the importance of travelling that extra mile in their endeavour to be the best.
    • Communication Skills
    • I Can! I Will!
    Learn how to communicate more effectively in both spoken and written form. A practical guide to presentation skills, report writing and best practice in everyday communication. A personal development programme that helps participants to look deep inside their own psyches and discover how to accentuate the positive elements which can ensure success.
    • Motivation & Assertiveness
    Learn how to be a winner and get your point across without others being losers. A vital skill in personal and team development. It includes managing the boss!. Evolving Elements We offer comprehensive training solutions !
  • 12.
    • Negotiation Skills
    • Learn the vital importance of effective preparation, the benefits of role playing and how and where to draw your limits. This programme can be helpful to all managers, not just specialist buyers and sellers.
    • Time Management
    • Get organised! There are many techniques which can help you get the maximum out of your business and personal life. Learn these and see the dramatic rise in your effectiveness and satisfaction level.
    • Distributor Management
    • How to achieve standards of excellence in distribution and give your products the competitive edge.Learn how to achieve the optimal balance between service and cost, and to translate strong distribution into effective brand building.
    • Selling Skills
    • We offer a range of value added programs… business to business ! Business to customer ! Business to Dealer ! Training solutions to front line grass root level personnel as also programs to State Leaders and Branch Managers !
    D. SPECIAL SKILLS Evolving Elements We offer comprehensive training solutions !
  • 13. Skills Programs Selling skills, The Sales Call Process, Permanent Journey Plan, Merchandising, ROI, Trade Maths, Time Management, Distributor Management, Communicating & Listening Skills, Negotiation Skills, Channel Domination, ABC Classification, E-Mail Writing Skills , Retail Selling, Interpersonal Skills Advanced Leadership Role of a Manager, Team Building, Situational Leadership, Your Leadership Style, Wheel of Excellence , How to Win, Lateral Thinking, Problem Solving, Coaching & Feedback, Regional Performance Analysis, Conflict Resolution, Decision Making, Core Values & Culture, Assertiveness, Lagaan – Aamir’s way of Leadership Strategic Management Paradigm Shift, Brand Power, Creating-EVA intangible assets, Strategic Portfolio Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Risk Management, Balance Score Card, Vision & Values& Mission , Strategic Thinking, Change Management Our Other…… Training Programs Generic Business Etiquette, Analytical ability, Problem solving & Creativity, Effective Meetings, Secret of Success, Stress management, Goal Setting, Personality Development , Brand Power
  • 14. LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT Situational Leadership Transformational Leadership Lagaan – Aamir’s way of Leadership Consultative skills Change Management Coaching & Feedback Motivation Role of the Manager: Planning. Organising. Motivating. Controlling. Strategic Thinking Strategic Management Assertiveness Team Building Team Orientation Team Integration Values, Mission & Vision Decision Making List of Training Programs
  • 15. Evolving Elements List of Training Programs
    • Selling skills
    • Advance Selling Skills
    • Brand Power
    • Negotiation Skills
    • Sales Management
    • Key Account Management
    • Distributor Management
    • Sales Advantage Programme
    • Merchandising
    • Strategic Sales Management
    • Magic of retail selling
    • Brand positioning
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Lead Management
    • Channel Management
    • Campaign management
    • Marketing war fare
    • Building on your abilities
    • Time management
    • Communication & Listening
    • Presentation Skills
    • Telephone Negotiation & Skills
    • Interview Skills
    • Facilitation skills
    • Train the Trainer
    • Interpersonal Skills
  • 16. Evolving Elements List of Training Programs
    • Connecting with your customers
    • Customer Orientation
    • Handling difficult & angry customers
    • Customer value addition
    • Customer service
    • Moving towards extraordinary customer relations: Customer Care
    • E-Mail Etiquette
    • Writing skills
    • American & British Culture
    • Conversational English
    • Client Management
    • Empathy
  • 17. Evolving Elements List of Training Programs
    • Business Etiquette
    • Analytical ability
    • Problem solving & Creativity
    • You can win
    • 100% achievement
    • Finance for non finance
    • You can do it
    • Effective Meetings
    • Urgent or Important
    • Secret of Success
    • Stress
    • Your Brain
    • Goal Setting
    • Mentoring
    • Boss Management
    • Personality Development
  • 18. PART TIME FACULTY Dependent on specific needs of our clients. Indus Corporation from time to time reaches out to a regular pool of specialised trainers. Many specialists have worked with us in conducting high quality programmes for our clients The Indus team brings mature training and facilitation skills with them. They are highly accomplished at performing the role of catalysts as part of strategic think teams as well as imparting knowledge on a range of business techniques. They create, design and deliver quality training interventions ! Evolving Elements We offer comprehensive training solutions !