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bill gates bill gates Presentation Transcript

  • Bill Gates By: Ana Tchikaidze 10/23/12
  • Bill Gates - one of the best-knownentrepreneurs of the personalcomputer revolution
  • Table of contents1.Who is Bill Gates??(His earlylife)2.why is he a successfulentrepreneur?3. What/why/how he wantedand what failed?4.what was his goals anddreams?
  • Who is Bill Gates? Bill Gates came from a family ofentrepreneurship and high-spiritedliveliness. William Henry Gates III wasborn in Seattle, Washington on October28th, 1955. His father, William H. GatesII, is a Seattle attorney. His latemother, Mary Gates, was aschoolteacher, University ofWashington regent, and chairwoman ofUnited Way International.
  • Early life He had an early interest insoftware and began programmingcomputers at the age of thirteen.While still a Harvardundergraduate, Bill Gates wrote aversion of the programminglanguage BASIC for the MITSAltair microcomputer.
  • Why is he a successfulentrepreneur? Gates is one of the best-knownentrepreneurs of the personalcomputer revolution. Gates hasbeen criticized for his businesstactics, which have beenconsidered anti-competitive, anopinion which has in some casesbeen upheld by the courts..
  • His dreams and how hefailed it?This philanthropist began programming at theage of 13, which later became his dream. Hebuild his dream with Microsoft Corporation, acompany boasting a workforce of 93,000employees. Bill Gates company Microsoftbecame famous for their computer operatingsystems. Gates proceeded to make a fortunefrom the licensing of MS-DOS.
  • Philanthropy is very importantto Gates. He and his wife, Melinda,started a foundation in 2000 to helpreduce inequities in the United Statesand around the world. The Bill &Melinda Gates Foundation supportsphilanthropic initiatives in the areas ofglobal health and learning, with thehope that in the 21st century, advancesin these critical areas will be availablefor all people.
  • Now Microsoft’s FounderBill Gates has a personalwealth more than the USGovt. The Founder of Microsoft CorporationWilliam Henry Gates III aka Bill Gatesis now richer • than the federalgovernment of the United States ofAmerica
  • Bill Gates with hisBill Gates with his wife familyOne of the successful person withhis family
  • Thank you foryour reading.. I hope you likemy slide show..