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Veritascluster training-course-navi-mumbai-veritascluster-course-provider-navi-mumbai
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Veritascluster training-course-navi-mumbai-veritascluster-course-provider-navi-mumbai


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Veritascluster training-course-navi-mumbai-veritascluster-course-provider-navi-mumbai-veritas-cluster-classes-navi-mumbai-best-veritas-cluster-classes-navi-mumbai …

Veritascluster training-course-navi-mumbai-veritascluster-course-provider-navi-mumbai-veritas-cluster-classes-navi-mumbai-best-veritas-cluster-classes-navi-mumbai
B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173

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  • 1. Vibrant Technologies & Computers Veritas cluster COURSE Make Career With Us!! B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173
  • 2. VERITAS SOFTWARE Founded in 1983 as Tolerant Systems Renamed as Veritas Software Corp. in 1989 It is merged with Symantec in 2005 Specialized in Storage management Developed first commercial Journaling File System, VxFS B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173
  • 3. VERITAS FILE SYSTEM, VXFS Extent based file system Primary file system for HP-UX OS AKA Online JFS Supported on several platforms like AIX, Unix, Solaris etc. B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173
  • 4. The file type DiskGroup ( static keylist SupportedActions = { "license.vfd", "disk.vfd", numdisks } static int OnlineRetryLimit = 1 static str ArgList[] = { DiskGroup, StartVolumes, StopVolumes, MonitorOnly, MonitorReservation, tempUseFence, PanicSystemOnDGLoss, DiskGroupType } str DiskGroup str StartVolumes = 1 str StopVolumes = 1 static int NumThreads = 1 boolean MonitorReservation = 0 temp str tempUseFence = INVALID boolean PanicSystemOnDGLoss = 0 str DiskGroupType = private ) About the file in VCS he format of the file comprises include clauses and definitions for the cluster, systems, service groups, and resources. The file also includes service group and resource dependency clauses. Include clauses—Include clauses incorporate additional configuration files into These additional files typically contain type definitions, including the file. Typically, custom agents add type definitions in their own files. B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173
  • 5. About the VCS configuration language There are several ways to generate configuration files: Use the web-based Cluster Management Console Use Cluster Manager (Java Console). Use the command-line interface. If VCS is not running, use a text editor to create and modify the files. Configuration concepts and configuring VCS – Defines the cluster, including services groups and resources. – Defines the resource types. B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173
  • 6. Basic shared storage cluster In this configuration, a single cluster shares access to a storage device, typically over a SAN. An application can only be started on a node with access to the required storage. For example, in a multi-node cluster, any node that is designated to run a specific database instance must have access to the storage where the database’s tablespaces, redo logs and control files are stored. Service Groups There are three types of service groups: Failover - The service group runs on one system at any one time. Parallel - The service group can run simultaneously pn more than one system at any time. Hybrid - A hybrid service group is a combination of a failover service group and a parallel service group used in VCS 4.0 replicated data clusters, which are based on Veritas Volume Replicator. B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173
  • 7. Resources Resources are objects that related to hardware and software, VCS controls these resources through these actions: Bringing resource online (starting) Taking resource offline (stopping) Monitoring a resource (probing) Proxy Resource A proxy resource allows multiple service groups to monitor the same network interface. This reduces the network traffic that would result from having multiple NIC resources in different service groups monitoring the same interface. Phantom Resource The phantom resource is used to report the actual status of a service group that consists of only persistent resources. B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173
  • 8. COURSE OUTLINE Part I: Veritas Cluster Server 5.1 – Install and Configure High Availability Concepts • High Availability Concepts • Clustering Concepts • High Availability Application Services • Clustering Prerequisites VCS Building Blocks • VCS Terminology • Cluster Communication • VCS Architecture B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173
  • 9. Preparing a Site for VCS • Hardware Requirements and Recommendations • Software Requirements and Recommendations • Preparing Installation Information Installing VCS • Using the Symantec Product Installer • VCS Configuration Files • Viewing the Default VCS Configuration • Installing the Cluster Manager Java GUI B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173
  • 10. VCS Configuration Methods • Starting and Stopping VCS • Overview of Configuration Methods • Online Configuration • Offline Configuration • Controlling Access to VCS Preparing Services for VCS • Preparing Applications for VCS • Performing One-Time Configuration Tasks • Testing the Application Service • Stopping and Migrating an Application Service B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173
  • 11. Online Configuration • Online Service Group Configuration • Adding Resources • Solving Common Configuration Errors • Testing the Service Group Offline Configuration • Offline Configuration Procedures • Solving Offline Configuration Problems • Testing the Service Group Configuring Notification • Notification Overview • Configuring Notification • Using Triggers for Notification B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173
  • 12. Handling Resource Faults • VCS Response to Resource Faults • Determining Failover Duration • Controlling Fault Behavior • Recovering from Resource Faults • Fault Notification and Event Handling Cluster Communications • VCS Communications Review • Cluster Membership • Cluster Interconnect Configuration • Joining the Cluster Membership • Changing the Interconnect Configuration B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173
  • 13. Where to Get More Information Vibrant Group: Vibrant Technologies & Computers in Vibrant HR Team B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173