Intoduction to Linux
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  • 1. How many of youheard of Linux ?
  • 2. What is Linux..??● Its a Kernel. An Important part of an operating system.● Its is not at all related to UNIX. Althrough commands are same.● Linus Torvalds created as a project.● Differnce b/w Linux and GNU/Linux.
  • 3. How many of youheard of word Open Source ?
  • 4. What is Open- Source?● Open Source Software is not Free Software.● Programmer gives the source code to its user.● Open-source has nothing to do with FREE.● Only allowed to see source code but cant change it.
  • 5. How many of youworked on Linux ? Or used it ?
  • 6. A Fact● Most of you have used linux in your daily life unknowingly.● Its is used in most of TVs.● Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon and almost 8 out 10 server use Linux.● Android is nothing but Linux.
  • 7. How many you workedon open source toolsin your daily life of computing ?
  • 8. Why use Linux?● Rock Solid.● It just run run run.● Its performance doesnt descrease with updates as in windows.● Free of cost. Low booting time.● Handles upto 16 Terabytes hard disk.● Handles more than 100+ filesystems.● Live user mode. Can be installed inside windows as well.
  • 9. Why use Linux?● Support Dual Boot.● 0 % piracy.● Community support.● Everyday updates.● Thousands of software release daily.● New kernel in 3-4 months time.● Secure: The most secure OS.
  • 10. Distros/ Distrobutions● Linux as its heart but do differnt things.● Like Ubuntu is a Linux based distro for editing document and light work. Trisquel is GNU/Linux based OS used for in education, homes. DSL(Damn Small Linux).●● Every distro do things differently. You have to decide which serve your need.
  • 11. What is a free software? There are 4 freedoms provided :-● The freedom to run the program, for any purpose.● The freedom to study how the program works, and change it so it does your computing as you wish.● The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor● The freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions to others
  • 12. Some FOSS Equivalents to Proprietary SoftwaresCategory Proprietary FOSSOffice Microsoft Office, iWork OpenOffice, KOffice, Abiword, Gnumeric, Lotus SymphonyDesktop Adobe PageMaker ScribusPublishingImage Adobe Photoshop GIMP, InkscapeManipulation/Graphics ProductionEmail Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Thunderbird ExpressWeb Browser Internet Explorer FirefoxVoice Over IP Skype EkigaDatabase Microsoft Access, SQL Server OpenOffice Base, PostgreSQL, MySQLMedia Player Microsoft Media Player, Power Totem, VLC, Mplayer DVDChat Yahoo Messenger Pidgin, EmpathyVideo Editing Adobe Premier, Final Cut Cinelerra, Kino
  • 13. How they make money...?1. Support(To learn Free Software)2. Pay for Commercial Use3. Lincencing with source code but youcant edit/change it.4. You can get the software for freebut you have to pay a regular amount sothat the vendor cant sue you.
  • 14. Root● The highest level of anything.● Root user=admin(windows). Root can do anything● Linux based OS are installed in root(/)=C:(Windows)
  • 15. The Shell(LUI)● Is screen you use to interact with the computer.● Shell is much more powerful than GUI in Linux based systems.● You have to understand its command to have the real power of Shell.
  • 16. Using Shell● Linux is case sensitive● date● cal● clear● man● pwd● ls -a -l
  • 17. Commands● mkdir name● cd directory_name● rmdir name //empty dir● cat● sudo su or sudo su● cp● rm
  • 18. More Command● touch● chmod● dig
  • 19. In a worldwithout walls, who needs windows?
  • 20. Thank You..!!!
  • 21. Anshul Sharma● BTech, Computer Engineering, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi● Open source enthusiast, Event Advisor JMILUG, Chairperson ISTE.● Email ID:● Find me on facebook: