Team: Faded Flame, Leader's Challenge, Purvodaya, IIT Kharagpur


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Team: Faded Flame, Leader's Challenge, Purvodaya, IIT Kharagpur

  1. 1. Team: Faded Flame, IIM Kozhikode LEADER'S CHALLENGE, PURVODAYA, IIT KGP Team: Faded Flame, IIM Kozhikode Members: Anshul Kumar Arnab Guha Mallik
  2. 2. Diversification for HealthOne Plus Segment Picked: Life Sciences Description of the new Business: HealthOne Plus Life Sciences segment would manufacture and sell a broad range of capital equipment, formulated cleaning chemistries, and service solutions to pharmaceutical companies, and private and public research facilities around the globe. Opportunity in the Life Sciences product/market segment  The life science market is expected over the next several years, with the molecular diagnostics space one of the most attractive markets.  The market is currently valued at more than $42 billion and is projected to increase at compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.6% to reach approximately $81 billion in 2016.  In addition, scientific trends, government policies, and the economy in general affect this industrial market differently as compared to pharmaceutical and drug discovery ventures. Products Offered  Formulated cleaning chemistries that are used to prevent biological and chemical contamination and to monitor sterilization and decontamination processes, including products used to clean components used in manufacturing, decontaminate systems, and disinfect or sterilize hard surfaces.  High-purity water equipment, which generates water for injection and pure steam.  Sterilizers used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals as well as sterilizers for equipment and instruments used in research studies, mitigating the risk of contamination.  Washer/disinfectors that decontaminate various large and small components in pharmaceutical and industrial manufacturing processes and in research labs, such as glassware, vessels, equipment parts, drums, hoses, and animal cages. Need for the Life Sciences Products Growing global demand and surging and inefficient market prices for the Life Sciences products has created a huge demand surplus which the industry has been incapable of meeting. Therefore HealthOne Plus should see a huge potential in the particular segment. Along with the added growth opportunity which the company should see an inorganic growth potential Competition Life Sciences segment operates in highly regulated environments where the most intense competition results from technological innovations, product performance, convenience and ease of use, and overall cost-effectiveness. HealthOne Plus would have to compete for pharmaceutical, research and industrial customers with a number of large companies that have significant product portfolios and global reach, as well as a number of small companies with very limited product offerings and operations in one or a limited number of countries. Marketing An efficient sales and marketing strategy would be one that leverages new-age channels such as social collaboration and digital marketing; technologies such as Cloud computing and device usage for sales force effectiveness; and a patient-centric approach addresses this need. Along with this, we need to align the IT services of the company or go for 3 rd part collaboration which provides us 1. Better customer insights, 2. Optimized and maximized sales force field-time, 3. Enhanced reporting capabilities and 4. Increased channel visibility
  3. 3. We should tie up with CRM product vendors like including Oracle Siebel, Veeva, SAP & which will help us retaining our customers as well as gain new customers. The emphasis should also be on MOBILITY which will basically include custom, outsourced application development and maintenance on various platforms such as Apple iOS, Blackberry, Android, Symbian, and Microsoft Windows Phone 8. The figure shows the generic marketing plan that should be followed. Alternative Strategy: HealthOne Plus “Med-Services” Description of Business: A comprehensive array of contract materials processing services using gamma irradiation (“Gamma”) and ethylene oxide (“EO”) technologies. HealthOne Plus would Offer microbial reduction services based on Customer specifications to companies that supply products to the healthcare, industrial, and consumer product industries. Demographics partially drive this segment’s growth. The aging population and rising life expectancy increase the demand for medical procedures, which increases the consumption of medical devices and surgical kits. Competition: HealtheOne Plus Med-Services would be operating in a highly regulated industry and would compete with big and smaller contract sterilization companies and manufacturers that sterilize products in-house.