New amul the taste of india and a campaign


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New amul the taste of india and a campaign

  1. 1. COMPLIED MEMBERS:- Name Roll No. Anshu Tiwari 2012098 Shoaib Shaikh 2012080 Shoaib Shaikh 2012078 Rupesh Sharma 2012081 Presented To:- Prof Shamim
  2. 2. A BRIEF HISTORY  Formed in1946 ,is dairy co-operative movement in India.  A brand name managed by Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation(GCMMF)  Jointly owned by 2.6 million milk producer in Gujarat.  Spurred the white revolution of India, which has made India the largest producer of milk and milk product in the world.  Overseas market Mauritius, UAE, USA, Bangladesh, Australia.  Dr. Varghese Kurien former chairman of GCMMF is the man behind the success of Amul.
  3. 3. AMUL means “priceless” in Sanskrit. The brand name “Amul”, from the Sanskrit “Amoolya”, was suggested by a quality control expert in Anand.
  4. 4. WHAT IS AMUL ? World’s Largest pouched milk brand Largest food brand in India
  5. 5. CONTD..  AMUL - Anand Milk Union Limited.  GCMMF – Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd.  FMCG – Fats Moving Consumers Goods.  Dr.Verghese Kurien Founder – Chairman Of the GCMMF.
  6. 6. STUDY OF AMUL PRODUCTS. USP – Quality with Affordability USP of Amul is its “TASTE”
  7. 7. MARKET SIZE  Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), owners of Amul brand of milk and dairy products, posted sales of Rs 11,670 crore for the year ended March 2012, almost 55% more than Nestle India’s Rs 7,541-crore sales.  Amul owns 85 percent share in butter market and 75 percent in cheese share market. It may be mentioned here that Amul is the market leader in Rs 600 crore cheese market in India with 65-66% share. It also has 88% market share in butter, 63% share in infant milk and 45% market share in dairy whitener. Amul also enjoys a 26% share in the 25,000-crore packaged milk market.  With expected growth rate of 20 percent, 12% growth rate can be attributed to price rise and another 8 percent to rise in demand for dairy products.
  8. 8. KEY PLAYERS OF AMUL  RS Sodhi, the new managing director of Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation, wants to convert Amul into a strong food brand by pushing categories such as ice-cream, beverages, paneer, dahi and fruit lassi.  The 52-year-old alumni of the first batch of the Institute of Rural Management-Anand, who took over as the MD earlier this month, wants the co-operative to increase its turnover three-fold to 30,000 crore by 2020.  But, in an interview with Shramana Ganguly Mehta, he agreed that it is tough to compete with two dozen dairy product brands in every market.
  9. 9. CONTD..  Verghese Kurien (26 November 1921 – 9 September 2012) was a renowned Indian social entrepreneur and is best known as the "Father of the White Revolution",for his 'billion-litre idea’.  Dairy farming became India’s largest self-sustaining industry.He made the country self-sufficient in edible oils too later on,taking head-on the powerful and entrenched oil supplying lobby.  He founded around 30 institutions of excellence (like AMUL, GCMMF, IRMA, NDDB) which are owned, managed by farmers and run by professionals
  10. 10. BRAND ELEMENTS Brand Element Name URL Logo Characte r / Mascot Jingle Tagline/ Slogan
  11. 11. CONTD..  The Tagline / Slogan: “The taste of India”  The Jingle: Utterly, butterly, delicious…..Amul  Brand Name: “Amul” is the acronym of Anand Milk Union Limited.  The Character / Mascot: The Amul moppet has been the mascot of Amul since 1967, sporting a young girl in red polka dot frock with 'utterly butterly delicious’ jingle.
  12. 12. ADVERTISING  In 1966, Amul hired Sylvester daCunha, then managing director of the advertising agency AS to design an ad campaign for Amul Butter.  DaCunha designed an ad campaign as series of hoardings with topical ads, relating to day-to-day issues.  The campaign was popular and earned a Guinness world record for the longest running ad campaign in the world.  In the 1980s, cartoon artist Kumar Morey and script writer Bharat Dabholkar had been involved with sketching the Amul ads; the latter rejected the trend of using celebrities in advertisement campaigns.
  13. 13. CONTD..  Dabholkar credited chairman Verghese Kurien with creating a free atmosphere that fostered the development of the ads.  Despite encountering political pressure on several occasions, DaCunha's agency has made it a policy of not backing down.  Some of the more controversial Amul ads include one commenting on Naxalite uprising in West Bengal, on the Indian Airlines employees strike, and the one depicting the Amul butter girl wearing a Gandhi cap  Amul hired Draft FCB+Ulka for the brands of Amul milk, chocolates, paneer, ghee, ice-cream.
  14. 14. AMUL – INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATION Communication Strategies: Amul mainly uses indirect action advertising to create a long term relationship with the consumer & never adopted aggressive selling practices. Mainly two type of communication strategy was adopted by Amul.  Consumer Advertising  Institutional Advertising
  15. 15. CONTD.. Media Platform: Amul has used following medial platform for creating a high brand equity.  Broadcast Media: Television  Non Broadcast Media: Cinema-  Print Media: Newspapers, General interest Magazines  Internet or Social Media: Independent websites, Portals, CSR activities.  Outdoor Media: Hoarding / Billboards
  19. 19. PROMOTIONS  Amul Maharani contest: In this contest questions about Amul are asked..
  20. 20. AMUL sponsored the Singing Competition AMUL Star Voice of India, Music ka maha mukabla
  22. 22. OTHER PROMOTIONAL STRATEGIES  Amul FOOD Maha Challenge.  Amul STAR Voice of India.  Amul Master Chef India.  Amulya Surabhi.  Amul Maharani Bano Contest.  Amul CHOTE Ustaad.  Amul Music Ka Maha Muqabala.
  23. 23. CONTD..  Cafe Amul is a Casual DiningRestaurant in a pleasant ambience which offers scrumptious delicacies in pizzas, burgers , sandwiches, sundaes etc.
  24. 24. VALUE PREPOSITION  Functional – Quality, Variety of products, Range of Products.  Emotional – It attracts people Emotionally with launching various products like Energy Drinks, Sugar free Products for health conscious people.  Economical – The Price of Amul Products is Equivalent to its quality. The fresh products which Amul deliver in reasonable prices is one of the Economical Propositions of Amul.
  25. 25. REASON FOR SUCCESS SUCCE SS!! Robust Supply Chain Low Cost Strategy Diverse product mix Amul Butter, Ghee, Milk Powder, Cheese, Chocolate, Shrikhand, Ice Cream, Amulspray, Milk, Nutramul And Amulya Strong Distribution network Technologhy And E- Initiatives
  26. 26. CONCLUSION GCMMF that owns Amul , Asia’s largest milk brand realized that with the changing lifestyle & increased awareness about health issues. To utilize the potential of flavoured milk, butter milk & other milk based beverages that have an age old tradition in India. By identifying the targeted teenagers & youth , who were biggest consumers of colas & aerated drinks. The New variants of the brand were advertised through major national channels with special focus on youth oriented TV channels like MTV & Cartoon Network . By identifying the trend & introducing variants , Amul has been emerged as the fastest growing brand in non-carbonated soft drinks category.
  27. 27. SUGGESSTIONS & RECOMMENDATIONS  Amul must try to understand the cause of certain products like Amul Basundi, Gulab Jamoon, and chocolates etc not being very popular. Amul need to take up thorough market research and work on improving these products.  Amul can venture out on new products like dairy based sweets, baby food products.  Amul can also penetrate even better in the rural areas by advertising actively through the media viz. cable channels and newspapers. Sponsoring more shows on TV, sports events can be of great help.