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Te dx iitkgp 6th feb - 6pm



Team Canopus India- Manoj Mandelia, Prateek Jain, Mohan Yama, Savinay Narendra, Abhishek Singh, Jay Amin

Team Canopus India- Manoj Mandelia, Prateek Jain, Mohan Yama, Savinay Narendra, Abhishek Singh, Jay Amin



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  • 1) Small and medium scale industries in India do not have or have obsolete technologies for waste water treatment. They do not have access2) Only 30% of wastewater of residential complexes in cities are treated3) Existing solutions in the market aim at a minimum of 0.5 MLD of waste, 1 MLD at a potential cost of 12 million dollarsSmall and Medium Scale in India produce millions of gallons of wastewater per dayUntreated wastewater from these flow to the river bodiesIn absence of recycling process, the industries have a downtime of 4-5 months a year due to lack of water
  • Canopus India was formed in November, 2009 as a wastewater management company through innovative technology solutions

Te dx iitkgp 6th feb - 6pm Presentation Transcript

  • 1. LOCUS
    Innovative solution for Wastewater Treatment
    Manoj Kumar Mandelia
    FounderCanopus India
    “The next world war will be fought over water” - Steven Solomon
  • 2. Introduction
    Canopus India is a start up at its seed stage, germinated at the backyards of IIT Kharagpur.
    Founded by Manoj Kumar MandeliaB. Tech Dual Degree, IIT Kharagpur and co founded by Mohan YamaPh.D. IIT Kharagpur and Prateek Kumar Jain B. Tech Dual Degree, IIT Kharagpur .
    We offer special expertise in Water and Effluent Treatment and other Environmental Technology, Water and Waste Minimization.
    Extensively covered in many Indian newspaper and magazines
  • 3. Need for Wastewater treatment
    Low Volume
    High Volume
    0.01-0.05 MGD generated by Small &Medium Enterprises
    26 million such enterprises
    5 MGD of wastewater
    discharge by large industries
    Above 1 MGD big players enter
    Typical cost $1 million
    (10 Billion Gallons per day generated)
  • 4. Market
    Sector wise distribution of wastewater
    Our target market will be those companies or sectors that have some or all of the following characteristics:
    • Industries shut down due to acute shortage of water
    • 5. seeking for technical expertise and low cost, small volume wastewater management
    • 6. seek to obtain ISO 9001 status in the ensuing years
    • 7. been targeted by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), India and State Pollution Control Boards
    • 8. Equipment manufacturers who want to do products and seek technical expertise
    • 9. Equipment manufacturing firms who want to expand and scale up
  • Business Verticals
  • 10. Our Solutions
  • 11. Our Uniqueness
    We attempt to subdue the cause – limit generation of large volumes of wastewater by optimizing the manufacturing process
    We see value in waste – by studying the process, we try to analyze possible means of recovery of by-products of commercial value
    We innovate in the design, and give multiple options for the client to select
    We help equipment understand their business verticals and streamline operations
    We help bridge gap between R&D institutions & industrial needs through product development
    We do end to end product development through collaborations with our technical expertise
  • 12. Executive Team
    • Waste water management targeting SMSEs
    • 13. A team of engineers from IIT Kharagpur from diverse streams:
    • 14. Civil Engineering
    • 15. Mechanical Engineering
    • 16. Chemical Engineering
    • 17. Bio-Chemical Engineering
    • 18. Process Engineering
    • 19. Started operations in May 2010
  • Awards & Recognitions
    • Manoj Mandelia, the CEO collected the honor of being a part of the “top 20 innovators of India” by MIT Technology Review magazine for an efficient wastewater treatment strategy and technology
    • 20. The Al Gore Sustainable Technology Venture Competition award By Cicero, A Trans National Advisory
    • 21. The BEST award by Department of Biotechnology, Govt of India and Association of Biotech Led Enterprises (ABLE)
  • Conventional Treatment Process
    (For (Sewage/Industrial Organic Contaminates)
    By Products
    Bio Gas
    Sludge Digester
  • 22. Microbial Fuel Cell
    Fuel (wastes)
    Oxidation products (CO2)
    Proton Exchange membrane
    Left – Designed MFC
    Right – MFC 10L capacity
  • 23. Integrated System of Sewage Treatment
    & Electricity Generation
    By Products (Green Electricity)
    Sludge Digester
  • 24.
  • 25. Product Differentiation
  • 26. Advantages of MFC Treatment process
    • Direct generation of Green Electricity
    • 27. Sustainability: Treatment Plants can practically disconnect from the grid
    • 28. Small Packaged Systems (Decentralized Power generation)
    • 29. High efficiency of Conversion
    • 30. No air required hence no requirement of blower/compressor etc.
    • 31. Scalability
    • 32. Modularity
    • 33. Retrofit: MFC can be installed into existing wastewater treatment tanks, with only minor changes to the infrastructure.
    • 34. No odor/ foul smelling etc.
    • 35. Safety & Health
  • Intellectual Property Status
    • Canopus India hold the provisional patent for the technology, process and delivery model of LOCUS.
    • 36. The uniqueness of the product lies in-
    • 37. Engineering design
    • 38. Gas Diffusion Layer for oxygen reduction
    • 39. Easily alterable engineering design for different treatment purposes
    • 40. Materials used for cathode and anode
    • 41. Graphite fiber brush anodes for higher power output
    • 42. Replacement of costly membrane
    • 43. Expensive Nafion® membrane replaced by cheaper anion exchange membranes/ glass wool/ earthen clay
  • Work Plan
  • 44. Work Plan
  • 45. Schedule of Development
    Objective 1
    Objective 2
    Objective 3
    Objective 4
    Time scale in months
  • 46. Current Status
    We are currently working with the following companies in waste water treatment industry, providing them technical and commercial consultancy:
    Enhanced WAPP systems Pvt. Ltd.
    Chempure Technologies
    We have also worked with following companies and provided them assistance in treating their waste water:
    Sri Venkata Raman Oil Pvt. Ltd.
    Radico India
    We have also partnered with Enhanced WAPP systems to develop LOCUS under BIPP, funding program by Govt. Of India
  • 47. Future Plans
    We have started operation in May 2010 from IIT Kharagpur campus and has received an overwhelming response.
    We wish to start our full time operations from Delhi by setting up a corporate office and expanding our work force.
    We are actively entering into partnership with companies in waste water treatment industry to share our expertise to develop innovative products
    We are in the finalizing stage of talks with potential angel investors to get funded.
  • 48. Thank You