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Communicating to engage, enthrall, enchant
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Communicating to engage, enthrall, enchant


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Signs, Signals and Symbols for Directing Your Marketing Traffic …

Signs, Signals and Symbols for Directing Your Marketing Traffic
Ann Zuccardy, Vermont Shortbread/National Life Group; Lisa Wood, Performance Web Solutions
With a plethora of tools and "experts" in today's digital marketplace, navigating digital traffic and differentiating among the "vehicles" for driving it to your brand can be like being stuck in big city gridlock! In this workshop, you'll learn the fundamentals of creating consistent, well-crafted "traffic" signs, signals and symbols so that your marketing traffic flows easily and effectively. We'll cover the importance of understanding keywords and how they work in search engine optimization (SEO), identifying your target market(s) and keywords for your business, messaging, incorporating target marketing into your web strategy, determining best marketing communication practices for your business, keeping your message consistent and using the appropriate venues for your needs.

Published in: Business
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  • 1. Communicating to Engage, Enthrall, Enchant Vermont Travel Industry Conference 4/12/11 – Hilton Hotel, Burlington, VT Integrated Marketing Track/ Part of Signs, Signals and Symbols for Directing Your Marketing Traffic Ann Zuccardy
  • 2. Objectives
    • Discuss new ways to use language – not just written language.
    • Describe differences between print and online communication.
    • Combine information from this presentation w/ information from Lisa Wood’s presentation to generate communication/marketing ideas you can use immediately.
  • 3. The Power of Language
    • Words are powerful. Images are powerful. Explore tweaking both slightly to affect results.
    • http:// youtu .be/Hzgzim5m7oU
  • 4. Differences between print and online communication Immediacy/reader is there for a purpose May be passive, entertainment, general info Can track readers’ habits through analytic tools Can’t track readers’ habits SEO essential No SEO Scan for main ideas Read in one chunk Harder to read computer monitor, limited time Easy on the eyes, for long time periods Fragments, bullets, lists Complete sentences Reader-driven Author-driven Random Linear Online Print
  • 5. Commonly used online communication tools
    • Web site
    • Facebook
    • Blogs
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
    • FourSquare
    • LinkedIn
    • Newsletters
    • Email
    • Text messages
  • 6. Creative writing online
    • Turn a bad PR situation around. (e.g., Aflac)
    • Build community/social awareness.
    • Engage people in discussion about things they care about. Everyone wants to be heard.
    • Conversational style.
    • Share information relevant to your industry (recipes, travel tips, how to dress for VT seasons, VT wildlife, other places to visit, VT on a budget, etc.).
    • Customer contests, guest posts, photos and videos, customer of the month, specials, etc.
  • 7. Challenge
    • Find out what your customers are interested in.
    • Ask provocative questions, even if they seem silly. Sometimes the silliest things create buzz.
    • Give information people can use – become the go-to resource for everything Vermont.
    • Use images frequently.
    • Facebook Share and Twitter retweet are your friends. Add a comment of your own for extra oomph.
    • Be: authentic, human , entertaining, surprising, gracious and valuable.
    • Engage, enchant, enthrall…
  • 8. Presenters
    • Lisa Wood Sprout New Media email: web: www. sproutnewmedia .com phone: 802.279.8899 skype: lisawood.1
    • Twitter:
    • LinkedIn:
    •   Ann Zuccardy National Life Group
    • Vermont Shortbread Company
    • email: Web: www. vermontshortbread .com Blog:   www. annzuccardy .com
    • Facebook: www. facebook .com/ annzucc www. facebook .com/ NationalLife www. facebook .com/ vermontshortbread
    • Twitter:
    • LinkedIn:
    • For more resources: