3500dwt self propelled barge

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  • 1. 3500dwt Self-propelled barge 3500dwt MAIN PARTICULARS OF SHIPSType of vessel: Deck cargo barge ship’s calling number ---Date of emplacing keel November, 02 2008 Date of construction April, 08 2009Date of rebuilding PART OF HULLLOA 84.80 m Length 80.00 m Length of waterline 80.34 mBreadth 17.00 m Depth 4.00 m Light draught 1.096 mFull-load draught 2.500 m Full-load displacement 2933.900 tLight displacement 1185.900 tReference weight of loading cargo 1748 tNavigation area: off shore Business area: A1+A2Hull material steel Deck material steel number of deck layers 1No. of transverse compartment’s bulkhead 10 Location of double deck---Type of structure: framework in length and breadthNo. Of cabin: 1
  • 2. PART OF EQUIPMENT Quantity of ship equipment 568 Quantity of anchor 2 Quantity of anchor windlass 1 Name Type Weight(kg) Anchor Right bow anchor Speke anchor 1590.00 Left bow anchor Speke anchor 1590.00 name Type Power(kw) BuilderAnchor windlass Wenling Bingang Bow anchor YMA-32 22.00 anchor windlass windlass factory Anchor chain Name Diameter(mm) Length(m) Grade Material Right bow 36.00 247.50 AM2 M20Mn Left bow 36.00 220.00 AM2 M20Mn No. of steer 2 Type of main steering mechanism: electrical hydraulic
  • 3. Life saving equipment Type --- Fixed no. --- Quantity ---Life Name Person no. of Quantity Mechanized / Type of loading Rated loadboat Fixed non-mechanized equipment (kn) --- --- --- --- --- --- Life raft Type KHB-15 Fixed No. 15 Quantity 1 Life ring Type 5556 quantity 8 Slinging Type Line-throwing appliances ropes Quantity 4
  • 4. Navigation equipment Name AIS GPS Detector Magnetic Radar Clinome Search compass ter light Model SI-30 XINLUO DS2008 CPT-165 RDP-104 ----- ----- -2117 Quantity 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Signal equipmentName Natio hoote Signa Signa All-roun Flash Hand Masth Stern Side Signal nal r l ball l d light lamp flag ead light light flag flag clock light (set)Quantity 4 1 3 1 4 1 1 2 1 2 1
  • 5. PART OF ENGINEMain model Type No. Rate Rated Date of Builderengine power(kw) speed(r/min) building Z8070ZLC Diesel 200811562 218.00 1000 Jan,10 Zibo diesel Z-30 engine 2009 engine Z8070ZLC Diesel 200811561 218.00 1000 Jan,10 Zibo diesel Z-30 engine 2009 engine
  • 6. People’s Republic of China People’ Tonnage Certificate of Ships at seaIn accordance with the Technical Regulation for Statutory Surveys of Sea-going Ships(2004), we measured and calculated this ship’s tonnage Ship’s breadth 17.00 m Depth MLD 4.00 mLength of tonnage 80.00 m Date of measuring 2009 deckPlaces calculating the cross tonnage Volume of enclosure below the tonnage 5339.74 deck Volume of enclosure under the tonnage 673.59 deck V of places fixed loading passenger -------- V of places fixed loading the cargo -------- Cross tonnage 1665 Net tonnage 933 Issued by Register of Shipping of , China Issued in on Chief marine surveyor:
  • 7. People’s Republic of china People’ Cargo ship seaworthiness certificate1. According to the current related rules and regulations of ships, we take constructionsurvey on in , ensuring the ship’s equipment safety, ship structure ,mechanical and power equipment, radio communication equipment are up to therelatedrules and in a seaworthy state, granting sailing in off shore area, using as a Deck cargobarge.2. Validity to Nov, 15 2010.3. Next survey time Yearly survey Nov, 16 2010 Middle survey Nov, 16 2011 Changing certificate (special survey) Nov, 16 2014 Survey of outside bilge (inside dock) Nov, 16 2014 Propeller/tail shaft survey Nov, 16 2011 Boiler survey ------Recording:Issuing date Chief Marine surveyor: