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Language Drill Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Tom wears a _______. A. hat B. hats C. many hats
  • 2. Which word describes the bus? Did you see the yellow bus yet? A. yet B. you C. yellow
  • 3. Which sentence needs a comma (,) ? A. You are a fast reader. B. I enjoy drinking chocolate milk. C. We bought this car on March 20 1995.
  • 4. Michelle’s mother works at Parker’s Store. Whose mother works? A. Michelle’s B. mother C. Parker’s
  • 5. Which word would come FIRST in a dictionary? A. set B. tap C. pad
  • 6. Which is the correct spelling of the picture? A. hend B. haind C. hand
  • 7. A puppy can be A. cute B. mark C. lamp
  • 8. What would Sidney use on her computer to write a story? A. a math program B. a writing program C. a drawing program
  • 9. Which word is another way of saying I will? A. I’ll B. Iill C. Iw’ll
  • 10. Which word belongs in the blank to make the list in ABC order? good, hug, ____, pie A. ride B. kick C. apple
  • 11. Which book below has the title capitalized correctly? A. Sam’s B. C. carmen’s dog’s Shoes cats day
  • 12. Which word in the sentence below is a describing word? The color of the coat is yellow. A. is B. color C. yellow
  • 13. Meg’s dog like treats. Which word is BEST to replace like? A. likes B. looks C. liking
  • 14. Which word completes the sentence below? The clowns were _________ in the circus tent. A. laugh B. run C. juggling
  • 15. Which word belongs in the blank? Joe likes his _______ bike. A. blue B. wheel C. rides
  • 16. Which word needs a capital letter in this sentence? we will go to town. A. we B. will C. town
  • 17. Which is NOT a sentence? A. My dog is brown. B. My friend swims well. C. My favorite book for school.
  • 18. The full moon shines brightly at night. How does the moon shine? A. full B. brightly C. night
  • 19. A tired boy drank the cold juice. Which word describes the juice? A. tired B. drank C. cold
  • 20. We drove to Atlanta. Which word is the action word in the sentence below? A. we B. drove C. Atlanta
  • 21. I wanted to sit at ______ table. Which word belongs in the blank? A. their B. there C. they’re
  • 22. Where would Richard look to find the meaning of the word rain? A. a magazine B. a dictionary C. a newspaper
  • 23. Which is the BEST sentence? A. Did you sleep right through the storm last night. B. Did you sleep right through the storm last night! C. Did you sleep right through the storm last night?
  • 24. Which of the following is a sentence? A. Kyle rides horses. B. Kyle on a big horse. C. Big horses and Kyle.
  • 25. Which is NOT a correct sentence? A. Over by the river. B. A large mouse ran by. C. The car is red and black.
  • 26. A _______ ball rolls. Which word belongs in the blank? A. sad B. sweet C. round
  • 27. Which word means there is more than one of it? A. I built a birdhouse. B. He likes to build, too. C. She went to see the birds.
  • 28. The Scouts had fun at the zoo. Who is this sentence about? A. Scouts B. fun C. zoo
  • 29. Which is the action word in the sentence below? I sang at my school. A. I B. school C. sang
  • 30. What is the subject in the sentence below? The bike was blue. A. the B. bike C. blue
  • 31. Which is a sentence? A. A letter today. B. My aunt sent me a letter. C. This letter from my aunt.
  • 32. I have to go to school now. What is this group of words called? A. a phrase B. a pattern C. a sentence
  • 33. I have to go to school now. What is this group of words called? A. a phrase B. a pattern C. a sentence
  • 34. Her Science teacher is from boston. Which word in the sentence needs a capital letter? A. science B. teacher C. Boston
  • 35. Using the •mystery computer, wha •fairy tales t would you •animals click on to •jokes •E-mail learn about zebras? A. fairy tales B. animals C. E-mail
  • 36. Which word means that there is ONLY one of it? A. girls B. child C. women
  • 37. Anna has long hair. How does the hair look according to the sentence? A. Anna B. has C. long
  • 38. Which word describes a tree? A. tall B. Betsy C. purple
  • 39. Which picture has the correct word? A. mous B. mouse C. mousse A. Picture A B. Picture B C. Picture C
  • 40. TITLE PAGE Mr. Topper Buys a Dog By Mary Brown Illustrated by Vera Simpson Who wrote this book? A. Mr. Topper B. Mary Brown C. Vera Simpson
  • 41. Which is NOT written correctly? A. Tuesday B. February C. thanksgiving day