Socially Helpful: How to Inject Value into Your Online Strategy


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Social media has evolved from being primarily used as an entertainment-based platform to a medium connecting brands to consumers across every vertical. In a social world full of calls to action, mission statements, marketing messages and brand promotion, it’s easy to make it more about the brand and less about the consumer.

Join Ansley Sudderth, Social Media Training and Communications Coordinator with® and® for this month’s #RESocialChat focusing on injecting more consumer-centered content into your online initiatives.

Expect to walk away with knowledge on:

-Online tactics to help your target audience recognize your services can fill a void and meet a need.
-Best ways to use apps and social channels to establish yourself or your community as a social helper!

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  • We’ve talked about using Twitter to promote listings both in the multifamily space and on the real estate side. If you recall, Coldwell Banker agent- David Greenlees hosted his first tweetup at one of his properties instead of a traditional Open House.

    By tweeting about the event in advance to his local Twitter community, he got more than double the number of attendees than he usually gets at his Open House events. Greenlees encouraged attendees to upload photos of the home to Twitter; he noticed a dramatic increase in pageviews to his listing of this property as as result.
    “Not only did the attendees post photos and info on the event, many of their friends on social networking websites re-tweeted and reposted the photos, giving the event a longer life past the time of the actual event,” said Greenlees.
    A tweetup is not much different, nor is it any more difficult to set up than a traditional Open House. Yet the audience that attends a tweetup is probably more likely to talk about the event, and share the details with their online networks than a traditional Open House audience. If this approach worked for David Greenlees, it may work for you too. Reach out to David on Twitter at @Davidwrg.
  • Bozzuto also left no detail out during a tweet tour of one of their newer properties, The Guilford. This a great approach to work around the prospect who says they don’t have time to check out a property. Now, they can feel as though they’ve walked through every room and seen every aspect all from their smart device.
  • Socially Helpful: How to Inject Value into Your Online Strategy

    1. 1. Socially Helpful: How to Inject Value into Your Online Strategy Ansley Sudderth Social Media Training & Communications Coordinator
    2. 2. Join the conversation! Use #RESocialChat for the chance to win $20!
    3. 3. • Find the Need • Evolution of Customer Service • Social Listening • Fill the Void • Helpful Apps • Valuable Links • Q&A Agenda
    4. 4. Find the Need
    5. 5. Sales-Centric vs. Consumer-Centric Approach
    6. 6. Sales-Centric vs. Consumer-Centric Approach
    7. 7. The Evolution of Customer Service Then Now
    8. 8. The Evolution of Customer Service
    9. 9. Customer Service and Social
    10. 10. Customer Service and Social
    11. 11. Lend a Listening Ear Go to the places your consumers are talking. More than likely, YOU have come up in conversation.
    12. 12. Lend a Listening Ear
    13. 13. Collect. Process.Analyze.
    14. 14. Offer More Value, Get More Business “Offer a solution, share information, provide support, THEN ask for business.” -Gary Vaynerchuk
    15. 15. Fill the Void
    16. 16. Answer Everyday Questions Location?
    17. 17. Use HelpfulApps to Conduct Business
    18. 18. Establish Yourself as the Local Expert
    19. 19. Use HelpfulApps to Conduct Business
    20. 20. Use HelpfulApps to Conduct Business
    21. 21. Use HelpfulApps to Make Life Easy
    22. 22. Use HelpfulApps to Make Life Easy
    23. 23. Use HelpfulApps to Make Life Easy
    24. 24. Use HelpfulApps to Make Life Easy
    25. 25. Bring the Tour toThem
    26. 26. Bring the Tour toThem
    27. 27. Be Socially Helpful!
    28. 28. #RESocialChat Valuable Links
    29. 29. Valuable Links • “Tweet Tour” of The Guilford Community in Baltimore, MD • guilford/come-us-tweet-tour-guilford-apartments-baltimore-md • Lockitron • • Range and Twine • • Nest • • Become a Better Brand • owners/go-extra-mile-become-better-business
    30. 30. Q&A
    31. 31. Sources Pdf content/uploads/2013/07/Social_Media_Customer_Support_Infographic.png Conversocial-via-Michael-Brito.gif.pagespeed.ic_.sKcYHvjQXy1.png