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  • GFI Workshop

    1. 1. Ansley SudderthSocial Media Training &Communications Coordinator
    2. 2. • Social Management• Social Listening• Social Education• Visual Social MediaAgenda
    4. 4. PRODUCTOVERVIEWFRSocialExpertManage your social media througha suite of tools designed toenhance audience engagement,reputation management, residentretention and drive LEADS™.
    5. 5. Management
    6. 6. Features• Facebook Business Page set up• Branded Cover Photo• Branded Welcome PageClient Benefits• Allows for more time to lease while increasing NOI• Reduces the cost of creating and deploying graphics• Provides customizable templates with flexible designoptions• Improves awareness, brand positioning and competitiveedge• Keeps clients relevant to today‟s consumerRenter Benefits• Improves first impression and provides property detailsSet UpAnd Branding
    7. 7. Features• Available Apartments App. Provides onlineavailability right from the client‟s Facebook PageClient Benefits• Increases brand awareness while quicklyconnecting with prospects through an innovative,efficient and enjoyable search experience• Saves money by eliminating engineering time orexpensive 3rd party providers• Saves time by updating ad information acrossmultiple platforms via one console• Creates an opportunity for traffic generation andLEADS™Renter Benefits• Connects renters with the property in a preferredenvironment• Receives current and accurate propertyinformationEngagingApps
    8. 8. AvailableApartmentsApp
    9. 9. AvailableApartmentsApp
    10. 10. Features• Sweepstakes App. Managed and financed byFor RentClient Benefits• Increases Facebook „Likes‟ and interaction• Saves money from eliminating expensive 3rd partyproviders (i.e. Fetch Fans)• Saves money on the giveaway• Saves time on campaign development, creativeand legal• Rewards fans while building a community ofbrand advocatesRenter Benefits• Provides a chance at winning an iPadEngagingApps
    11. 11. Features• Content libraries• One-click publishing or content scheduling• Automatic postingClient Benefits• Saves time and reduces expenses with easy touse dashboard• Streamlines internal management and allowsfor ownership and management to keep brandconsistency• Consolidates publishing activities for Facebookand Twitter into one convenient, integrateddashboard• Strengthens reputation and grows visibility withrelevant and timely communicationRenter Benefits• Engages renter with compelling and timelycontentContent and Posting
    12. 12. Listening Stats
    13. 13. Features• Automatic email reporting• Monitor online visibility• Respond to reviews proactively• Track online mentions and relevant conversations• Competitive monitoring to understand share ofvoiceClient Benefits• Monitors local listings, social profiles and reviewsacross multiple platforms• Saves time with one dashboard and Inbox alerts• Increases SEO while ensuring brand consistency• Alerts sent directly to inbox• Increases digital footprint and lead potential• Protects brand identity• Provides a competitive edgeRenter Benefits• Finding a company that cares about their residents
    14. 14. Features• Positive reviews of the property displayed on andAvailable Apartments App from the most credible resources onthe Web• Automatically filters out negative reviews, ensuring they do notdisplay on• Full control over what Apartment Seekers see on the adClient Benefits• Only available to FRSocialExpert and FRReputation customers• Boosts apartment seekers‟ confidence in the property• Manages individual reviews easily from the Mgt Console• Increases SEO, lead potential and buying decisions• Deters prospects from visiting un-filtered review sitesRenter Benefits• Creates a positive experience for the renter while providingquality reviews and apartment information all in one place
    15. 15. Search Results
    16. 16. Management Console
    17. 17. Education Stats
    18. 18. Education
    19. 19. Features• Training calendar with access to webinars• Monthly newsletters with helpful tips, tricks andtrends• Social Media policy, terms and definitions, bestpractices, how-to‟s, video tutorials and moreClient Benefits• Saves time, reduces expenses and maximizesproductivity• Prevents a social media crisis• Provides direction on social media strategy• Enhances company culture through bettercommunication• Offers current trends and useful documentsRenter Benefits• Improves experience and brand impressionSocialMediaTrainingPortal
    20. 20. Features• Access to experts• Advice on strategy, platforms, policies and more• Extensive on-boarding servicesClient Benefits• Saves time, reduces expenses and maximizes productivity• Empowers the community with the expertise and support to keep pace with the power ofsocial• Provides support for social media fair housing guidelines and best practicesLive Support
    21. 21. Visual Social Media
    22. 22. ...
