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Computer technology
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Computer technology


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Communication Technology …
  • 2. What Is Network?? Network is a group of devices linked to one another. For example – network of radio ,cable network.
  • 3. Need For Networking :- •It breaks the barrier of distance , cost and time . •It is very cost effective . •All types of data viz. text , audio can be transmitted through it.
  • 4. Components Of Network :-
  • 5. Networking Transmission Media Guided Media Unguided Media It uses a cabling system that guides the data signals along a specific path .These are bounded by cabling system. It consist of a means for the data signals to travel but nothing to guide them along a specific path .
  • 6. Twisted Pair Cable The most common form of wiring in data communication application is the twisted pair cable . In twisted pair cable , wires are twisted together in pairs. Coaxial Cable It is the wire which is least used. It has high electrical properties and is suitable for high speed communication. It is used mostly in television signals. Optical Fibre It consists of thin glass fibres that can carry information at frequencies in the visible light spectrum and beyond. It is the fastest and expensive wire.
  • 7. Unguided Media Short Distance Wireless Media Long distance Wireless Media Infrared Laser Bluetooth Wi – fi Microwave Radio Wave Satellite
  • 8. Modems
  • 9. Types Of Networks :- •Local Area Network (LAN) – Small computer networks that are confined to a localized area are known as local area network. For e.g. – an office , a building etc . It’s main purpose is to serve its users in resource sharing. •Metropolitan Area Network (MAN ) – These are the networks which spread over the city . For e.g. – cable TV networks that are spread over a city. •Wide Area Network (WAN) – The networks spread across countries are known as WAN’S . Wide area network is a group of computers that are separated by large distances and tied together.
  • 10. Local Area Network Metropolitan Area Network Wide Area Network
  • 11. INTERNET
  • 12. Uses Of Internet :
  • 13. •It is a client server software that allows multiple users to communicate online with real time audio , video and text chat in dynamic 3D environments.
  • 14. By : Anshi Agrawal 9 STRAWBERRIES