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Monterey Ridge Back to School Night 2009
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Monterey Ridge Back to School Night 2009


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Back to school night presentation.

Back to school night presentation.

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  • 1. Mrs. Nobles’ Second Grade Class
    Contact information: email: or
    Phone (858) 487-6887 ext. 6504
  • 2. Welcome to Second Grade!
    Tonight, I will introduce you to me, second grade and to our classroom community.
    Please hold your questions for the end of the presentation.
  • 3. All About Me
    My background
    I grew up in San Diego.
    I attended elementary school, high school, and college in San Diego (UCSD).
    Before teaching, I worked briefly in the Capital Finance industry and at a software development company.
    I obtained my Master’s Degree in 2005 in Educational Technology.
    My experience
    This is my 11th year teaching in the Poway Unified School District.
    I have also taught 1st grade, 2/3 multiage, and 3rd grade.
    In 2008, I received the Time Warner Cable National Teacher Award and was the recipient of a SONY Environmental Education Grant. I also received an honorable mention by the Classroom of the Future Foundation Innovative Education Inspire Award.
    In 2009, I was named a National Co-Finalist in the
    Cable in the Classroom Leaders in Learning Awards.
    I am currently the Poway District Teacher
    of the Year(elementary).
  • 4. Science
    Topics to be covered this year include:
    Force and Motion
    Life Cycles
  • 5. Social Studies
    Standards to be covered include:
    Ancestry and Immigration
    Laws and Government
    Map skills
    Economic Concepts
  • 6. SPARK and Art
    The students will receive weekly SPARK (physical education) instruction on Tuesday and Friday.
    The students will do aerobics, exercise routines, ball skills, cooperative games, running, and SPARK stations.
    Please make sure your child dresses appropriately.
    Our core Art program is Arts Attack. This is a volunteer based program. Please sign up if you are available to assist with lessons once or twice a month.
  • 7. Dates to Calendar
    School Picture Day- September 23rd(more information to follow)
     Parent Teacher Conferences-November 16-20
    Sign up Tonight!
    (Please note: November 16-20 will be early release days at 12:45 PM)
    Open House- May 20th 6PM
    Progress Reports
    1stProgress Reports Go Home November 16-20(Conferences)
    2nd Progress Reports Go Home March 8 (Student Carry)
    3rd Progress Reports Go Home June 8 (Student Carry)
    STAR Testing April 19-30, 2010
    (Times and Events subject to change- Due to availability, financial and time constraints)
    Heritage Trunk Tours (November or December date TBD)
    Reuben H Fleet-Forces and Motion Assembly (March)
    Performing Arts Field Trip- TBD
    Pen Pal Meet up at Adobe Bluffs Park- June 1
    Halloween- Friday, October 30
    Valentine’s-Friday, February 12
    Year End-Wednesday, June 2nd
  • 8. 8:55-9:25 Roll Call, Morning Work, Morning Meeting,
    Morning Readers  
    9:25-10:35 Math-( Friday- Mountain Math/Math Games) 
    10:35-10:50 RECESS 
    10:50-11:00 DEAR Time(Drop Everything and Read) 
    11:00-12:00 Reading Language Arts Block- Guided Reading
    Groups, Literature Circles, Word Work
    Artists and Hero Study (Wednesday) 
    12:00-12:45 Writer’s WorkshopLIBRARY (Tuesday) 12:25-12:45 
    12:45-1:25 LUNCH 
    1:25- 1:55 Read Aloud 
    1:55-3:10 Social Studies/Science/Fine Arts Block
    Academic Sharing (Friday) Computer Lab (Monday 2:30-3:15) 
    3:10-3:20 Assignments, Closing Circle, Clean-Up and
  • 9. Classroom Community
    Our classroom is a community. In our community,
    we have rules to help us get along with each other . The students have assisted in the establishment of the rules.
    Our class rules this year are:
    Treat people how you want to be treated “The Golden Rule”
    Always do your best
    Use walking feet
    Make good choices
    An occasional break or “time out” might be necessary at times so your child can reflect upon a proper course of action.
  • 10. Logical Consequences
    Your child may also need to fill out a rethinking paper which will need a parent signature.
    If the behavior is consistently inappropriate or counterproductive to the growth and safety of the other children you will be notified and we will set up a meeting.
  • 11.
  • 12. Homework
    I will assign homework every NIGHT. Except weekends.
    The weekly GREEN homework folder/calendar with come
    home each night and is due back the FOLLOWING day.
    Please check the website for up to date assignments.
    Homework is to be done NEATLY in PENCIL ONLY.
    Homework will be limited to:
    Math Reinforcement (Nightly)
    Reading 20 minutes DAILY (record on monthly reading log)
    Weekly Spelling, 2 activities a week selected from the list of spelling activities (spelling lists will last 2 weeks)
    Weekly Reading comprehension (due each Monday)
    Weekly Time for Kids (distributed Thursday night due on Monday)
    MonthlyOral Speaking and Language (starts January, see attached schedule for more information and details)
    On occasion, larger projects will be sent home with ample time to complete.
  • 13.
    PURPLE FOLDER and NEWSLETTER: Please check the PURPLE correspondence folder nightly for classroom and school information. Be on the lookout monthly on the last Friday for our classroom newsletter. It will be available online at our classroom website under STAFF Amanda Nobles. I will also email it to you. Please read it thoroughly. It is my special opportunity to communicate with you, and give you relevant information! Students will also be bringing home Weekly News Reviews each Friday.
    BOOK ORDERS: Book orders will be sent home monthly. This is a great opportunity to build your home library at a significant discount while earning free books for the classroom. Should you decide to order, please send in a check(no cash please). The September Book order will go home tomorrow, September 4th and be due back no later than Tuesday, September 8th. An online ordering option is available
    Class Activation Code: 2BTQE
    There will be a link on the classroom website. The books normally
    arrive in about two weeks.
    All children need to know they are special! Each child will have a STAR student week to be recognized in our class. During that week, the special student may share everyday and display special pictures. The students will be given a poster to complete and present about themselves. Please return the STAR STUDENT NEWS poster before Friday of your child’s special week so it can be displayed. I will send home a notice and STAR STUDENT NEWS poster the Monday before your
    child’s STAR STUDENT WEEK!
  • 16. Birthdays
    Kids love to celebrate their special day with their friends! You are welcome to send in cookies or cupcakes the day of your child’s celebration. Make sure the treats are store bought and in individual servings. We will sing “Happy Birthday in the classroom. Please note that we have several food allergies in our class to peanuts.
    SUMMER BIRTHDAYS….In June we will give each summer birthday person a special day to celebrate their almost birthday!
  • 17. Classroom Volunteers
    See sign up sheet in the back of the room. Please make sure that you have a current TB test on file in the office and make sure you check in at the office (sign in and receive a “volunteer” badge) every time you volunteer.
    VOLUNTEERS(Level 2) need to have a background check and fingerprints taken in order to work with students alone or outside the classroom.
    VOLUNTEERS (Level 1) need to have a
    background check without fingerprints cannot work with students alone or outside the classroom.
  • 18. OCIS Contacts (Off, Campus, Independent, Study)
    If your child will be missing school for any reason (other than illness, or doctor appointments) you can obtain a contract from the office(the attendance clerk or secretary-not from the teacher). The state now only recognizes these contracts if your child will be missing at least 5 consecutive days of school. NO contracts will be issued for less than 5 days. Please let me know at least 2 weeks in advance so I can prepare the curriculum your child will miss.
  • 19. Oral Presentation Guidelines (Sharing)
    Beginning in January, students will present an oral presentation, which is one of our ways to meet the following PUSD speaking standard:
    Speaking Strategies 2.0 Students deliver focused, coherent presentations that convey ideas clearly and relate to the background and interests of the audience.
    Presentations will be a required monthly homework assignment and each student will have an assigned day to present. Students need practice in order to be prepared to speak to the class about a topic of interest, using their own words. Note cards with brief notes are encouraged, a visual aid of some kind (diorama, poster, or Powerpoint) and a written report are required (one paragraph).
    Each student should share for approximately 2-4 minutes.
    No toys or violent subjects may be shared.
  • 20. Sharing Topics
    Information, books, articles, or items related to topics we are studying (or have studied) in school
    Current events: articles in the newspaper, The Mini Page, from an Internet website, etc.
    Information on famous people (historical figures, Olympic Stars, political figures)
    Information on topics of special interest to your child (sports, hobbies, science, Art)
    “How to” make simple snacks, drinks, Origami, calligraphy, etc.
  • 21. Preparation Guidelines
    Have your child choose an academic topic that he or she finds interesting.
    Have your child research their topic using books, computers, magazines, encyclopedias, Internet, etc.
    After researching the topic, answer the questions on the Academic Sharing Organizer attached.
    Take key words from your Academic Sharing Organizer and write them on note cards. During your final speech, glance briefly at your note cards to remind you what to say.
    Take your answers from the Academic Sharing Organizer and write a one paragraph report.
    Bring and use a visual aid during your report. This might be a book, picture, chart, object, etc.
    Work on this project each week for homework!
  • 22. Exciting Learning Opportunities to Look Forward to……
    School Garden
    Multimedia movie projects
    Making PowerPoint presentations
    Pen Pals from Adobe Bluffs
  • 23. I’m Looking Forward to a Great Year!
    Don’t forget to sign up for parent volunteering opportunities.