    23. 23. Crowdsourcing
    24. 24. Branded Photos
    25. 25. Infographics
    26. 26. eBooks/Guides
    27. 27. Crowd·sourc·ing ˈkrau̇d-ˈsȯr-siŋGettinga crowdof peopleto helpyouwitha taskthatusedto take oneperson.
    28. 28. Nearly 1,000 photossubmitted
    29. 29. Mix It Up!
    30. 30. LeadGenerationTrafficLinkReferralSEOSocialSharing
    31. 31. The Power of Pinterest
    32. 32. The Power of Pinterest
    33. 33. Terms to Know
    34. 34. Pin
    35. 35. Pinboard
    36. 36. Pinning
    37. 37. Repin
    38. 38. “Pin It”Button
    39. 39. Pinner@aptsforrent@ansleyjolen
    40. 40. Categories & Board Names1. Home (17.2%)2. Arts and Crafts (12.4%)3. Style/Fashion (11.7%)4. Food (10.5%)5. Inspiration/Education (9.0%)6. Holidays/Seasonal (3.9%)7. Humor (2.1%)8. Products (2.1%)9. Travel (1.9%)10. Kids (1.8%)Source: RJ MetricsTop 10 Categories on Pinterest1. For the Home (3.15%)2. My Style (1.97%)3. Products I Love (1.86%)4. Books Worth Reading (1.68%)5. Food (1.23%)6. Favorite Places & Spaces (1.00%)7. Recipes (0.75%)8. Craft Ideas (0.74%)9. Christmas (0.72%)10. Crafts (0.65%)10 Most Popular Board Names
    41. 41. New Features andUpdates
    42. 42. New Layout
    43. 43. -Imagesdisplay muchlarger now- New width is735 pixelswide (formerly600)Image Size
    44. 44. -Categories arenow located onthe far left next tothe Search boxCategories Dropdown
    45. 45. -New red „Pint it‟ button inthe upper left of each pin-Ability to comment AFTERopening/clicking the pin-No longer leave commentson the home or categorypagesButtons
    46. 46. -Option to go tothe direct source-Bar of relatedpinsWebsite and Related Pins
    47. 47. SettingsPage:BasicInformation
    48. 48. SettingsPage:EmailNotifications
    49. 49. SettingsPage:SocialNetworks
    50. 50. Ten Board Ideas
    51. 51. 1. Introduce Your Team
    52. 52. 2. Showcase Your Listings
    53. 53. 3. Resident Testimonials
    54. 54. 4. Lifestyle Content• Seasonal Boards• Apartment Décor– Small Spaces– Closets– Organization• Recipes• Hobbies– Fashion/Style– Sports• Crafts/DIY Projects
    55. 55. • Cities• Neighborhoods• Dining Guide• Shopping• Nightlife• Transportation• Events• Entertainment• Schools• Local Businesses• Beauty/Spas5. Local
    56. 56. 6. Include Video
    57. 57. 7. Apartment Staging Ideas
    58. 58. 8. Moving Tips
    59. 59. 9. Marketing & Leasing Ideas
    60. 60. 10. Resident Event Ideas
    61. 61. Image OptimizationBest Practices
    62. 62. Source: RJ Metrics 2012
    63. 63. Timing of PinsSource: Pinerly Study
    64. 64. Include a Description, Link &Call-To-Action
    65. 65. „Pin It‟ Button & Bookmarklet
    66. 66. Add Pricing & Hashtags
    67. 67. Curate Content: Run a Contest
    68. 68. UserInsight&CompetitiveIntel
    69. 69. Pinterest for Business
    70. 70. -Track yourpinning activity-Learn whatpinners like
    71. 71. Pinterest Resources• PinAlerts: Receive email notifications wheneversomeone pins something from your website.• Pinerly: Suite of tools to post and measure. Suggests contentyou should pin.• Curalate: Finds and consolidates comments andconversations. Tracks trends, aids discovery of fans andadvocates.• Pinfluence: Measure your popularity on Pinterest and valueof each pin.• Repinly: Find the most popular pinners, boards and pins onPinterest.• PinReach: Understand engagement (repins, followers, pins,likes, comments, trends)• Pinpuff: Find out what your influence and popularity is onPinterest.
    72. 72. Instagram
    73. 73. Stories aboutlocations told throughcompelling and beautifulphotographs
    74. 74. Instagram Stats• 90 million Monthly Active Users• 40 million Photos Per Day• 8500 Likes Per Second• 1000 Comments Per Second
    75. 75. How It Works• Snap a photo with your mobile phone• Choose from 20 different filters to transform the image• Tag the photo with a foursquare location• Include a message & use hashtags• „Like‟ & comment on posts from other users• Search the site & app to discover contentPhoto:
    76. 76. Filter Options
    77. 77. Search Users & Hashtags• #love• #instagood• #me• #cute• #tbt• #photooftheday• #intsamood• #beautiful• #picoftheday• #girl• #igers• #instadaily• #iphonesia• #follow• #happy• #tweegram• #summer• #instagramhub• #bestoftheday• #iphoneonly• #igdaily• #fashion• #nofilter• #food• #sunset• #sky• #fun• #instamood• #instagramers• #lolSource:
    78. 78. Engage With Users
    79. 79. What Can Brands Do?• Curate content ranging from looselybrand-related to product-specific• Engage with users to build trust and anonline community• Drive traffic back to your website andsocial channels• Run contests and provide giveaways• Humanize the brand image
    80. 80. Set Up Your Profile• Select your username• Include your logo• Craft a description• Provide a website URL• Follow other users• Recruit residents &staff to follow the brand
    81. 81. Instagram Facebook App
    82. 82. Brands to Follow for Inspiration• Red Bull• Nike• Michael Kors• HGTV• Pottery Barn• Tory Burch• Nordstrom• Ann Taylor• Tiffany & Co.• Sharpie• Patagonia• Gucci• Mashable• Starbucks• MTV• Puma• American Express• W Hotels• ESPN• ADIDAS• Burberry• Levi‟s
    83. 83. Facebook
    84. 84. All icons are signature“Facebook blue”StreamlinedUniform lookNew Icons
    85. 85. The news feed is one ofthe most important thingsweve built.…the most personalizednewspaper.…the stories around youdeserve to be displayedwith more than just text.How were all sharing is changingand the news feed needs to evolvewith those changes. This is theevolving face of news feed.News Feed
    86. 86. News Feed
    87. 87. News Feed
    88. 88. News Feed: Present Day
    89. 89. NewsFeed:MultipleStreams
    90. 90. NewsFeed:MultipleStreams
    91. 91. NewsStreamMusicStreamNewsFeed:MultipleStreams
    92. 92. Mobile
    93. 93. Mobile
    94. 94. • Redesigned sections• Cleaner layoutTimeline
    95. 95. AboutFriendsPhotosStatus UpdatesTimeline
    96. 96. Timeline for Brands
    97. 97. Events
    98. 98.
    99. 99. Graph Search
    100. 100. Source: Hubspot
    101. 101. Use Creative Cover Photos
    102. 102. Use Milestones for Storytelling
    103. 103. Create Photo Albums
    104. 104. Memes
    105. 105. Branded Quotes
    106. 106. Event Teasers
    107. 107. Create a Sense of Nostalgia
    108. 108. Encourage Interaction
    109. 109. Fill-In-The-Blank PostsFill-in-the-blankposts generateabout 90% moreengagementthan the averagepost.
    110. 110. Ask QuestionsPosts that endwith a questionhave a 15% higherengagement rate.
    111. 111. Why Do ConsumersLove Video?
    112. 112. WhyDoConsumersLoveVideo?Captures and keeps attentionVirality/Sharing Factor: HighHumanizes brandsPlays on emotionsFresh, real time and relevantWorks on any schedule
    113. 113. Video Stats
    114. 114. Video Consumption
    115. 115. The Impact of Vine
    116. 116. -Quick walkthrough of afloor plan- Shots of popularlandmarks around yourcommunity-Six second testimonialsVine
    117. 117. Video Tactics
    118. 118. Go Viral!
    119. 119. Go Viral!
    120. 120. Be Practical!
    121. 121. Be Promotional!• Starting May 20th,share your Vinevideo for a chanceto win $200!• Use hashtag:#MovingMoments
    122. 122. Be Promotional!• Show brand love!
    123. 123. Be Informational!
    124. 124. Q&A